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10 Tips To Nail Your Virtual Sales Presentation | #powerpointdesigners

Before you even begin putting together your PowerPoint slides, you need to do some research on your prospective clients. When a lead first enters your sales cycle, you should connect with the lead and set up an initial discovery call.

In this discovery call, you should gather the following information:

  • Why are they reaching out to you to begin with?

  • If you offer more than one service or product, which one are they interested in and why?

  • What is their desired outcome?

  • Who are their decision makers?

  • What is their budget?

  • What is their timeline?

If you’re able to connect with your prospective client and get these first 6 questions answered, you have a higher chance of closing the deal.

As for next steps, once you know who their decision makers are, get their contact info and set up a virtual sales presentation with the initial lead contact and the decision makers.

Bonus tip – when setting up the meeting, don’t title it, “[company] virtual sales presentations”. Use an engaging title and one that will make the client want to reconnect. For example, ” [company] live demo”.

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