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Dost Decathalon India me sabse bade brands me se ek hai!! and Aaj decathlon India me itna bada brand ban chuka hai ki, aaj jahan Adidas ne 1551 crores ka revenue kamaya, Nike ne 814 crore kamaya, Reebok ne 417 crore, lekin Decathlon ne akele hi 2936 crore ka revenue kamaya!
aur aapko sunke hairani hogi, ki ek taraf jahan nike aur adidas ko bade bade celebrities promote krte hai, decathlon kisi bhi celebrity ko use nahi krta!!! celebrity toh chodo decathlon ke toh ads bhi nahi chalte!!! Lekin fir bhi aaj decathlon india ka sabse bada sports brand ban chuka hai!!! toh savaal ye hai ki, bina kisi marketing budget ke, bina kisi celebrity ke, decathlon India me itna bada kaise bana? Decathlon me aise kya khas baat hai jiski wajah se Nike aur adidas jaise bade brands bhi decathlon ke samne har baithe? aur decathlon ke business strategies se hume kya sikh milti hai janenge is episode me.

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