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Why is OLA’s BUSINESS MODEL Failing MISERABLY in India? : Business case study
Case Study

Why is OLA’s BUSINESS MODEL Failing MISERABLY in India? : Business case study

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Ola is one of the most revolutionary companies in the Indian business ecosystem! But ever since the pandemic has faded away, ola’s cab business has been getting into a deep deep trouble!! More than 30–35,000 cars have gone out of Business, the surcharge is beginning to pain the customers and even after the pandemic drivers are leaving the industry in large numbers. On top of that even the Employees of Ola are leaving. and with all this trouble, even after 11 years into the business, Ola cabs is still far far away from profitability!
So the question is,
How did this revolutionary company get into such a deep trouble inspite of the pandemic fading away?
What exactly are the challenges faced by the company ?
and most importantly, what are the pointers that we need to keep eye on to understand the future of cab rides in India!

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