Interview Request Letter Format & Example (Writing Tips)
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Interview Request Letter Format & Example (Writing Tips)

When looking for a new job, you might send your resume to several potential employers. It is important to remember you are likely one of many applicants out for the same position. This will help you go the extra mile by making a written request for an interview. Through this letter, you can briefly highlight what you hope to bring to the company if hired.

Requesting an interview takes courage. It is a show of confidence and proves that you have a sincere interest in the job. In most cases, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Do you wish to increase your chances of getting a job you applied for? Here is how to write a convincing interview request letter.

Tips for Writing an Interview Request Letter

As mentioned, an interview request letter is your chance to sell yourself. The following pointers can help you draft a convincing message:

  • Use polite and professional language
  • Sound confident without coming off as arrogant
  • Mention the job you are applying for in the introductory paragraph
  • Mention that you are requesting an interview
  • Briefly highlight your qualifications and skills as they relate to your application.
  • Try not to rewrite the information present in your resume and application letter.
  • Refer to your resume and application letter. If they are attached, mention them.
  • Provide your contact information

The hiring manager usually handles job applications and interviews in a company. As such, your letter should be addressed to them. Try to avoid using salutations such as ‘dear sir or madam’ or ‘to whom it may concern’ as they might come off as impersonal.

If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, contact the company’s customer service, and request it. This will show initiative and professionalism. It will also increase your chances of getting an approval.

Additionally, it is also essential to make sure you have the right address, so your letter is delivered to the correct office. This will help prevent confusion if you don’t hear back from the company. It will also provide you with a basis for a follow-up.

Interview Request Letter Format


{Hiring Manager Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Job Interview Request for {Job Title} Position

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I recently learned about the {job title} position at your company from a {newspaper ad/friend/website, etc.}. I have attached my resume and job application and am writing to request a physical interview.

I am a {highest level of education} graduate with {amount of time} experience in the {area of specialization} field. I studied {name of degree} in {name of institution} from {date} to {date}.

Since then, I have worked with {name previous employers}. I am {state special skills}. I believe I should be hired because {explain how skill set, education, and experience have prepared you for the job}.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at {contact information}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

Sample Interview Request Letter

18 August 2027

Kendrick Smart

ABC Company

345 Union City, NJ 56789

Re: Interview Request for Marketing Director Position

Dear Mr. Smart,

I am writing this letter to request a physical interview for the marketing director position at a time of your convenience. I recently read about the position in the daily newspaper and believe I am well-suited for the job.

I am a graduate of Yale Business School. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing and a Master’s in Market Trends. Please find attached my resume and application.

Since my graduation in 2017, I have worked with companies such as Techno Ltd and Bosch Industries. I believe that my experience has allowed me a front-row seat to major world markets and trends.

I am confident I will be a valuable asset to your team.

Kindly contact me on 233 333 333 333 or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.


Hellen Swan

Interview Request Letter (Word Template)

An interview request letter is your chance to get noticed. You can use it to highlight your special interests, skills, and abilities. You can also mention a unique standpoint that could give you an edge over the competition. The address if a letter is as important as its content. Before drafting your letter, find out who the hiring manager is, so you don’t use ‘dear sir/madam.’ This will also attest to your initiative and take-charge attitude.

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