ChatGPT can change the way you look at data and analyze it. Recently, I asked ChatGPT to help me build an Excel dashboard and the result was AMAZING. In this video I explain the process and show case the results.

💬 See the ChatGPT prompts & conversation here 👇

📂Sample Data
Here is the sample data I used for this example.

⏱ In this video
0:00 – ChatGPT + Excel intro
0:30 – Asking ChatGPT how to analyze the data
2:16 – Sales by Quarter Pivot Table & Chart
4:34 – Making the dashboard “interactive”
6:30 – Creating “Top 10” instead of all
8:07 – Taking it to NEXT Level 🚀

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The ChatGPT Pivot Jokes 😂

1) Why did the pivot table join a gym?
Because it wanted to stay in shape and keep its columns and rows well-toned!

2) How did the pivot table solve its problems?
It simply pivoted them away!

3) Why did the pivot table bring a ladder to the party?
Because it wanted to get a higher perspective on the data and rise above the rest!


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