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Video Introduction:
CRED is one of the most valuable Fintech startups in India with a valuation of more than 6 billion dollars. CRED is currently revolutionising the Fintech space by providing amazing Tech-based credit card solutions. CRED was started by none other than a legendary entrepreneur, Mr Kunal Shah, in 2018 to change the way people use credit cards in India. Kunal Shah built a company named Freecharge and sold it to Snapdeal for a staggering 400 million dollars. He decided to enter the Fintech startup space with the concept of CRED, which aims to revolutionise the credit card market in India. CRED is currently aiming to change the way people use credit cards by incentivising them for paying their credit card bills on time. CRED is making people more responsible and is bringing a culture of trust among people through its value proposition in the Fintech startup space. CRED is currently running in losses but still, it is valued at 6 billion dollars, the question is despite running in heavy losses why is CRED being valued at 6 billion dollars in the Fintech space. Moreover CRED has also come up with new fintech solutions like CRED mint where people can invest their money and enjoy 9% annual returns on their investment and CRED Stash where people can take a loan in just one day without keeping any collateral. CRED has an entry barrier of 750 credit score, which means people who have a credit score above 750 only they can use the CRED app, the question is why is this entry barrier of CRED is kept?. This video is a complete business case study on CRED analysing and discussing various business and marketing strategies used by CRED to become one of the most valuable fintech startups in India. This video is a complete business and marketing case study which highlights some secret business strategies and unveils the reality behind CRED and its business model of CRED. This video also covers some important business and marketing lessons which one can learn from the CRED business case study and implement in their own business.
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Title Contents:
00:00 – Introduction To CRED Business Case Study
00:45 – How did Kunal Shah Start CRED Fintech Startup?
00:59 – Why CRED is in Losses?
01:17 – Business Idea Behind CRED
02:45 – Reality Behind CRED
02:55 – Business Theories of Kunal Shah
04:00 – How CRED is Revolutionising Fintech Space
05:10 – How CRED is Revolutionising the way people use credit cards
07:47 – Business Lessons From CRED Business Case Study
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