An ecosystem is necessary for every Industry to grow in the long run. Apple has been successful in creating an ecosystem in the market with the entire range of their Mobile phones and tablets.

Can TATA also create an electric vehicle ecosystem in the Indian Market? The answer is Yes. Currently, TATA is leading in the Electric Market Segment and has been successful in creating an ecosystem in electric vehicles.

But the question arises, How is TATA creating an ecosystem in the Electric Vehicle Segment?
The Tata Group is taking an integrated approach to the electrification of the automobile industry. Tata Group companies like TATA Motors, TATA Power, TATA Chemicals, TATA Elxsi, TATA Steel and their other group companies have come together to create an ecosystem for electric vehicles from the manufacturing of EV batteries, cells, and components to creating charging facilities. TATA Group Companies will work together to give a push to not just the manufacture of EV batteries, cells, and auto parts but also the adoption of EVs by building charging points. Thus they have all the necessary components to be successful in the Indian market.

Watch the Video to find out how TATA Group companies have individually contributed to the success of TATA electric vehicles in India. Electric cars were produced in India by many companies like Mahindra even Before TATA started manufacturing it. But they were not so successful. So, why is only TATA successful in the Electric vehicle segment? TATA cars are different from the other car manufacturers right from affordability to Road presence. In the video, I have explained why people prefer to purchase TATA cars over other car manufacturers. Also check out the video to find Top 3 reasons why TATA EV is successful in the Indian market.

What’s the Future of TATA electric cars in India?
Many of the automobile giants are still in their comfort zone of manufacturing the same traditional petrol vehicles, and this overall reducing the speed of development in the EV sector. But the TATA group is working aggressively in the development of electric cars infrastructure in India and building their own ecosystem. In coming times people will be wholly dependent on Tata electric cars.

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