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Sales Presentation Tips to Help You Close Deals

Pro Tips to Ace Your Next Sales Presentation | #powerpointdesigners

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you were presenting to the prospect, and you noticed that they were losi...


How AI is Changing Presentation Design | #powerpointdesigners

To create the images shown above, I entered the words “half brain half technology watercolor shapes dark” in...

Presentation Geeks

Benefits of PowerPoint When Choosing A Presentation Platform | #powerpointdesigners

If we were building a presentation for you, we would recommend PowerPoint. It’s ease of use, flexibility and compatibili...

Title Slides Collection For PowerPoint & Google Slides

How To Create A Captivating Title Slide For Presentation? | #powerpointdesigners

When designing your PowerPoint presentation, it is no doubt that the most crucial slide is the one at the beginning of y...

3 Presentation Design Colors Forecasted to Be Hot in 2023

3 Presentation Design Colors Forecasted to Be Hot in 2023 | #powerpointdesigners

A lot of design and presentation websites out there are claiming to know the 2023 color trends. But we are just 5 days i...


Take an Inventory of Your Presentation Habits for the New Year | #powerpointdesigners

It’s the time of year that we talk about resolutions, about change. My husband and I work out every Monday, Wednesday, a...


Top Presentation Design Trends to Look Out for in 2023 | #powerpointdesigners

Graphic design trends usually change due to various factors such as political events, world crises, progress in the busi...


How to Navigate Your Presentation Slide Deck Like a Pro | #powerpointdesigners

When you present with a slide deck, you are engaged in a dance of sorts. You and your slides have to be in step with eac...


6 Tips for Excelling in Executive C level Presentation | #powerpointdesigners

Executives determine the destiny of a corporation. They rely significantly on their team to get the information to make ...


4 Tips to Write an Impactful Script for a Video Presentation | #powerpointdesigners

Do you have an important presentation upcoming? If you are wondering how to get your point across as clearly as possible...