In the ever-evolving tech industry, coming up with the next big idea can be challenging. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, developer, or investor, finding a unique software, SaaS, or app idea is key to staying ahead. This post explores 500 innovative ideas across various categories to spark your creativity and help you find the perfect project to pursue.

Steps to Bring Your Idea to Life

  1. Research and Validate: Start by researching the market to validate your idea. Look for gaps or underserved areas that your software or app could address.
  2. Develop a Plan: Create a detailed business plan outlining your idea, target market, revenue model, and development timeline.
  3. Build a Prototype: Develop a prototype or MVP to test your concept and gather user feedback.
  4. Launch and Market: Once your product is ready, launch it and invest in marketing to reach your target audience.
  5. Iterate and Improve: Continuously collect feedback and make improvements to enhance your product’s value and user experience.

Here the list of 500 Software, SaaS & App Ideas

Category Idea Description
Budget Bill Tracking/Payment System An app that keeps a running total of rent due, IOUs, debts, etc. that allows people to be paid back in one big payment instead of a bunch of small ones.
Budget Where’d My Money Go? This software program connects to your debit/credit card and helps you budget your money based on what you earn and how much you want to save.
Budget Financial Planning App Organize your income, expenses, savings, trips and retirement plans and share it with your family and certified financial planner.
Budget Bill Management App Find the lowest prices for the exact same services you always pay for including phone, internet, TV, gas, and insurance.
Budget Budget Consolidator Personal finance app that syncs all banks, bills, and payments into one hub. Users can track payments and set them up all from the one spot, saving time logging in and out of accounts and putting everything budget-oriented in one place.
Business Entrepreneur App This app takes people with business ideas all the way through the process of creating a product or service to selling it. Tools and resources include local business professionals, investors, training courses, videos and checklists.
Business Street Singers Platform This platform gives street singers a connection with others from around the world – as well as with those who love listening to them sing. It provides schedules to listen based on location and style. Users can buy albums and request concerts.
Business Temporary Job Search Pooling from various temp agencies, this updated app notifies users where they can get the highest paying and closest job (for their best interests and preferences) for that particular day with preferred agencies or companies.
Business Convention Center Availability App Find out which event/convention center near you is available, inexpensive, and has enough room for your convention. You can even schedule and pay for the room(s) right from the app.
Business Multiple App Launcher This app launches and various apps simultaneously with the click of one button to get workers off to a quick start. It closes them the same way.
Business Pre-Launch Product Platform Whether you have an idea, a prototype or a working product that you want to introduce to a small group before taking it to the world, this app and online site can help. Although entrepreneurs can sell or pre-sell their products, it is more for them to create a



    video showing app users what it is and how their product will change the world.
Business Website Creation App This online app provides hundreds of website designers and technicians for people just getting started online or who are looking for a unique, professional look. The app lets owners video chat with designers and IT guys, find the best people and prices for needed work, and even pay straight from the site.
Business Local Office Movers Find local professionals experienced in moving heavy furniture and important legal paperwork from your office to a new place. Use the app to check ratings and reviews, testimonials, short bios, pricing and availability of companies in your area willing and able to help you move. Pay straight from the app.
Business Office Administrator App Organize your office with this all-inclusive app. It connects with calendars, Skype, Slack, Messenger, Google Hangouts and other software to inform those in your office of events and project progress. It also provides administrators with tracking tools for attendance and participation. Send notes easily and record names, email addresses and phone numbers of office visitors.
Business Share Office Space Have some extra space available in your office? Why not rent it out? This app shares information like square footage, location, monthly price, internet, and furniture with pictures. If you have an assistant available, it shares that info too. Anyone looking for office space can choose from the various options from business owners in the area and then contact them for more information through the app at no charge. The business owner pays a small fee for the ad in the app.
Business App Idea Grabber Choose from more than 300 app ideas already preloaded to create. The app includes local and international designers and IT guys, and discounts from domain, hosting and marketing vendors to help make your idea a reality. It also checks for repetition to insure that you don’t waste your time and money creating an app that has already been created.
Business Drone Videographer Services Need to film a house as a real estate agent, film an outside event as a coordinator or business owner, or film an accident as an insurance adjuster? This app can help you find inexpensive, dependable, professional videographers to film your event using drones, cranes, tracks and other valuable resources to make sure you get the look you’re after.
Business On Call Computer Tech Use the app to select from several different local computer technicians based on your issues and their strengths. Review their ratings and prices online with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. View a calendar with available computer geeks in your area. Ask and answer questions to get a reliable bid.



Business Teenage Internships Job hosting platform aimed specifically for teenagers. List of volunteer opportunities from local organizations that allow non-college students to get a head start on gaining professional work experience.
Business Graphical Password Creator This program is an alternative to creating text-based passwords, which have many drawbacks. Users choose their password based on combining images in a certain order or drawing on a grid. These are more secure than text passwords.
Business Promotional Portal This program could manage multiple campaigns in one space, allowing marketing managers to better see separate, detailed analytics from their active promotions. Software includes a comparison feature to see which campaign performed better and how.
Business Health Inspection


This app contains specific information regarding city and state health services policies for your business. Schedule an inspection via the app. See and store inspector’s notes there afterwards.
Business Content Recognition App App would have ability to search graphics for letters and numbers. Search option would then help users find specific photos or documents that have the same words or numbers on jersey numbers, addresses, signs and more.
Business App Developer Platform This portal would be a marketplace for app developers to demo and sell their created or to-be-created apps to companies that want them.
Business Temporary Truckers App This would be an app to help freelance truckers find temporary jobs. Companies or individuals in need list job details and truckers can find one they’re interested in and apply to work after their profile has been verified.
Business Employee Complaint App This software could be purchased by any company and set up so their employees have a safe, anonymous place to relay complaints and recommendations to management. Anonymous feedback could be received as well.
Business Rural Business App Guide to starting a new business from scratch, with advice and case studies. Users have access to mentoring and capital-raising sources. App is specific to rural areas.
Business Bartering App Trading and bartering app for people who grow or create their own goods. User makes a barter offer. Other users can accept, deny, or counter the offer.
Business Video Chat Previewer This tool lets webinar leaders and users set up the video chat beforehand to help make video meetings better! If there are problems, the users have time to fix them ahead of time so it won’t postpone the meeting or waste time.



Business Hiring/Training Analyzer This tool conducts a cost-benefit analysis for hiring new workers. Managers can manipulate different factors to find the best option for bringing new staff into different positions at different wages to get the most benefits for the least amount.
Business Restaurant Staff


Restaurant managers input staff into the app with their availability and how many hours they can work. The program logs day off requests and creates a schedule that fits everyone’s needs in the most efficient way possible. The manager confirms the created schedule before it is automatically sent out to staff.
Business Onboarding Platform This all-in-one onboarding platform puts HR managers at ease with its application sorting, reference checking, virtual new hire packets, and HR file creation and maintenance.
Business Accountability Tool This efficiency program helps make sure goals for meetings are met and accomplished. The team leader adds tasks discussed and checks them off as they are completed. This keeps employees on-track and motivates people to keep things running quickly and smoothly.
Business Online Sales Analysis This program is an alternative to the current eBay and Amazon sales analysis programs that are offered on those websites. Users connect their accounts giving the program access to their inventory and sales, allowing the app to show important and meaningful analysis tools to the sellers.
Business Client Intake Software This automated client intake system contacts a lawyer’s new leads and follows up with them through the system. It also submits intake paperwork and enters it into a client’s file upon completion.
Business Inventory Notification A sensor with WIFI-capabilities alerts shop owners when inventory is low for a certain product based on sales. The app includes a listing of correct vendors for the specific inventory itemand prompts the owner to reorder.
Business Inventory Prediction Software This inventory predictor uses previous sales to estimate the amount needed in stock at a given time and season. Once the calculation is given, the app prompts the user to reorder or hold for each product in its listing.
Business Meeting Efficiency App This efficiency program helps make sure goals for meetings are met and accomplished. The team leader adds in the tasks and or discussion points that are being discussed and checks them off as they are completed. This reduces things from going off-track and motivates people to follow through on their tasks to keep things running quickly and smoothly.
Business Product Inventory


This Shopify-compatible app gives additional staff access to inventory and order numbers which they need to do their jobs properly. However, it does not give them editing capabilities to update numbers in this area.



Business POS Timecard App This Shopify-compatible app creates a POS system for clocking employees in and out for each shift digitally.
Business Top Seller Report Renders sales reports to show a merchant’s top-selling employees (qualtity and value) in a given time period and sorted by specific product lines.
Business Out of Office Scheduler An app that schedules, cancels, and reschedules appointments. Sends notifications to relevant team members with changes made.
Business Order Fulfillment App For stores or restaurants that allow online ordering with in-store pick up, this alert system makes sure employees know an order was received, as well as what is in the order. This allows for preparation to begin the minute it should (including immediately) for on-time customer pick-up.
Business Promotional Database This database would sort based on which customers have received and should receive access to certain promotions. Based on past sales history, merchants can export certain groups into their email marketing program, so customers only get the deals the merchant desires them to have.
Business Automated Inventory Scanner This program would run a robot or machine that scans physical inventory and verifies it with listed inventory. If there are discrepancies, it alerts the manager in charge so their team can figure out what is off with the count.
Business POS Charts and


A Shopify-compatible POS app with interactive charts and easy bookkeeping capabilities so shop owners can better understand their expense/revenue relationship when it comes to sold inventory.
Business IT Product Evaluator This system’s purpose is to manage performance appraisals on various IT products. The database helps with data management and analysis so companies can better make changes based on customer feedback.
Business Information Security Analyzer This is an analytics platform to help organizations manage information security risks and see what they should improve to defend himself from security attacks.
Business App Prototype Center This program is a cloud-based platform that lets users create realistic prototypes of apps and websites within minutes. It also shows comparison apps to the one being created – to make the new one unique.
Business Task Collaboration Platform Like in collaborative workspaces, this digital platform allows for multiple team members to join together a create new ideas, edit, plan, finish and analyze a project.
Business Omni-Channel

Analytical App

This app uses data insights from various streams (impressions, views, leads, purchases, offline, phone, etc.) and brings it all



    together to make recommendations regarding improving customer engagement and business performance.
Business Offline Retail Analytics Software This software would be downloaded onto devices so all necessary components can be used offline then uploaded for storage. Data is imported into the program to do necessary inventory, management analysis.
Business Video Analytics Suite This marketing and analytics platform is designed specially with video makers in mind. Tracking for views, clicks, subscriptions, link shares, comments with visual representations, so users can see what types of videos are doing well, what trends exist, and then make adjustments as needed to promote their videos.
Business Encrypted HR Software The security software takes the key parts of HR management systems and creates two sides: one for the employer with analytics, report creation, compensation, etc., and one for employees with easy to use dashboards so they can find their valuable info (tax forms, insurance, pay stubs, etc.)
Business Automated AR Software This accounting software automates invoicing and billing processes for a company’s accounts receivable.
Business Social Conversions App This Google Analytics add-on focuses specifically on social conversions: the engagements that a target market has with a specific marketing effort online.
Consumer Blind Man Walking App This app with head device acts as a “guide dog” that utilizes the camera to see, guide, and audibly warn users of blocked paths, crosswalks and safety hazards.
Consumer Rent My Tools App People add different tools, devices, appliances, etc. that they own to the list of available items. Others in need can request to rent/borrow for a certain rate or free. Credit cards are registered to the account in case of damage or loss.
Consumer Odd Job Finder Tasks and projects are verified and then posted on the app. Jobs can be online (data entry, writing) or found by location (raking leaves, walk my dog, fix my disposal).
Consumer Airline Consolidation App App includes all flight networks in one program. Users can compare flight times, prices, seating, layovers and more before choosing a flight. App then directs customers through the booking and payment process.
Consumer Store Map Users enter what food or product they need. The app gives the user the exact aisle and shelf location for that product.
Consumer Fingerprint ATM


Database stores fingerprints so users can withdraw, deposit or check their back accounts without having to carry their debit card.
Consumer Camera Syncing App This app syncs the camera with laptops, smartphones and tablets so app users and their photographers can immediately



    see the images, delete or approve them or hold them to review later on.
Consumer Makeup Scanner App scans users’ face so users can see how different makeup would appear on them without having to physically apply the product. The makeup app can also recommend shades and colors based on skin tone, skin type, face shape, and more. Users can purchase product and receive discounts within the app.
Consumer Rent to Own App Sellers list property (cars, computers, electronics, furniture, etc.) on the app. Consumers then search for things they want. The app comes up with a financing plan that allows the buyer to pay monthly rental fees that add up into a purchasing price.
Consumer Name that Song Finder This program holds a database of song knowledge. When users choose to identify a song with a few words from it, the app quickly scans through its library to match the song and show the data to the user with the option to buy and download the song.
Consumer Toy Swap App App for trading used toys that kids no longer want. Users buy toys they want and sell toys that their children have grown out of or no longer play with. Toys must be in good condition.
Consumer Combined Loyalty App An app that tracks all of your loyalty programs in one place. Accounts are added into the app for easy management and redemption.
Consumer Taxi-Sharing App Like UberPool and LyftLine, this app would do only carpool-like ride-sharing instead of one passenger or large groups, making it more cost-efficient for people travelling alone.
Consumer Shopping Assistant This shopping assistant compares the products you need (entered beforehand) and creates an efficient map through the store, so users do have to search every aisle. It also searches for valid coupons, sales, rewards programs, and rebates.
Consumer Brand Identifier Using the camera, this app scans products’ tags and notifies users of the brand that created the product. This is important when shopping at high-end stores – in case there are knock-off brands.
Consumer Consumer Guide Users search for a product in the database. Results come up with reviews, ratings and alerts on that product. It help consumers know what to buy.
Consumer One Man’s Trash App Users can post things they no longer want onto the app. Others can claim it and pick it up or pay for shipping.
Consumer Custom Furniture


This app lets you custom design furniture and send the “blueprint” to the company who creates it and ships it to you! Pay the creator/designer within the app.



Consumer Overstock Wish List On this app, users can create lists of items they want to purchase. The program then monitors all overstock listings from any store and will alert the user as soon as an item they want is available at the customer’s previously requested price.
Consumer OpenTable Competitor This program allows people to book in advance tables at popular restaurants that require reservations. In order to compete with OpenTable, this program could set itself apart with pre-ordering food so the wait time is considerably less than ordering once you arrive.
Consumer Voice Activated

Shopping List

Shoppers can create their grocery list, simply by speaking into the phone the things they want. The app turns everything into text and then separates the items by department to create an easy to use mobile shopping list.
Consumer Free Online Listings Tracker This program is a search agent and RSS feed. It tracks keywords in all posts on eBay and Craigslist and alerts the user when there is an item available for free.
Consumer Vulnerability

Assessment Tool

This program scans computers, folders, or documents to find holes in the security framework. Then it helps to patch them up. It is hosted on the cloud so users’ account info and scan reports can be accessed online or on other devices.
Consumer Windows/Non-Windows App Users can remotely access their Windows platform/apps from their non-windows tablets or smartphones through this securely connected application.
Consumer Product/EAN code


EAN codes can be stored in a database made up of food and other products. Users keep a code reader on their phone, scan the physical code with their camera, and get connected to the database listing with average cost, coupons found, reviews, and more.
Consumer Poster Calendar App Using the camera scanning app, users take a photo of event posters they find (concerts, theaters, school or local events) and the app pulls the important data from the photo and integrates it into the user’s phone calendar system.
Consumer Free Adobe-like

Software Suite

This app is free, but contains ads. Pay for excessive storage space only.
Consumer Freelance Delivery Service Platform for scheduling personal deliveries for freelance truck drivers who have extra space.
Consumer Automated Shopping System An app to purchase a product we want when the price reaches within our specified budget.
Consumer Craigslist Keyword Post Alerts A platform that notifies you if your keyword is posted on Craigslist.
Consumer Fast Checkout App This app lets you scan your items with your phone then uploads automatically to the grocery store or supermarket’s service



    center with a click. You can even pay them within the app once you have created an account and provided your bank account information.
Consumer Retail Cost This app gives you what the retail price of an item should be so that you don’t pay too much. Simply add the barcode, image, and/or detailed description including the vendor into the app. This especially helps overseas when you don’t know which brands are high end and which are not.
Consumer Mobile Mechanic Need someone to come to your house and fix your car? No problem! Local mechanics that are connected to the app will let you know if you are available. Based on their rating from previous customers and your previous experience (and price) you can choose a mechanic based on their availability.
Consumer Computer Repair App Whether you need someone to go to your house, a computer business owner nearby or just information so that you can fix it yourself, this app can help. It includes a database of local computer gurus, several how-to videos, opportunities to buy computers and accessories at a discount, and a scheduling app.
Consumer Online Paint Shop Virtual paint shop shows you exactly want how your house or project will look when it is completed. It tells you how much paint you will need and what supplies are required. It provides discounts and shows you local paint vendors – or you can buy paint straight from the site.
Consumer Receipt Scanner Having a hard time keeping track of where all your money is going? This app can help. Simply open the app and take a picture of your receipt. The app reads the items and the final cost and adds it to the list of other weekly/monthly expenditures. The app also reads your paycheck or automatic deposit information and lets you know when you need to trim down your spending or when you are wasting money on frivolous things.
Consumer Cheap Dorm Room Need to find the best prices for moving into a dorm room? Use this app! You can register, pay and get accepted as a tenant right from this app. Moving into a new place is hard. This app makes it easier with discounts on moving trucks and boxes.
Course Online Dog Training Course A fun and informative online course that covers all the basics of dog training with guides on how to care for your dog and first-aid information.
Course Adobe



Adobe suite software which will enable/disable relevant tools and tips until they have successfully learned enough to access more tools
Course Accounting Course Automated accounting software that’s cloud-based for unlimited growth and scale. Connect your firm and your potential CPAs and financial advisors.



Course Basket Weaving How to learn to basket weave with the fun and informative gamification app
Course Math Tutoring/Teaching Course Platform that allows live and organized whiteboard and video conferencing sessions, with or without testing options, that can be saved, stored and shared.
Course Anatomy Training

Resource App

Virtual reality based application that allows for an incredibly interactive learning environment for anatomy and physiology with videos, quizzes and tons of content.
Course Learning Games This app, created by teachers and educational experts, gives students fun ways to learn critical content through games, puzzles and mystery solving courses.
Course Car Repair Course Basic online and mobile courses on how to maintain and repair your vehicle (motorbikes, cars, trucks) with tests and certificates of completion.
Course Online and Office Video Editing Class Learn how to create, edit, store and share videos for work or for pleasure in this step-by-step eight module course.
Course Home Taught

Educational Courses

This software provides thousands of audio, written and video resources including quizzes, tests, and core course outlines for students who are home taught.
Course First Time Farmers This training software takes first-time farmers through each step with gardening, animals, scheduling, harvesting, etc. Initial safety and precautionary courses must be taken before other, more activity/animal specific courses are provided.
Course Gardening Lessons This 12-week course takes students all the way from preparing the soil, buying the right seeds, planting what at what time, weeding and watering, and harvesting techniques from small to large gardens. Videos help explain what the experts are saying and show app users exactly
Course Drawing Lessons Learn how to draw with information taught in this informative online and mobile course. Buy materials within the app, watch instructional videos and even send in images of your drawings for critique based on skill level and type of materials used.
Design Daily Outfit Organizer This app takes your zip code forecasted weather, your style preferences, and your day’s known activities to choose your outfit for that day
Design Alter Me App An app built to design, store and showcase alteration and tailoring ideas
Design Furniture Design App This app provides a digital framework for designing new furniture with a 3D view of each creation and details as to what material must be purchased to build 1, 100, or more, what the approximate cost will be as well as examples of similar creations that have already been designed.



Design DIY T-Shirt Designs This design app has options for adding photos, text, and a variety of pre-made “stickers” that people can print and use in their designs. Ordering for shirts or designs is done on the app as well, with shirt color, size, quantity, and shipping options.
Design Social Site for


Designers of various specialities and levels of abilities can seek out other designers to help them in their creative endeavours. For example, a calligrapher could create specialty text for an ad, and then the ad company would supply a service for the calligrapher in return.
Design Virtual Room Designer This app will take a 360 degree picture of the user’s room and allow users to visualize it with different available interior designing options, then purchase those options from providers like IKEA, RC Willeys, etc.
Design Client-Side Photo Editor This alternative to VSCO and Darkroom would be a more user-friendly professional editor, with helpful advice and instructions so users can learn how to edit quickly and professionally.
Design Graphic Design


This platform allows graphic designers to collaborate in real time for efforts with another designer. They can share their work with a client who can give feedback about the work, suggest changes, or confirm the designer is on the right track.
Education Scientific Equation


An easy-to-use online equation calculator that solves algebraic and other mathematical equations on the fly – it even has voice recognition abilities.
Education Webinar/Podcast


This app notifies you of all your different podcasts and webinars. It also lets you take notes during and after the events and lets you store them for future reference. This is especially valuable for weekly webinars when you might need a quick reminder about the previous week’s topic.
Education Campus Help Desk This app helps students with campus maps and highlights tutoring and computer centers, the library and registration buildings. It can also store course information with notes for users to share socially about the class and the professor.
Education Doctorate Level

Research Organization App

This app helps postgraduate students organize dissertations, projects, papers and classes. It provides online folders for notes, essays and reports and an audio transcription app so they can record the professor or write their assignments by speaking into the app. Socially, student can share info with other students and professors.
Education University Course


This app takes two universities or online schools and does side-by-side comparisons of specific mandatory courses.
Education Homework App This app sets a timer to complete a set goal/assignment. The student inputs the information. If the assignment isn’t finished,



    additional time is allotted (like a snooze button) until the project is completed.
Education College Project

Coordination Platform

If you’re working on your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, this app can help organize your thoughts, get insight from professors and other students, and provide content (using Wikipedia, Google and other search engines) from other written work based on the same or similar topic.
Education Rare Animal App Learn about rare animals with this app. Watch videos, find out where you could go watch or pet them, and read interesting facts about these rare animals.
Education Street History App Learn about cities and local streets before you visit them to find out information about their history, culture and highest rated stores and shops. Book reservations for tours and watch entertaining videos.
Education Interactive Reading Ebook system with interactive pieces such as highlighting, note taking, author’s notes, illustrations sharing segments, etc.
Education Student Exam with Datacard A program would allow students to take exams online and load their completed test data onto a data card which is then given to the teacher/professor for easy and secure grading.
Education Study Wizard Enter class notes and material into the program and the wizard creates a study guide for you. It also prepares sample questions and answers based on the subject matter.
Education Cultural Awareness App Use app to learn about art, music and theatre. Go through digital lessons and find events or locations near you to engage in art and culture by yourself or with a group.
Education Geography Teaching App This app teaches users about world geography through quizzes, flashcards, videos and games. There would be a points/reward system to motivate learning and keep user engaged – maybe even a trip!
Education University Campus Map Users choose their campus and can view or download a map of the campus. App includes schedules, activities and phone numbers of administration, financial aid, etc.
Education Homeschooling


This online program would be a way for homeschooling teachers to plan lessons, get ideas from fellow teachers and have students connect with other homeschooled students.
Education Writer’s Research


This all-in-one research tool helps students and writers find the best and most relevant information! Some features include: knowing the date information is posted, searching with quotations, picking which search engine to use or journal database to search. It manages sources used and creates the citations for them while keeping notes and potential sources handy.



Education ESL Learning App App makes ESL learning fun, by showing progress, rewarding points, and role playing in a simulated atmosphere.
Education The Teacher’s Pet Software has the ability to take tasks such as attendance, time-table planning, and grading off of a teacher’s shoulders. It then helps create customized lesson plans using the available classroom tools.
Education Educational Site


Since many college’s websites or homework portals are not optimized for mobile viewing, this software can help school web designers easily convert existing pages to mobile formats for students’ ease-of-use.
Education IQ Exerciser App that determines how intelligent you are through a range of IQ tests, then provides brain training exercises in areas of your IQ that need to be improved.
Family Record Messages for Family and Spouse This app would be shared exclusively with your children (even those who can’t read yet) and your spouse for recorded messages of love and support, chores, activities and events.
Family Simplified Browser for Seniors and Kids A homepage that opens up to large icons of favorite places – with saved passwords. The pages are automatically formatted to be easy to read, like large fonts (or an easy-to-access button for additional features, like zoom, to read text aloud, speed, etc.)
Family Match My Pet A dating app for pets with a series of detailed questions to populate the highest percentage of breed likelihood. Gives owners the ability to get together with owners of qualified candidates.
Family Find My Remote App & Device A tracking sticker that adheres to the remote connected to either a base or an app that you can click that beeps and “points” to where the remote is.
Family Weekly Entertainment App An app that finds each week’s top entertainment sources to allow you to filter choices based on preferences, history and location.
Family My Fun Family App An app to arrange, organize, vote on and remind your family about weekly fun activities.
Family Time for Kids App to find family entertainment within your geographical area – especially if you’re traveling – with discount coupons.
Family Find My Baby App to find missing babies or children with GPS showing where you are/were when the baby went missing.
Family Holiday Planner App to plan a holiday event – or multiple events specific to your individual situation (invitations, food assignments, menu, grocery/event needs list, etc.
Family The Virtual Fitting


This augmented reality virtual dressing/fitting room allows shoppers to ‘try on’ clothes online and with their mobile device.



Family Take Me Home This is a one click app that sends an Uber-like driver and partner to a bar to pick up drunks and take them home. The partner drives the drunk’s vehicle.
Family Local Volunteer

Opportunities Finder

Tinder-like app for finding local non-profits/volunteer opportunities based on location, desire, and availability.
Family Parent’s Club Platform that allows parents to communicate with each other, gather ideas, find local resources, and meet to help solve issues with their children.
Family Fast Lab Results Platform to get access to laboratory results quickly and store them appropriately.
Family Game Playing Time Limiting App This is a blocking system for computer programs during certain time periods. Lock programs or restrict usage time of any program or game.
Family Elderly Video

Communication System

This app gives the elderly an easy way to communicate effectively with family or health care providers through one-touch video calls.
Family Baby’s Shoe Size App Users take a photo of a child’s foot while standing on a reference object, such as an 8.5-inch by 11-inch piece of paper. The app then accurately measures the foot’s length and width, allowing parents to determine the correct shoe size.
Family Virtual Party Planning Virtual event and wedding planner that gives users the ability to communicate through video and text with in laws, caterers, event centers, invited guests, groom, and others. Full event checklists available for purchase.
Family Online Personal Media Library Organize your growing media collection. Store, stream, purchase, share and manage your media collection anytime from anywhere.
Family Restaurant Scheduler This app lets you input all your favorite restaurants then records which apps you visit when, and recommends restaurants based on how long it’s been since you last ate there. If wings are half price at Sonic on Thursday after 5pm, for example, it will remind you to pick them up on your way home.
Family Christmas Wish List Organizer This app lets you organize and document what everyone you know wants/needs for Christmas or birthdays and if you’ve gotten it for them already. The app lets you share your database with your spouse, siblings, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, etc.
Family Babysitting App This app provides the best-rated babysitters in the area, their rates, their experience, and testimonials. App users pay babysitters and add tips through the app and comment on the service received – ranking the babysitter based on past experiences with other babysitters.



Family Best Neighborhood App Want to stay fairly close to family and friends but also want to move up in the world? This app will let you know which area is in high demand and which homes are for sale there. It will even hook you up with a real estate agent who is familiar with that area.
Family Real-Time Family


Based on where their phones are, parents and children can track each other so that they always know where they are. If anyone wants to go invisible (buying gifts, etc.) they can, but not without first checking in via text to let the family know when they will be available.
Family Fast Food


Based on previous inputs concerning your likes and dislikes and your current location around the world, the app will provide a short list of recommended restaurants. App users can provide comments, images and videos about the locations, food, service, price, etc.
Family Personal Assistant This app figures out how to best help you based on your GPS location. Walking in the grocery store? It pulls up what you need based on a new list or previous purchases. Leaving work? It will remind you what you need to do before you get home. It tracks your distance travelled since leaving the gas station and lets you know when to get gas, etc.
Family Church/Mosque/Temple Finder If you’re new to an area, traveling, or just feeling like improving your connection with deity, your own challenges and with others, this app can help.
Family Real Time Restaurant Wait Time Focused on saving you time, this app connects with your favorite restaurants and lets you know how long you have for your reservation to really be ready, so you can wait at your house instead of waiting at the restaurant. It even verifies that there are no traffic issues between your house and the restaurant.
Family Family Reunion


Here, family members can plan reunions, organize parties, and text and video chat with each other. Each family is loaded on a templated site with passwords only that family knows. Besides a calendaring app, this platform includes a private and public photo/video gallery, genealogy and journaling app.
Family Places of Worship Need to revitalize your spirit while on vacation or even at home, but don’t know where to go? This app lets you search by meeting times, denomination, location and more! Read short summaries of what each religion believes, get free Bibles, Books of Mormon and other pamphlets. See what other visitors have said about the religious leader of that location.
Family App for Palliative Care This app is specifically for people with serious illnesses and their families. See updated health status regularly and communicate with doctors and nurses. Send group status updates to family



    and friends with one click. Record video, photos and audio for posterity.
Family Family Organizer App Keep track of your children, spouse, siblings and parents with this app made for bringing families closer together. Video chat, audio, emoji and text capabilities give users the ability to calendar events, organize get-togethers, and at least make time to eat dinner together.
Family Moving App Don’t remember all the steps required to move from one house to another? This app can help! With a step-by-step checklist, the app will take you through the process of marking and filling boxes, finding a moving company or truck, how to invite friends and family to help (offer pizza) and even finding your new house and selling your old one.
Family Local Grocery Live Comparisons This app lets users find the best price on the best quality products in their favorite grocery stores. App users simply upload their grocery list and the app gives them two options. 1. Go to various stores to get the ultimate cheapest price. 2. Go to one store to get the cheapest price vs going to the app user’s other favorite stores in the area.
Family Recycle Bin Finder Did you just move, end a huge event or finish with the opening of Christmas gifts? If so, you probably need the location of a local recycle bin for the boxes and plastic. This app can tell you where to go with GPS directions. It even tells you if there is a large, free garbage bin close and where the local recycle center and garbage dump are for bigger loads.
Family Birthday Planner From cake, presents, balloons and invitations to bouncy houses, clowns and catering, this app provides users with everything they’ll need to throw the perfect birthday party.
Family My Life Partner This app has exclusive, secure access between partners. Once inside, everything can be posted but nothing can ever be shared – not even by copying the print screen. It can only be accessed by facial recognition only. Once the face leaves – or even turns to a side or if something else is within view (a camera or other person, for example), the app will close. Share videos, photos and intimate thoughts with the love of your life.
Family Temporary Shelter


Type in your location to find local government and local non-profit shelters for one night or longer. Even pre-vetted app users who offer a guest room for one or two nights to people without a place to stay will be listed in this app.
Family Family History App Create your own shareable journal with videos, audio, images and written content about your own family. Connect to genealogy sites and invite your close friends and family to share experiences and stories about past events and family member



    memories. App users must approve of the stories before they are included.
Family Errand Service App If you’re not feeling well, handicapped, or simply don’t feel like fighting the traffic or bad weather, download this app! You can choose from vetted, insured and qualified individuals and companies in your area to go get your groceries, prescriptions, pizza, and taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, shoveling your sidewalks, or going shopping for you. Then rate them afterwards!
Family Child Care Services This online and mobile app will help you sift quickly through vetted babysitters and child care professionals to care for your child for an hour or a week. Get to know your sitter before you leave by video chatting with them through the app.
Family Puppies for Sale Use this app to sell your dog or to buy one from people who live close to you. The app lets sellers include videos, images and prices of the puppies for sale. Buyers can meet at local dog parks to see and play with the puppies before purchasing them.
Family Where’s the School Bus Find out how long you have to get your kids ready or yourself ready before the school bus comes to pick them up or drop them off. Use the app to follow the GPS tracked bus to and from your school so you can know if there were any mechanical issues or accidents.
Family No Checkout Line App An app that allows you to scan grocery items as you pick them up. This adds each item to your virtual checkout which is connected to a bank account, PayPal and the store.
Family Online Fast Food App Order fast food ahead of time so it is ready upon arrival. Pay inside the app.
Family Move My Pet An app to provide travel services for pets. Potential transportation options are listed and users can find the right one for their needs based on start and end points, animal type, and cost.
Family Audio Alphabet This app could help young learners understand what numbers, letters, and words they’re “reading” by giving them the audio equivalent of the image they click on each time that button is pushed.
Family Virtual Time Capsule In this virtual time capsule, users can create and upload videos, photos, or audio files and “lock” the capsule until a certain date. Users send an email to be received on that date. An email is sent with a password to unlock the capsule, which can be done online or within the app.
Family App for Newborns Parents use this app to track their newborn’s general habits such as when they eat, pee, poop, or sleep. This data can be sent to the baby’s doctor during checkups or if something is wrong.



Family Automated Birthday Wishes This automated messaging system sends personalized birthday messages to desired contacts when it is their birthday. Users set up the recipients and their birthdays at setup, and the program will automatically send the message or ecard at 8am or any other predetermined time on the correct date.
Family Eat This! Mobile App Users rate dishes they have eaten at home or at restaurants and what they thought of them. The app then recommends other meals they would enjoy based on those ratings and what they are currently craving.
Family Better Prices App This app connects to your bills and compares where users can get the same products for better prices. Recommendations can be made for cable, insurance, phone, internet, and more.
Family Message from Santa This app makes children’s Christmas more magical by customizing a message from Santa to the child based on info the parent enters into the app, including name, wish list, and special highlights from the year (ex: new sibling, student of the week, etc.) The custom message is sent to the parent’s phone in a voicemail for the child to listen to later. Or the children can receive and email or mailed letter.
Family Income Tax Tracker App that would allow you to work out (based on daily expenses, adjustments, income) exactly how much tax you should be paying.
Fitness Bicycle Route Planner A trip planner with google maps features for bicycles. It displays and offers the best route considerations for inclines, traffic, etc. This planner could make similar considerations as it pertains to runners and walkers.
Fitness Outdoor Dating

Activities (ODA)

Find people to join you in a public place, during the day – when it’s safer – to play pickleball, tennis, frisbee, basketball, etc.
Fitness Family & Friends

Fitness App

Invite friends and family to track and motivate each other to workout, schedule workouts together, follow-up and incentivize each other.
Fitness Safe Jogging Routes Find the safest and closest jogging routes with options for distance and variety.
Fitness Jogging Partner App This app lets joggers in certain areas get together to run with each other. App users get together in public areas where running is safe. Location, gender, running speed, distance of each run and final running goal are parameters in finding the right partner.
Fitness Mountain Biking App This app shares information about the best trails, competitions, and status for mountain bike enthusiasts all over the world. Buy bikes, purchase tickets to events, and get directions to trails all from within the app. Communicate with other bike trail lovers in

your area or not. Plan trips and invite others to join your bike group.



Fitness Walking Trails This mobile platform contains maps and routes for walking trails across the country that can be downloaded and accessed offline.
Fitness Fitness Guru


Fitness gurus can sign up to be “showcased” in the app. Users can then search (price, location, experience, expertise) through the database of trainers and health coaches to find someone they would work well with and request a free meeting/training session.
Fitness Bike Lane Map This map shows which streets and areas have bike lanes or trails so bikers can plan a safe and efficient route!
Fitness Fitness Database Registrations for fitness programs are in this all-in-one database. Staff can see who is registered for specific classes or search by person to see all of their previous registrations.
Fitness Race Preparation App This app measures and calculates important info for competitive runners using GPS. Time, Distance, and Pace are calculated after each run and added up weekly, helping users set goals and prepare for their next race.
Health Online Organic Food Store Sell and buy verified and guaranteed organic vegetables and fruits online through online and mobile apps.
Health Local Farmer Finder The app connects local food producers with their potential customers. Large database of local farmers markets, farms, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).
Health Health Monitoring App Unique software with physical device attached to body that send notifications to individual and health care provider when something is wrong.
Health Medical Rep

Appointment App

App finds, then sets up appointments with vetted, professional medical representatives to meet with doctors.
Health Clinical Decision

Support System

Get a second opinion and the advice and support of family and friends through this exclusive app that breaks out participants into groups based on how much information and input you want to give them.
Health Blood Donor Alert Sign up to receive notifications if someone with your blood type is in urgent need for a blood donation.
Health Recipe Maker Type in what ingredients you have available and the app automatically will give you a list of recipes of things you can make using only those ingredients.
Health Simplified Music App This app makes it easy for kids with learning disabilities to play their favorite songs/playlist. App suggests appropriate music (like Baroque) that calms down and helps bring peace and happiness to the listener. If they really like a song, they can put a heart over it so that it stays in the que.
Health Seasonal Food Finding App Tell it your favorite fruits, vegetables and grains and the app will show you what country/company in the world is producing them



    fresh at that moment. App users can then purchase the food for immediate, fresh delivery or find a store close to them that carries it fresh.
Health Compatible Food Finder The app suggests food items at grocery stores and nearby restaurants based on specific diet details as entered by the user.
Health Best-Rated Restaurants Want to know which restaurants are rated the highest – even if it’s just fast food? This app can help by finding your location anywhere in the world and showing you renowned meals, comments from visitors, images of the food, hours of operation, directions, and seasonal favorites. You can ‘favorite’ restaurants for future dining experiences when you are in the area again.
Health Local Organic Food Locator Find out where to get the highest quality, freshest organic food. App is updated daily for new items and for discounts, best prices, and closest vendor.
Health Canteen Automation System This software and device (canteen) not only purifies your water, but notifies you through the app when you need to drink so that you don’t dehydrate and the device has a shut-off valve so that

you don’t drink too much and over hydrate without leaving enough for later.

Health Diet Consultant App Based on what foods you like and what your weight loss/gain goals are, and factoring the amount of daily exercise, this software will guide you through various natural food options as well as a few recipes to choose from based on that information.
Health Smart Health

Consulting Project

This service is more than an app, it is a total wellness program with dedicated nutritionists, trainers and people just like you who are using the app to improve their overall health and fitness. Motivate and get motivated by other individuals going through the same program, and stay focused with daily – sometimes hourly goals.
Health Physical

Trainer/Therapist App

If a physical trainer can’t get to your house, using video tech and pre-recorded sessions, he or she can walk you through the steps you need to take to get back to your regular physical state. When

he/she can get to your house, the app works to track progress shared between the client and the therapist/trainer.

Health Depression Reducer Program It’s a software program with an app that checks your mood and energy level. It also provides a one-click process to contact loved ones and local agencies. Their are videos with recognition and persevering strategies as well as weekly live, visual, small group meetings (everyone can see each other).
Health Meal


Based on diet and restrictions (diabetes, gluten, sugar, etc.) the app will provide you with recipes and whole foods that fulfill your daily need for nourishment. Make notes of what you ate to keep track of your calorie and nutritional intake.



Health Unique and New


App users can share their unique recipes with others only if it is their own recipe. New recipes are approved before being posted. App users can send in videos of how they came up with the idea for the recipe. Viewers can like recipes and communicate with the creator. The most used new recipe gets promoted.
Health Goal Manager Users set a goal and use the app to track their progress. Info can be shared with coaches, trainers, friends and family who are willing to provide encouragement, motivation, and accountability.
Health Fruit and Veggie App App contains a database on all varieties of fruits and veggies, facts about each, and suggested ways to serve them. Users could opt into daily notifications to learn about new foods. App would encourage healthy eating habits and incorporating new plant-based items into diets with recipes.
Health AI Diet Consultant This health program takes user-entered health data and then uses AI to recommend diet, sleep, exercise and stress-reduction changes in order to meet certain health goals. The program tracks progress and adjusts its personalized recommendations based on what it sees works or doesn’t work.
Health Personal Well-Being App App that measures people’s energy levels as well as their mental, emotional, psychological and physical states. App provides recommendations to continue as you are or to make a few changes to improve your lifestyle.
Health Cooking App for


This app helps busy parents create nutritious but simple family-friendly meals. All meals cook within a certain time limit and require minimal cooking experience and only a few ingredients, making cooking easy after a long day’s work.
Health Augmented Reality Food App Scan food with your phone and AR would show app user nutritional info around the food so users can visualize how much protein, fat, vitamins, etc. it has.
Home Multiple Cooking Timers An app that can set various timers with specific, unique instructions on what to do when each set time has been reached.
Home Compatible Roommate App An EHarmony-like app for roommate compatibility, with Tinder-like swiping preferences, deal breakers, etc.
Home Recycling Helper An app that aggregates google map data for the nearest recycling center, with filtering capabilities and weekly/bi-weekly reminders.
Home Roommate Requester App to find individual to share room for college rental homes or vacation spots – much like a hostel.
Home My Kitchen App to to manage kitchen cleanliness, grocery list, and recipes.
Home Emergency App This app connects you to first responders in various disciplines (Police, Fire, Paramedics, etc.) based on your location and needs.



Home Clean My Home Now Get instant cleaning service based on cost, closest proximity, amount of staff available (can they start/finish quickly), and reputation.
Home Home Building/Design Software Intuitive editor gives you the ability to have your floor plan ready within minutes by using SIM-like software.
Home Laundry Assistant Laundry apps for removing stains, basic laundry tips, and simple Q & As for washing and caring for clothes.
Home First Aid for Dummies App Provide support and information about various emergency situations to the average untrained person with step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos.
Home Cupboard Inventory App This app keeps track of the food and supplies you have in your kitchen for cooking. It gives you a quick way to inventory what you’ve used and tells you when you need more of something.
Home Rent-A-Chef App This fun app lets you choose from professional, vetted, local chefs based on dining preferences and availability and then bring them into your home.
Home Home Security App This app could combine various technologies (cameras inside and outside the house – even computer cameras) to monitor movement and record activities.
Home Find What’s Missing A sticker device and app would work together to find items that have been cataloged that have tracking device stickers on them.
Home Interior Design App This app shows you how your house or a room would look from an exact digital layout of the room and everything you’re thinking of designing into it.
Home Local Handyman App Want to find honest, reliable, local handymen for your plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, painting and landscaping needs? This app can help with vetted, experienced workers. Look at references and choose a handyman based on availability, costs, and ratings and reviews.
Home Pet Monitoring System When requested by the app, a device in the home rings or plays a song, calling for the pet to pay attention to it. It then turns on a camera so that the user can see the pet. For an additional fee, the device can be set up with audio so that users can talk to their pets from remote locations through the app.
Home Donation and Recycling App Learn where to take your various donations and recycling items; what each provider accepts, their hours of operation, and addresses. Record your donations within the app then print them off for tax discounts at the end of the year.
Home Bid to Clean App Need someone to clean or help clean your house? Get vetted, experienced house cleaners in your area for the cheapest price by letting vendors bid for the job based on their availability and



    their desire to help you. You can choose the lowest price or not based on past experiences with individual vendors.
Home House-Sitting App Qualified, vetted users can house sit for families while they are on vacation, extend stays at the hospital, or on religious missions. They are responsible for keeping the house clean and safe. For extra fees, house sitters can sleep in the house and care for the family pet, water plants, care for the lawn and garden, etc.
Home Pool Cleaner Find the highest rated, closest, cheapest swimming pool and jacuzzi cleaners in your neighborhood – including those who are currently offering discounts. View videos of their work and learn what is included with each visit with discounts for additional follow-up visits and for purchasing pool care products.
Home Keep Clean App Reminder alert system that keeps you on your own cleaning schedule. For example, if you want to clean the bathroom every two weeks, mop weekly, shampoo quarterly, the system reminds you. Check when activity is completed.
Home Security Management App Monitor and manage security locks, cameras and alarms from your phone. View video/images and record and store all from the app.
Home Room Cleaning Service App connects users to different cleaning services or freelance cleaners. Users describe what they need done, choose a cleaner based on availability, price, and ratings. Payments and reviews are completed through the app.
Home Complete Home

Security App

This smart security system manages all access points within a home. The program connects wirelessly to a phone app, so security can be managed remotely. Notifications from the system are sent to the phone via SMS and through emails.
Home Instant Help App Through the app, users are able to request immediate help from a local electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc after reviewing their prices, experiences and ratings. Payment could be done through the app or in-person. Service providers must be vetted with satisfaction guaranteed.
Home Plant Care Scheduler Users enter in what types of plants they own or are caring for, and this smart program creates a schedule for what needs to be done to keep the plant healthy and growing. The alarms or notifications remind the user of plant-specific advice like watering times, when to fertilize and when to move the plant in/out of the sun’s rays.
Home Smart Cooking app Activate your oven/slow cooker while you are out (church, movies, etc.), so that you come home to a warm cooked dinner
Organization Organizational Tool for Farmers A central hub to plan, monitor, manage and record all farm activities and teams via integration with task management and



    messaging tools. It would include alert notifications from ground preparation to post-harvest tasks.
  Organization Verified Reviews This platform aggregates validated online or in-store purchases by linking cards, receipts and online accounts. The platform provides business owners with a badge and certificate to post with their validated reviews.
Organization Marketing Campaign Analyzer An app where a company can input costs, budgets, activities and a timeline to strategize priorities and view progress for any given marketing campaign.
Organization Database of


A way to showcase copywriters and their portfolios, filtered by availability, specialities, software knowledge, costs, etc. Maybe even a verified rating system from companies/individuals who have used their services within the app’s offerings.
Organization Property Maintenance App An app for property managers to proactively organize work orders and better communicate with their tenants.
  Organization Digital File Organizer An app that scans and reads your files then assigns multiple tags for easy reference later.
Organization Employment Options Software This software delivers the best career options for individuals who provide honest, specific details about their interests, skills, talents, values, etc.
  Organization Office Designer App This software provides various design options of an office layout based on space, desks, doors, etc.
Organization Text/Call Scheduling App Based on previous history and input from the user, this app begins texts and calls to keep users on time and proactive.
Organization Workout Group

Follow-up App

Keep tabs on your clients if you’re a local gym or personal trainer. Send text messages to remind, motivate and follow-up after workouts.
  Organization Tutoring/Teaching App Connects students with tutors and teachers who are in your area based on experience, location, gender, expertise, costs, etc.
Organization Human Resource


Easily onboard new hires, manage employee data, create a company social network & support employees with complementary applications.
Organization Fingerprint Voting


Fingerprint-based verification and authentication voting system for elections, board of directors and shareholder activities, etc.
Organization At the Desk Clock-In System GPS technology that clocks people in/out and alerts managers when they are at/near their desks. Creates a report.
Organization Employer Incentives Store This store allows managers and owners to incentivize their employees with digital money to spend on popular items. Managers and Owners receive discounts on products and services.



  Organization Brainstorming Software Software for generating, discussing, re-hashing, reviewing and deciding on ideas with a recording feature that takes users through the brainstorming process.
Organization Remote Customer

Service App

App lets owners three-way call (with mute capabilities) to listen in on their outsourced customer service team.
  Organization Team Documents Like Google docs editing feature, but with the ability to overlay feedback from multiple people, so that you can gather and determine ultimate edits based on multiple perspectives and inputs.
Organization Extra Space Delivery Service Platform for business owners and non-profit organizations to schedule deliveries with independent truck drivers who have extra space and are going the right way.
Organization Complete Business Software Platform that integrates project management, calendars, flexible CRM, inventory management, and content planning. Scalable and fully customizable.
Organization Farm Promotional


Software for family farms and farm cooperatives to keep records of sales and inventory. It includes videos/powerpoints to share with potential customers.
Organization Doctor to Pharmacy App Immediate digital notification straight from doctor to pharmacy (nothing written to give to client) when providing prescriptions. This will minimize wait time, reduce errors, save paper, and reduce client’s stress.
  Organization Productivity Monitor An online and mobile app that improves employee productivity through specific assignments and short checklists, follow-up and rewards for completed activities.
Organization Keep Employees


This app sends out a silent report when an employee visits previously discussed unauthorized websites (Facebook, etc.) or any unspecified web page while at work.
Organization Teacher-Student-Parent Communication App This app informs parents and students of missed assignments, grades, parent/teacher conferences, and extra credit opportunities. It provides texting capabilities.
Organization Remote Sign On-Off Scheduler Simply set your preferences (editable) and the app/device will turn on and off your company’s street and on/in store signage at the assigned times – no matter where you are.
Organization Classroom

Management App

This software keeps track of attendance, good/bad behavior, test results, communication/participation issues, and gives teachers/professors the ability to share that information with students periodically or when needed.
  Organization Digital Librarian See what books, videos, newspapers and magazines are available to check out at your local library before leaving your house!



  Organization Mobile Shopping App App lets users shop local grocery stores online, pay through the app, and get the merchandise delivered free of charge.
Organization Cheapest Parcel

Delivery Service

App to find the most current cheapest parcel delivery service between two destinations from all available carriers.
Organization Dorm Manager

Organization App

This app lets college dorm managers keep track of tenants’ payments, maintenance issues, agreements, and lets them text with tenants whenever necessary for parties, issues with the building, appreciation, new rules, etc.
Organization Personal Medical

History App

Connected to the users’ primary caregiver/hospital, this constantly updated app provides users with the ability to view their life history as it relates to their health while giving critical information to first-responders during an accident or other health-related issue.
  Organization Study Group App This app syncs with everyone taking the same class. Users document the times they are available to study and the app creates groups based on the inputted information.
  Organization 3D Dinner Reservations Restaurants can provide users with up-to-the-minute information on which tables are currently available, giving users the ability to reserve a specific table based on the 3D rendering of the restaurant (with drawn images of people sitting at booths or tables that are already filled).
Organization Photographer Event Planner This app keeps professional photographers organized by giving them timelines for specific pre and post event activities. It also provides storage for their images before and after they’ve been edited with a “view only” option for their clients.
  Organization Clock-In Barcode App Never worry about purchasing devices that document when employees arrive and leave. The manager’s phone receives barcodes from each employee as they arrive, when they leave for and come back from lunch, and when they clock out. Each employee is given his or her own barcode. The app includes an image of the employee for the manager to review when the employee clocks in using his or her phone, app and barcode.
  Organization Food Donation System A food donation system where restaurants can donate their excess food to local, suitable charities. Based on type of food donatable and needs of the charitable organizations, the options for the restaurant owner can change from day-to-day. Charities can also inform owners of their intent whether or not and when to pick up said donations.
  Organization Political Priority App This app is a secure app for politicians, writers and their managers only to coordinate and organize their schedules, go over details, and make notes of positive experiences and what can be improved for the next event.



Organization Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction This software takes all the available reliable information (even as it is updated) and predicts suspects based on the data supplied. This can be used for every law force and military branch all over the world.
Organization Distributed Dealership Network Analyzer and Sales Monitor Want to see who your best salesperson is based on the number of legitimate opportunities, time spent selling, hours worked, and other factors? Use this online and mobile app.
Organization Outsource Verification App This app determines, from GPS location, camera and print screens of activity, what an outsourced worker is doing to help your company move forward. Here, business owners can quickly see who performs highest and who is just collecting a paycheck.
Organization Contractor’s Follow-Up App Get and stay organized with your subcontractors and your own team by using this app. It includes audio, video and text features as well as a to-do list of common contractor activities that users can add to or delete based on the project they’re doing.
  Organization Aquarium Maintenance From feeding to cleaning to restocking, this calendaring and employee-assignment app can make your life as the aquarium supervisor a snap!
  Organization Brochure Design App Customize your brochure and see what it looks like in 3D before you print it out. Choose from several templates or create your own. The app includes contact information for printing shops in your area with discount coupons and built in maps. You can download or store your brochures online to revise or use later.
  Organization Volunteer Manager Is it your job to assign duties to volunteers? This app makes it much easier. List all duties, time to complete, people needed for each job, and special requirements or tools and the app does the rest. After volunteers sign in, listing any disabilities, the app randomly chooses individuals or teams for each assignment and lets you communicate with them through video, audio, images and text.
  Organization Student Activities Schools can provide their faculty and students with this calendaring and social app. Buy event tickets and apply for free courses or events straight from the app. Communicate with professors, administration and the admission office with the click of a few buttons. Read the school paper and other publications.
Organization Graduation Ceremony App My daughter and son just graduated and this app would have been perfect for graduate and parent alike. Schedule the pre and post graduation pictures, dinner, flowers and the event itself. Communicate with the school and each other leading up to the event. Buy flowers, make dinner reservations and purchase large graduation gifts (like a new car) straight from the app.



  Organization Sports Coaching App This app can help coaches manage their team and their assistant coaches better than ever before. It’s not just a calendaring app for games and practices, but it stores names and info from competitors’ coaches and teams. It helps organize practices based on teams played and your players’ strengths. Send group messages from the app to the team, their significant others and assistants.
Organization Student Counseling App Educational institutions can utilize this app to schedule and document sessions with students who need educational, physical, mental, social or emotional counseling.
  Organization Disaster Consulting Created for cities, counties and states, this app consults leaders on how best to prepare for and deal with tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. It provides several non-and for-profit resources as well as first-aid and first-responder videos. Communicate with local law enforcement and
Organization Rental Management App Rent management becomes simplified with a singular space for paying rent and utilities, requesting maintenance and seeing alerts and updates from rental company. Manager has options to flag certain renters, send private messages and collect payments.
  Organization Emergency App Program with all parents’ (and students of appropriate ages) phone numbers listed. Texts are sent to them when there are urgent school notifications (snow day, emergency alert). Could also work for churches, employees and families.
  Organization Festival Organizer Festival/event producers use this all-in-one program to manage and track their marketing and promotional efforts. Events are separated and rated afterwards for easy navigation and analysis.
Organization Student Attendance Scan As students enter into a class, they scan their code. Students scan again on their way out to show they were in attendance for the whole period. Data goes into teachers’/professors’ logs. Can also be used for employees.
  Organization Scan My Bus Pass! Local bus/train pass could be turned into a mobile app so that it can be scanned and loaded onto a users smartphone or digital device without having to use the physical pass. Users can buy the pass within the app or convert their paper pass.
  Organization Face Recognition App School or work attendance is verified by facial scanning check-in and check-out software. Data is then sent to the teacher or HR department.
Organization Barcode Security


This mobile payment and protection app is more secure than its competitors as it requires a printed barcode to complete transactions. After passwords and pins, users display their unique barcode to the devices camera that reads it and then approves of the transaction or denies access.



Organization Caterer App   This app gathers caterers in the area chosen and display their menu for the day/week. Other details such as contact numbers, discounts, and delivery options we be listed for user convenience.
  Organization Student Planner App This app would turn student handbooks and planners that many schools supply at the start of a school year, into a more convenient app. Students enter their daily to-dos, test dates, assignments, and more. Teachers also have the ability to enter in dates and assignments for their students.
Organization Wanted Criminals


This would turn websites with wanted criminals into a mobile database app for easy on-the-go searching. App users could contact authorities and get compensated if they find a criminal.
Organization Auto Shop Lead


This program gathers and manages leads for auto shops. Information like car type and year are entered into a CRM database. It also allows easy contact from the program, both individually or to groups by direct mail or email.
Organization Commercial Rent


In this platform, real estate professionals easily compare and contrast commercial listings to assist in making decisions. It allows for analyzing rent in certain neighborhoods, what others around a certain listing pay, and what previous rent has been.
  Organization Group SMS Software This program would let certain groups send SMS message alerts to all members. The platform can be controlled online only by those persons with the username and password. Notices can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent automatically at a certain date and time.
  Organization App Monitoring Service This SaaS program would allow real user monitoring for the selected application, so users can see detailed statistics on response time, performance, productivity, etc.
  Organization City Tourism App Cities could create their own tourism app from this customizable platform that has the basic framework all set up for them. City officials add in their custom attractions, recommendations, lodging, and more. Then they submit it to the app stores using the app’s step-by-step process.
  Organization Mentoring Chat App Expert advisors are on-call via the app’s chat service to offer advice and info to entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. App accepts payments and creates schedules for more indepth conversations and mentoring.
Organization Taxi Dispatching


This software system schedules and manages taxi drivers and dispatches them. It takes incoming pick-up requests and assigns them to drivers in the area. App is built for the small business owner.
Organization On Time or Get a Fine App If a person is not on site when they are required to be based on GPS locator, the app sends a fine to their bank account which is



    connected to the organization’s bank account. This could be used as a fun way to encourage staff, with monies collected going to a charity.
Organization Emergency Blood

Donor App

Users register for an emergency alert database after getting blood taken to confirm blood type. If anyone in their area needs blood, the program can be used to find a blood-type match and contact them.
Outdoors Sailor’s App Want to sail the seven seas? This app will help you track where you’ve gone, provide weather, wind, and potential congestion information, and even give you ETAs.
Outdoors Fishing App Like to fish? This app stores personal info about best fishing spots (when, where, notes) as well as experiences from others at the same location and seasons.
Outdoors Camping Gear Rentals People who live close to each other can share camping gear. If I’m going camping in June, I’ll use their gear. Then they can use mine in July.
Outdoors Rock Climbing App Enthusiasts can comment on local or international rock climbing venues, invite individuals to join groups, share videos and photos, and create friendships.
Personal Specific News


An app updated constantly complete specific news searches; civil unrest, for example: “Alexa, what’s in the news this morning regarding the hostilities in Honduras?”
Personal Bodyguard App A platform that finds local, vetted, bodyguards for special events or just for fun.
Personal Personal Show Finder An app that lets you pick tags (based on your personality, viewing history and interests) that auto generates TV show suggestions.
Personal What’d I Wear? App This app will remind me what I’ve worn on different days and at different events so I don’t (or do) wear the same thing twice in a row.
Personal Medicine Reminder This app not only reminds you when to take your medicine, but what medicine you have to take at different times of the day. This is a great app for the elderly or anyone who takes a lot of pills and needs help staying organized.
Personal Virtual Tattoo Previews Want to see what your tattoo will look like before you do it? this app can help! Let the app take a photo of your arm, face, belly button etc. Then choose the design and size of the tattoo to see what it would look like on you. Review prices, local tattoo artists and their portfolios, guarantees and hours of operation.
Personal Audio Texting App Unlike other apps that have the capacity to send and receive audio texts, that’s all this one does. From the second the text is sent, the app speaks with the user to see if he or she wants to



    listen to it – allowing the user to only speak his or her answer. Then it reads the texts out loud and transcribes the spoken message into text from the receiver back to the sender.
Personal Artist’s Profile App This online and mobile app promotes an artist’s gallery as well as events he or she has or will attend, contact information and even the opportunity for visitors to purchase the work of the artist. Every necessary templated page is ready to copy and paste content into the app. Users can communicate with other artists who use the app by text, share images and even video chat.
Personal Hairstyle App App takes a 3D picture of you and then provides images of what you will look like with dozens of different hair styles and colors. It provides addresses and phone numbers of local salons and discount coupons. Within the app you can buy hair care products and even set up appointments with the barber/stylist.
Personal New Habit Trainer App Need to replace an old habit with a new one? This app can help. Dozens of beneficial habits are included in this app with daily motivation for accomplishing your goals. Suggested habits include meditation, hiking, praying, walking, reading scripture, swimming, serving as a local volunteer, rock climbing, etc.
Personal Mood Scanner App Want to know how you’re feeling so that you can change (or keep) your attitude? Use this app! This app and accompanying device show you what it believes you are feeling from a choice of more than three dozen possible emotions. The app records its results so that you can review how well (or not) you have controlled the way you act and react when alone or in social situations like work, school, the store or events.
Personal Suitable Dresser App Don’t get caught wearing the same thing twice – or every Monday! Shake it up with this cool app and stickers that you apply to each piece of clothing. When you want to wear something, scan the sticker and it will tell you when you wore it last and what you wore with it. Then click on what you plan on doing that day from a predetermined list of activities. If you wore the same thing to the same activity, it will notify you.
Personal Smart Alarm This app sets alarms based on next appointments. If you’ve scheduled a meeting, it vibrates in a specific pattern to tell you to finish quickly so that you can move onto the next task. A quick swipe to the left says that you didn’t reach your goal or attend the event, while swiping to the right lets the app know that you did. The app stores results and lets you know nightly how you did so that you can do better and reschedule tomorrow accordingly.
Personal Cam & Mic Alert This app will let you know if you unintentionally left your mic or camera on from your desktop, laptop, or digital mobile device – saving you from embarrassing and even legal damaging situations.



Personal Car Problem


The app is connected to a device that’s connected to your vehicle. Any time there are issues, it will notify you of the problem and let you know how urgent it is so that you can fix it immediately or within the next few days.
Personal Digital Weight App Use this app for small (0-10 pound items). Open the app, then place the item on the phone/mobile digital device. Once it has the weight, the app will make a sound. Remove the item to view the weight of the item. Make notes in the app to remember the weights of each item weighed.
Personal Speeding Alert App Set the app for the speed limit or any speed after the speed limit. The app knows where you are driving and what the speed limit is in that area. If you go over the speed limit or the + or – speed based on the speed limit, the app will notify you. It will also notify you when you are back within the 1-4 miles per hour acceptable changes.
Personal Custom Embroidery App Learn all the “ins-and-outs” of embroidery from professionals. The app includes how-to videos, podcasts, images of finished projects from beginners and experts alike, and the ability to talk one-on-one with someone willing to help you. Join local groups and communicate through video, images and text.
Personal Local Makeup Artist Whether you are filming a video or getting ready for the big dance, a makeup artist can help you look your best. Local makeup artists apply to be included in the app. After an extensive vetting process, you can contact one that works best for you (whichever is the closest, cheapest, most professional, etc.) Watch videos of their work and look at before/after images from artists and look at how others have rated them all from within the online and mobile app.
Personal Flower Delivery Service Need flowers fast? This app can send them next door or around the world! Whether it’s for a funeral , dance or anniversary, this app can help you find the right floral package for the right price. Set everything up and pay for it straight from the app – even include a card.
Personal Personal Appointment Scheduler Platform that connects with business’ website for easy online scheduling for hair, nail massages, etc. There is an option to be notified if a preferred spot opens up. Includes text reminders for appointments and follow-ups.
Personal Disabled Parking App An app that notifies users where handicap parking is at any location they look up, so they are prepared upon arrival. Crowdsourced information allows users to add info and rate ease of use so it’s always up-to-date.
Personal Pre-Order Drinks Like with the Starbucks app, users can pre order/customize drinks before arrival. Similarly, they can order from the other side



    of the room and be notified when it’s ready for pick up or have a waiter bring it to their table/space at the club. Pay with app.
Personal Tattoo Preview App Program allows users to upload/design tattoos and then match them with photos of their arms, legs, back, etc., allowing them and their friends to see how different designs and placements look before going to the shop. They can even send it to local tattoo parlors for bids.
Personal Subscription Manager A organization app that lets users see, resubscribe, cancel and order monthly subscriptions. This includes digital (Netflix, Apple Music) accounts and non-digital magazines and accounts. Users can manage everything from one space with discounts to order more.
Personal Writers Assistant For writers who thrive on solitude, the app creates, prompts and gives inspiration for the writer to use when they are on their own or working away from others. It takes info from the genre, history, style and past writings of the author.
Personal Medical Appointment App Online/app scheduling with all available appointment spaces for doctor/dental visits. There would be an option to be notified if preferred spot opens up, along with automated email reminders and follow up reminder to schedule next appointment.
Personal Life Tracker Diary/journal app. They can go back and make entries from past events and create a timeline of their life combined with those of their close friends and family members. Include images, videos and audio. Share with children, spouse and others.
Personal Clothing App A virtual closet app to keep inventory of what you own. It could be sorted by color, season, fabrics, pairs and sizes. User can create outfits on the app or note special washing instructions for certain items.
Personal Smartphone Remote This bluetooth-enabled remote controller connects to smartphones and allows users to take photos and start and stop videos from their phone via the remote. This would be helpful for tripod use and as an alternative to a self-timer.
Personal Note Detector This app listens to musical notes and chords that are played on any instrument and identifies which note or chord they are for the user. If played in groups, it can recommend additional notes for songwriting purposes.
Personal Flashback App This app would work as an “undo button” for phones. It will allow the users to go back an hour or days to reverse changes that were made, such as deleting photos, installing apps or changing settings. The user has the option of saving text messages, etc. and storing them until after the reset was complete.



Personal Micro Money Lending App Users connect bank accounts and financial information to request to borrow small amounts of money for travel, buy a vehicle, or start a small business.
Personal What to Wear App This is an app that gives confidence to those who are unsure about what to wear on any occasion. The app can help users plan outfits from clothing they already have or recommend pieces so users can buy items to complete an outfit from the app.
Personal In-Home


Find local professionals in your area who are available to come to your house to give you a perm, color or cut. All professionals are vetted previously and prices are posted within the app.
Personal Phone Photo Shuffle App This app shuffles photos for user’s phone home screen and/or lock screen. Users add what photos they want and app automatically changes them hourly/daily/weekly based on user preferences.
Personal Alcohol Consumption Monitor The app counts and calculates the amount of standard drinks users consume and lets them know when or if it is okay to drive based on health information that users enter in beforehand.
Personal Suicide Prevention App This app can be used by those struggling with their mental and emotional health providing safe ways to cope. The app can automatically alert people closest to them, and connect them to suicide hotlines and chat rooms.
Personal Hair-Coloring Help At-home hair coloring assistant. App includes a checklist for mixing the color, making sure all areas of the head are covered and a timer for how long the dye sits before rinsing it out, and how long to leave the conditioner in.
Personal Smart Alarm This app tracks your sleeping habits and wakes you up when your sleep cycle is at the point when you have received enough – but not too much – sleep.
Personal Fulfilled Wish Users list their dreams, wishes (bucket list). They make plans in the app and cross items off the checklist once they have been completed. App provides lists to check within each wish and journaling software.
Personal Life Assistant This is a virtual personal assistant. It helps users by bringing together calendars, tasks, notes, financial info, and more to effectively serve the user. It can schedule and cancel appointments, send emails, create invoices, make reservations, and more.
Personal Location List Reminder This GPS-enabled task list allows users to enter things into a to-do list which searches a map for locations which coincide with each task. The app then notifies users of each task when they are in range of the location they need.



Personal Automated Handwritten Cards With this program, users write in the phone app to create their own handwritten font. The program writes the text out in their personal font and can either send the card as an e-card or print it with labels to be mailed out.
Social Free Tickets Event ticket holders can post unwanted tickets on your app. App users could bid on the tickets, starting at $0.
Social Alerts for “Green”


A browser extension that reads item info and overlays a badge signifying that a green alternative for that product is available based on a directory of already indexed products from the app’s website.
Social Online Book Lending Library A place to catalog your physical books then loan them out to app users. You could exchange thoughts about the books too.
Social Photo Scaling Software This is a software that allows users to scale images up or down while keeping proportions and image quality for optimal output.
Social Concert Tracker A Yelp-like platform that allows visitors to check-in, tag and review concerts and venues, then showcase the entries in a diary-like feed.
Social Social Aggregator An app that aggregates all social media accounts into one platform and cross checks your circle of friends for mutual relationships.
Social Free EBook Library A database of free e-books available for download. Syncs to personal devices.
Social Craigslist Missed

Connections App

An app based solely on the “missed connections” section of Craigslist.
Social Neighborhood Thief Notifier This app alerts neighbors (and police) when a break-in/robbery is taking place in your home.
Social What’s My Share App An app to calculate one’s share of something when dividing whole and parts of an item.
Social Instant Social Opinion Software This software gathers instant opinions (surveys, quizzes, questionnaires) from your social followers about hot topics and provides users with immediate results.
Social Wild Animal Notification App It notifies app users (similar to Amber Alerts) when there is roaming wild animal in their area.
Social My Closest Friend App An app to share things only with your closest friend. Blocks sharing, copying, and print screening.
Social Criminal Catcher App An application displays the areas “most wanted” criminals and lets you instantly notify authorities when you think you’ve found one.
Social Double Dipping App This software lets you know if there is an activity that you could get a discount for doing if done the same night you’ve paid to do something else.



Social Teacher Reunion App This social platform lets users communicate with past teachers and professors in a safe, fun way that encourages lifelong learning.
Social Party Partner App to find a partner or friend in a party, convention, concert or large event.
Social Let’s Hang App to find an adventure or traveling buddy based on personal geographical desires, gender preferences, and time requested.
Social LEED Rating System Extensive database for those interested in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.
Social Study Together Find a study partner online or in your city (at your school) who is studying for the same test or material as you.
Social Dinner Mate Find someone to eat dinner with at a public restaurant – meet them there. App includes full bios and images with background checks.
Social GPS Danger Alerts GPS technology that sends text alerts when something is wrong (wild animal, fire, police call, etc) close to where you are at the time and where you live.
Social Vehicle Exchange Trade in your car, whether you’re looking to upgrade or downgrade. App contains verified videos of each car and local search capabilities.
Social Donate Unused Stuff This app connects users with organizations that accept used clothes, furniture, and working electronics and appliances for others to use.
Social Everything Social It creates a central dashboard that connects to all your different social feeds. Notifications sent to one app. Easy to use, convenient, and mobile.
Social Custom Calendar



Lets its users create a personalized calendar which reflects their creativity and personality and which can then be displayed on the computer screen for personal use and shared socially.
Social Handwriting Font


Point precision software that creates a font file by capturing alphabet input, then lets you use it in creating documents, emails, social posts, etc.
Social Neighborhood Lending Manager This platform allows neighbors to post the items they are willing to lend out and items that they would like to borrow. App includes images of items in the condition they are in when they were borrowed and dates when they need to be returned.
Social Movie Mate Find someone local to sit with while watching a movie that you both want to watch. You can buy tickets on the app, review profiles, chat, and check for movie times.
Social Share My Stuff This app finds people of similar builds and lets them loan each other clothing. The app tracks clothing items and determines exchange days and times.



Social Virtual Reality Shop for Glasses Use a webcam to see what you’d look like in four pairs of glasses. Then share with friends and have them vote on which pair they like best.
Social Remote Football

Watching Buddy

This app pairs people from around the world who like the same team. They schedule themselves to watch the same game and video chat during it.
Social Fabry Support Network This app lets people with Fabry disease talk with doctors and other patients for support, to report progress and to meet up.
Social Event Rideshare App Connect with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest followers on an integrated app to see which of them is going to particular events with limited parking or that is far away to invite them to ride with you of to ask to ride with them.
Social Professional GIF

Creation Software

This app lets people create, edit, save, store, organize and share fun GIFs from personal or public videos.
Social Charitable


This app tracks people’s needs and lets you help them anonymously. Once you and your social contacts have been loaded into the database, users have the ability to mention their own needs as well.
Social Alumnae



This app lets users stay connected to fellow students in high school and universities.
Social Intelligent Emotion

Recognition App

IE apps are getting more and more popular. This one provides basic information about how to stay emotionally stable in different situations (party, job interview, concert, home alone, church, school, etc.) It offers space for journal entries including images showing how you felt that day.
Social Social Site for Artists If you’re an artist, digital or otherwise, you’ve got to have this app! Create, store, explain, comment, share your art – then follow other artists to expand your horizons and your social network.
Social Global Project

Connection App

Have an idea for a service-oriented project? This app will let you communicate with non-profit organizations in that industry and other like-minded individuals that can help clarify your idea, add infrastructure and even obtain funding.
Social Social Learning


This platform lets users share information with each other based on their expertise and interests. Users can follow people they respect and offer free training, webinars and courses to those that follow them – and buy ads within the platform to invite non-followers.
Social Criminal Alert This app works with local and regional law enforcement to send alert notifications when there is a bank or house robbery or a criminal loose or reported and dangerous in your area.



Social The Book Club This platform allows users to get together with other readers based on preferred genre, location, language and style. They can share comments, have discussions and send books to each other digitally or through the mail. The app has thousands of books available to listen to – free of charge when you buy the app.
Social Share Your Garden Space Let neighbors use part of your garden or use part of theirs with this app. It shows open lots and lets people reserve them by paying a refundable fee as long as there is no damage done to the rest of the lot. Users can communicate through the app about their crops and get others to temporarily remove weeds, water, and care for their garden during vacations etc.
Social The Hobby Club People with the same hobbies can get together and share videos, images, messages and attend events pertaining to their specific hobby. They can start groups in their areas to do their hobby together.
Social Party Calendaring App One place to keep all the events with your friends with reminders and notifications to help you prepare. Never again miss another party just because you forgot. If it is a birthday or wedding, the calendar stores that information. In case there is a similar event the next year, it notifies you on the day and a few days earlier based on your preferences.
Social College Football


This app lets users connect with other fans from their school to schedule pre, during, and post-game events. They can share thoughts, images, and videos about their team and its school.
Social The Friend Calendar This app creates a calendar exclusively for friends. It includes notifications for shared events and a texting, audio, and video option so that friends can plan get-togethers. They can even add notes about the events before they happen and after – sort of like a mini, shared, friend journal.
Social 55-Choices Product Rating Software This software lets users choose from 55 ratings options instead of only selecting between 1-5 or a few other options. It lets users express themselves a lot more without having to write a review.
Social Bikers Portal This online and mobile app lets bikers join together to discuss roadtrips, adventures – whether they’re on their way there, already there, or on their way home. Entrance is difficult, as you must show active bike insurance with your name on it to enter and remain an active member. Members get discounts on bikes and accessories from sponsors.
Social Smokers Social


Whether you are trying to quit smoking or find friends with the same unexplainable passion for it, this app is for you. Entrance requires face recognition for two sections of the app and online site – smokers and non-smokers (those trying to quit). Smokers



    must send in videos of themselves smoking to enter. Resources and group webinars are available.
Social Frisbee Social Site Everyone who loves playing frisbee is welcome to join! Online and mobile app provides calendar of Ultimate Frisbee events as well as local groups who get together periodically to play. There are training, bloopers, high-skill, and OMG videos available. Members can text and video chat with each other and receive event and product discounts for being members.
Social Preschedule Gifts


This app lets users preschedule and auto-send cards and gifts for friends and family members. This lets users spend one day a month preparing for all the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other events for the following month. It’s synced with Google Calendar and filled with thousands of card and gift ideas. The program handles all the dirty work of packaging gifts and printing and sending the cards.
Social Interactive App for the Elderly This online and mobile app has large buttons and simple interface so that the elderly can easily communicate with their children and friends through video. Audio recognition software converts what they say into text and another button lets them see video from others without showing themselves, if they so desire.
Social Community Emergency Alert System App informs users if anything consequential in happening in the neighborhood – like somebody moving in or out, a burglary, a neighborhood party or fire. App provides information to and of only those people in the neighborhood who are willing to participate. Photos, phones and addresses are included with a calling and texting app.
Social Healthy Community App This app is a one-stop-shop for tons of healthy choices throughout the community. Choices include restaurants, parks, bike trails, calendar full of races, group therapy classes, spiritual seminars, and more. Sign up straight from the app and pay or donate and volunteer to help local non-profit organizations.
Social Social Network for


For gamers who aren’t stuck on just one game, this social app is for those who love the industry, the creators, graphics, stories and levels of gamesmanship. the app includes interviews with designers and writers, tips on how to create your own game, and video, audio and text opportunities to communicate with other gamers.
Social Live Remote Shopping This 22nd century app lets users “fly in” to see what selected stores look like at that very moment, through cameras located throughout the store. Click a button and an attendant from the

store will video conference with you, going in front of the camera you’re using to shop (clothes, food, furniture, appliances, etc.). The attendant then tells and shows you the benefits of that



    product, sells it to you through the app, and schedules a delivery time with you.
Social Help Me App Invite your closest friends and family to join this app. Then, when necessary, get them to help you. It could be to wash your dishes, study for an exam, help you move or just spend time with you. The app lets you add up points which provides either gifts or reciprocal acts of service to the helper.
Social Ultimate

Recommendation App

Friends and family members unite to help each other make decisions. For example, take pictures of four different dresses, then post them in the app and ask your group (or anyone using the app) which dress you should wear to the dance, wedding, church or date. App users will give their opinions which will help you decide.
Social Clean My City App This app finds out what individual citizens and organizations are doing to clean up your city and gives you the opportunity to volunteer to participate in their efforts or to instigate your own cleaning plan by including it in the calendar and inviting your friends, family and neighbors and everyone else using the app to participate.
Social Online Queuing App App holds your place in line so users don’t have to stand out in the cold! This could be used for concerts, shopping, fairs and more.
Social Neighborhood Network Social platform that requires address verification via official mail or ID upload. Neighbors post local news, events, safety warnings and friendly messages to their neighbors. Government officials and aldermen also have access to make special postings.
Social Me and My Pet Network Users create profiles with info about themselves and their pets, then search to find other pet owners. Discussion boards and groups help owners get together. All photos and posts must be pet-focused or will be removed from the social feed.
Social Beer Buddy This is a tracker/journal/calendar for beer lovers to check off new brews they try, note their favorites, or make a list of what they want to try. Add friends to see videos, images, and favorites.
Social Let’s Party! App This platform allows groups to be created with chosen people. All added people then have access to add ideas, vote on options, and arrange the itinerary. It includes a financing spot to track who has paid for their share/who still owes.
Social Refugee Assistance Info and help for refugees, including contact info, tools, nearest free clinics, adoption opportunities and identity protection.
Social Join Me for Lunch App Don’t want to eat alone? Use the app to match with a lunch partner. This could be specific to college campuses, workplaces or neighborhoods.



Social Blood Bank App Mobile and online registry of blood donors with search options for blood type and location. Would also include locations near the user where they can donate. It could alert them if local blood banks are running low and prompt them to register for a donation time.
Social Miraculous Medical Stories Database of inspirational, life-saving, miraculous medical stories. Save and share your favorites, or enter your own miracles to share with the group. New stories must be verified.
Social Close Enough Social App The app’s GPS tracks individuals and alerts friends when they are physically close to one another.
Social Dreamers Platform This is a community-based app where users add written content and drawings about dreams they have had. App includes various categories and tags to it (flying, eating, running, falling, etc). The

community can comment. Users can pay to have their dreams interpreted by a professional.

Social Audio Only Platform This program converts social media (images, sentences, and videos into audio using alt tags to allow blind and visually impaired people to enjoy social networking. Audio mic connected to the app allows users to post, comment, like and share content.
Social Gift Recommendation App Program suggest gifts for Facebook friends based on their likes, comments, posts, videos, photos and responses to previously given gifts.
Social Basketball Player


Online social media platform for basketball players. All videos, articles, and posts relate to the sport. Users can search for friends, personal favorites or meet new people on discussion boards to start local games and tournaments.
Social Sign Language


This app uses the camera to film someone using sign language. It then translates their signing into text for others. The reverse could also be done where text is entered and it is translated into signing.
Social To Do Tonight App Search for local events or things to do, get directions and buy tickets. Users can add events to the listings and invite their friends.
Social Virtual Card Games Users could play Crazy 8, Go Fish, Poker and more. It will work through internet and allow people from any corner of the world to play with other app users.
Social Storyteller App The goal of this app is to connect people from across the globe to collaborate on creating stories. Writers can find anyone, anywhere who has a similar writing style or vision and work with them in their writing projects.
Social Social Shopping This social platform connects shopping with meeting new people by matching shoppers by their favorite stores and interests.



    Users schedule a time to shop with new or favorite shopping buddies.
Social Kindness Sharing App Capitalizing on the positive news trend, this app lets people share the positive things in their lives or good deeds they see or that are done for them. The app promotes happiness and kindness towards others.
Social Movie Rating Journal Track and browse through the movies you watch, giving them rankings and documenting your thoughts on each. Share your ratings with friends and family to see who likes the same movies and why. Set weekly Movie nights with people who like the same movie you like.
Social Matchmaker App An app where you would be able to set up two friends who also had the app on an anonymous blind date, and see if you can trigger their romance. The matchmaker pays for the date.
Support Instant Tech Support With this app, you get instant attention from a certified, validated expert technician by region, costs, experience and social proof (testimonials and ratings).
Support Gesture Cursor Mover Software recognizes hand gestures or even head movements to mean certain things regarding where to move a cursor on the screen and when to click. This app could help those with shaky hands or arthritis.
Support Audio Email Reader This program reads emails aloud for those with visual disabilities, illiterate or just want to save time while they’re doing something else. User can respond to the program to file, respond or delete the email – even before it’s completely read.
Travel Tour Bus Routing App Aggregate up-to-date venue information and synchronize it with your tour bus’ routes, providing best travel times for traffic and parking options.
Travel Personal Travel

Planning App

A platform to house all your travel preferences, payment info, flight, car, hotel, event reservations with calendar


Travel This City Today Mobile version of a city’s various events, celebrations, “deal of the day”, etc. for the day requested.
Travel Ride With Me Find people driving the same place you are (or close) who are willing to carpool with you. App includes payment options to pay the driver and scheduling reminders.
Travel Summer Homes Find people who will exchange homes with you for one month out of the year. No fees paid to each house owner, just to the app for organizing the whole thing.
Travel Share My Drive If you’re traveling more than four hours, use this app to find people going the same place for the same amount of time so you can take turns driving.



Travel Store My Luggage This app provides travelers with safe places close to them where they can store their luggage while they tour cities.
Travel Travel Together This app shares 24/7 travel experiences with users from tourists visiting a place that they want to visit in the future or that they want to learn more about.
Travel Road Trip Planner Schedule stops, find attractions, book hotels, share travel itineraries, map routes, talk with people who have previously traveled to the same place.
Travel Best Route This app will monitor a user’s driving habits for several days. Then it will report to the user if there are any shortcuts they could be taking advantage of to improve speed, gas mileage, scenic opportunities, etc.
Travel Travel Social App This app provides a world map in your pocket, available online and offline. Record activities in video, image or content formats. View and add points of interest, danger zones, unique experiences. Share everything or individual events socially.
Travel Light Luggage Travel App If your airline carrier allows two bags free-of-charge and you have three, use this app to find someone with only one. Contents must be verified and participants must be going to the same final destination. Users pay person helping them within the mobile app.
Travel Worldwide Celebrations App This app notifies you with specific information about special celebrations from all over the world (independence days, harvest festivals, religious holy days, etc.) and lets you know three weeks in advance of activities in your areas of interest so that you can plan time to travel there.
Travel Tourist Package

Comparison App

Want to know the best prices for the exact same tourist package? This app will help based on people traveling, schedule and hotel ranking preferences.
Travel Traffic Alert System If there is an accident or excessive traffic on your usual way to and from work, the app will calculate the fastest and safest way for you to get home. You will then receive a notification of what roads are recommended.
Travel Off the Beaten Path App This app provides travelers with event, museum, scenic, natural phenomenons and other rarities not discussed in the regular tour guides bureaus of tourism.
Travel Public Toilet Finder If you’re traveling and you’ve “got to go”, click on this app to tell you where the closest public restroom is (by car and by foot). The app rates the facilities based on cleanliness, relative safety of the neighborhood, and social ratings and reviews.
Travel Public Transportation Search When traveling, open this app to tell you public transportation options that will take you from where you are to where you want to go. It will tell you how long you have to wait, how long it will



    take to arrive, how much it will cost and even give you options to return to where you are using the same mode of transportation.
Travel Hotel Comparisons Find out which four star hotels are closest to where you are, costs less, have an indoor pool, are closest to where you want to be, have the highest ratings, have tons of restaurants (or a restaurant or bar you frequent) nearby, have shuttle busses to and from town and/or the airport, etc.
Travel WIFI Hotspot Locator When you’re traveling and need to connect to the internet, use this app to find the closest WIFI locations. Simply tell the app where you are going (specific cities) ahead of time and download the information so that you can access it offline.
Travel Hostels Finder Say you’re in Puerto Rico with your son and you need to find a place to stay. Just open this app to provide hostel locations with prices, availability and online ratings and reviews.
Travel Travel

Recommendation App

Based on previous excursions and trips, prices, weather and your availability, the app will notify you with options that fit those parameters.
Travel Disabled? Tour Here! This app provides towns and specific areas in towns that are easily accessible to people with disabilities. It provides up-to-date information about weather, best routes, and restaurants, museums, event centers, churches and public transportation that is disabled-friendly.
Travel Drive or Fly This app checks travel fare, time, interstate routes and available flights for travelers who want to see the differences in the options of driving vs. flying.
Travel Local Tour Guides This app finds people who live where you do (as opposed to where you’re going) who have offered to be your tour guides for a small fee. These people have been where you’re going numerous times and will help you get organized and stay with you for the entire trip instead of trying to find a native guide once you arrive and having to deal with timing, quality, and potential language issues.
Travel Car Parking Assistant No, it won’t park the car for you. But it will tell you what parking spots are available based on new sticker technology that determines whether a vehicle is above it or not. Updated immediately, you’ll be able to tell if there is an open spot. If no one is in front of you, that parking spot will be available for you to use.
Travel Taxi Background


The app pulls from a large database of criminals in the area to quickly determine the legal status of your driver from the car’s license plate and his or her name. This way, travelers can know who they are getting a ride from before they open the door to get in.



Travel Secure Location App When you’re out and about, this app will tell you which public and private buildings have hired one of more security officers or local police to stand guard against evil-doers. This app’s database includes, banks, churches, malls, museums, parks, zoos, restaurants, amusement parks, and other tourist attraction sites.
Travel International Lockers This online and mobile app is connected to international luggage/backpack storage facilities. It tells you where they are, how to get there, how much they cost per hour/day and if they are available. Wherever you travel in the world, don’t get stuck lugging your luggage everywhere. Use this app and accompanying small storage lots instead!
Travel Bucket List App This app lets users list everything on their bucket list for all their social contacts to see. When one item has been accomplished, it is ceremoniously marked as “DONE” for all the world to see. If friends want to help others achieve their dreams, they can go with them, give them money, or let them borrow tents, snow shoes, etc. App users share videos, images and journal entries while completing their bucket lists so that everyone they’re close to can share in their achievement.
Travel Travel Logger This would be an easy way for travellers to track and log their adventures: where they go, eat, stay. Phone GPS can add things to your day as they happen and sync photos into the entry. Entries come together to build interactive journal of places user has visited.
Travel Lost and Found Users create posts with items they either lost or found and then tag the location. Search option allows people to look for posts mentioning certain objects in the chosen location. Arrangements are made to return items.
Travel Online Crime Report Search by zip code, neighborhood, or city for recent crime reports. Data can be downloaded or shared.
Travel Location Alarm App alerts the user if they need to get to a predetermined spot at a certain time and the GPS portion of the app notes that they aren’t there yet. Helps for picking up kids from school, walking to work, and school classes.
Travel Airport Luggage Keeper This app and accompanying kiosk is for travelers who need a temporary place to store luggage during long layovers, or just to use the restroom or get something to eat without worrying about their luggage. The kiosk has lockers with credit card access and keys for app users.
Travel Currency Exchange App This app shows exchange rates and currency info for international money. Travellers can be directed where to go to get cash and learn financial information about that country they are visiting.



Travel Hotel Reservation Aid The app makes reservations at any hotel in a given area. App compares all places in a locale to find the best price, value, amenities, ratings and reviews and other searchable variables.
Travel Traveling Inventory App This checklist app allows users record what they bring with them on a trip. Users can add everything to the app for that specific trip when leaving, when arriving, and when heading home. If luggage gets lost, user knows how much it was worth and what he or she needs to buy to replace those items.
Travel The Car Pool App In this app, users enter in their daily commute to work. The app compares the route to other users’ and matches people with similar routes. These people can then message one another to set up carpooling schedules.
Travel Group Tour


This platform would be an all-in-one planner and reservation tracker for travel agents. It would keep all guest information confidential, confirmation numbers for hotel or activity bookings, financial information, insurance, and more.
Travel Best Time to Travel App Travellers enter in their travel dates or enter that the dates are flexible. The user can enter the location and price range. The app’s algorithm alerts them when the best price is available. It also can predict pricing trends to avoid the most expensive times and know when prices will drop.
Vehicles Vehicle Service App The app informs users about which of their favorite vehicle service stations is quickest, costs less for a particular service, is closest, is open, and is most reliable.
Vehicles Car Wash Reminder Set a time period (monthly, for example) that you want to receive a reminder to wash your vehicle. The app includes discounts and packages, which location has the best rated service, where to go for manual vs. machine washed, available vacuums, and other

features as requested from the user.

Vehicles Rent My Car App Instead of renting from big companies, individuals can host their personal vehicles for short-term rentals. Users put in how many seats or make/model they want. Then they are matched with a car in their area. Payment and ratings are done through the app.
Vehicles Car Wash App Find a local car wash provider to either go to their location or have them go to you to wash your vehicle. App includes discounts and ratings and reviews.
Vehicles Vehicle GPS Tracking This app helps parents track where their children’s vehicle is at during any given moment. The app connects to a GPS chip put in the car and then shows the car on a simple map that the parents can see online or on their phone.



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