Community for Tech people to follow

Imagine you are a tech enthusiast and you want to find fellow tech people. Where should you look? How do you find interesting new people and entrepreneurs that have the same challenges as you do? The last few years we see a rise in communities that focus on specific industries. This can be explained by the enormous rise of advertising costs on Google and social media. Finding your target group online is getting more difficult. Communities are on LinkedIn, social media or dedicated websites where you can find mutual entrepreneurs. Connecting people is normally the main reason for these communities to exist. So, what are your options if you are looking for a tech or SaaS community online? This is the one that we found and know will fit your needs.


The first place to look for communities is online. Whether it is social media or different website, communities can be found on a lot of different places. If you are looking to find SaaS companies, investors or jobs do check out the SaaS Community. They offer a database of everything related to Software-as-a-service. If you are a SaaS company or an investor, you can join and create your listing on this platform. Besides the database they also offer matching service to match entrepreneurs to investors. This community is only focused on the software as a service niche which makes it a unique place to meet new entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to find new customers do check out the This could be a great place to engage and find prospects for your business. By joining these communities will give you great options to network and grow you network. Besides networking communities are also a perfect way to get exposure for you company. Growing your brand awareness and letting communities show how you are and what you have to offer can be a very good addition to your online marketing mix. Finding a niche industry and people should be part of your online marketing strategy and publishing content on communities will help you reach those interesting new target groups of potential customers. So, go online and search for the perfect community that matches your business needs and target group. Write amazing content and reach out to the owner of the community to see if you can publish your blog together. My advice would be to join the today. Hope it will help you as an entrepreneur and business leader or employee a lot. Also do check out other tech blogs and communities to follow, it will make you a better entrepreneur and will give you new insights in tech. We all know; tech is moving so fast; it is hard to keep up to. Reading online blogs and information will give you an advantage compared to your competition and will give you great new insights about the latest and hottest tech developments this year. Good luck with finding more and relevant information online.