Every year there is a buzz about “Highest paying jobs for the year”, now the youth is more concentrated on early financial stability, and most of the job seekers are willing to tap such lines in the early beginnings of their careers so they can see a steep line of increase in their salaries growth.

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Now let us talk about the highest paying jobs in India for the year and mostly for the upcoming 2 years

– Software Architect –
The entry-level software architect salary starts around 8 LPA and within 2 years you will reach close to 15LPA. A 5-year experienced software architect is now earning around 20LPA in India.

Candidates from a B.Tech computer background tend to get into this role with high professional knowledge of the latest coding skills.

Cities offering the best salaries for them are Bangalore and Pune

– Commercial pilot
This is one of the lucrative job roles every candidate dreamt of during his or her childhood. Entry-level pilots get a salary of around 15LPA and it goes max to 50LPA within 10 years of their experience. It’s quite an example of risk-generating money.

Mumbai and Delhi are the places where pilots can earn better compared to any other cities in India.

Candidate should have a science degree and pilot license to enter into this field

– General Surgeon
In India teachers and doctors are the most respectable roles by anyone, where doctors are 10x highly paid than teachers. in the same segment, the general surgeon is our 3rd top high-paying job in India. The starting salary for a general surgeon starts from 10LPA and it goes completely towards 30LPA within a short time of 3 years depending on his work and private practice.

They are highly paid in almost all metro cities and namely one they get the best salaries at Delhi

Medical Graduates with their MD degree can enter this field

– Data Scientist
One of the trending roles for this decade you can see, If you open youtube and search for data scientists most of videos are having millions of views by this you would be knowing how many job seekers are searching for this role on a daily basis.

The starting salary for Data scientist is around 8 LPA and will go up to 30LPA in a span of 5 years.

A certification from a reputed organization or a PGP program from a reputed organization can directly fetch you a job in this field. Mostly from candidates with IT backgrounds are getting into this field

They are getting the best salaries at Bangalore-based offices

– Investment Analyst
The data provided by investment analysts will be used by clients and businesses to make sound financial decisions. They have a huge demand but there is a equal attrition in parallel due to wrong decision which may impact to business or individuals on a short terms

Starting salary of an investment analyst will be 6 LPA and grow till 25 LPA within 7 years.

The best city to earn these salaries in Mumbai for them

We have few more roles to say to know more please do comment below and encourage us we will back very soon.

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