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What’s new at Zapier: August 2022

If you’re looking for Zapier’s latest product news in August, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the newest apps to join our platform and the latest features we’ve added to your favorite integrations. From our brand new Tradler integration to Asana’s latest updates, we hope you can find new ways to move your work forward, faster. 

Latest launches


Tradler is a productivity and employee engagement tool that uses gamification to help you achieve your goals. It’s an easy-to-use solution for driving your strategic goals, and increasing motivation, performance, and quality.

Tide Software SMS

Tide Software SMS is an SMS platform that allows you to message your customers automatically with full control, message customization, phishing protection, and more.


Sinch is a customer engagement tool that allows businesses to connect with their audience. With it, you can drive meaningful engagements at scale across messaging, voice, campaigns, and email.

HomeASAP Leads

HomeASAP Leads is a lead-generation tool built for real estate agencies. It comes with lead generation tools to attract new clients, start sales conversations, and build your brand. 


CLOSEM is an automated follow-up system tool that puts your follow-up on autopilot, making sure your lead doesn’t get lost and no prospect slips away. CLOSEM is chock-full of professionally-written, personalized, reusable message templates. 


Through human-like AI-powered SMS, scheduled calling, and voicemail messages, Drips enables brands to drive conversations at scale during the most pivotal moments in the consumer journey.


Airwallex is a payment platform transforming how businesses move and manage money globally. With it, you can give your business the power to make fast, transparent, and cost-effective international payments in multiple currencies. 


Woodpecker is a document automation platform that automatically prepares and populates frequently used legal documents—from fee agreements to trusts—for new recipients without having to open Microsoft Word. 


SMSjet lets you send SMS quickly and easily, notifying you, your team, or your customers when it matters most. 

RoboRecruiter Application

RoboRecruiter is a messaging chatbot for recruitment. With it, recruiters can reach thousands of candidates through SMS, WhatsApp, or chatbots, enabling them to have more meaningful—and productive—conversations.  


Adabra is a platform that allows you to create unique and customized experiences for your customers. With it, you can anticipate your customers’ wants and create unforgettable experiences on all on- and offline channels in real time.


With Hilos, you can use WhatsApp as a means of support, sales, and operations for your company through a dedicated inbox. You can also build automated workflows that integrate with your existing tools (like your CRM). 

SMS Pro TextingHouse

TextingHouse allows you to automate your professional SMS sending. With it, you can boost customer loyalty, promote your events, and send customized campaigns at scale. 

Digital Humani

Digital Humani is a service platform that helps organizations plant trees in alignment with their business objectives and values on a global scale with very little effort—for big impact.


TrueReview makes it easy for businesses to request reviews for any website, receive direct customer feedback, and improve online reviews. With it, you can outrank your competition, attract more customers, and increase business revenue. is a project management tool you can use without weeks of training. With it, you can have complete visibility into your work, get your tasks done, and have a single source of truth for all communication.


Noloco is a no-code client portal builder with which you can create the perfect experience for your clients and your team, built around your existing workflows. With it, you can build the perfect app for your business, plus create customer portals, partner apps, and internal tools. 


BrightHR is a people management platform that saves you time, money, and effort. Whether you’re managing shift workers at a shop or full-time staff at a large company, you can use BrightHR to manage your human resources in one spot. 

Latest updates

Updates August


Thanks to a recent update, you can now create a project from a template and duplicate tasks whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use. Find out more about these recent updates. 


Our Airtable integration has two new actions. You can now create records with line item support (which allows you to create up to 10 new records) and find many records with line item support (up to 10 maximum). 


With Front’s new action, you can now retrieve the most recent message of a conversation in Front whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use. 

Client Dispute Manager

You can now trigger workflows whenever an affiliate’s status changes to active in Client Dispute Manager. 

Invision Community

You can now add a secondary group to a member and remove a secondary group from Invision Community with this integration’s new actions. 

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