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Case Study: How Paree leveraged influencer collaboration for Prima's launch campaign
Case Study

Case Study: How Paree leveraged influencer collaboration for Prima’s launch campaign | #casestudy

Paree Sanitary Pads roped in Kusha Kapila for their Paree Prima launch campaign to communicate about the issues around Heavy Flow and PMS. The initiative reached lakhs of people across social media platforms while challenging stereotypes on the subject.

This case study explores the Paree Prima launch campaign featuring Kusha Kapila, Vlogging the issue of heavy flow in a candid manner, followed by a contest and engagement tactics.

Category Introduction

The Indian Feminine hygiene market was at $650 Mn in 2018, expected to grow to $3.5Bil by 2030as per a Euromonitor report. Further, 23% of girls in India drop out of school at Puberty (UNICEF). The National Family Health Survey 2015-2016 estimates that of the 336 million menstruating women in India about 121 million (roughly 36 percent) women are using sanitary napkins, locally or commercially produced. The major reasons being cited lack of awareness and availability of products at a reasonable price.

The year 2020 has been a pivotal point that brought a lot of awareness and focuses on one’s personal hygiene and the same has translated into a surge of purchase of personal care products. Over the pandemic, the shopping patterns for everybody have changed drastically. 52% of new shoppers bought household and grocery items online, while 27% of new shoppers bought personal care products online. The fear for one’s hygiene has prompted many to look at their own hygiene habits closely and evaluate the issues.

Brand Introduction

Paree Sanitary pad, a homegrown sanitary pad brand in the feminine hygiene space has been actively associating with partners who speak to the youth, the drivers of society, and aim to boldly follow their hearts.

The brand attempts to understand the various avatars of modern Indian women and believes in creating an open dialogue around Heavy Flow and PMS. The social media strategy for Paree Sanitary Pad has always been on creating awareness and normalizing the conversation around menstruation. All associations and campaigns have been planned to increase awareness about the brand and the products offered.


Paree Sanitary pad associated with creator Kusha Kapila to launch the newest addition to its dynamic product range – Paree Prima Sanitary Pads and Pantyliners. The launch campaign was done through a humorous video by Kusha to connect with their consumers. The video on ‘Vlogging your Period’ was uploaded on the influencer’s channel, featuring the new product, Paree Prima from Paree Sanitary pads.

Further, leveraging a contemporary content marketing approach, the brand initiated conversations around menstruation topics such as Heavy Flow and PMS.

Problem Statement/Objective

The major objective was to drive reach and engagement for their new launch, Paree Prima through the influencer campaign.


Paree Prima, as a product, caters to a target audience that is evolved. The TG does not need a study on how the period works, they are well aware of their menstrual needs and requirements. This is an audience that is upgrading to a product that would provide them with a more comfortable period experience. Hence, breathability and softness are factors that affect the decision to switch to a better product.

The communication parameters needed to be simple, effective, and speaking to the audience about the topic which is normal.

Creative Idea

Humour is often a tool, when well used, can become an effective way to talk about most of the issues. Periods not only come with taboos but also misconceptions about how women exaggerate or downplay them. The idea was to talk about periods/menstruation as a natural/normal thing, it is. The intention was to keep it real. This gave birth to the idea of Vlogging the subject in a creative manner.

To do so, the brand collaborated with influencers like Kusha. This was an organic choice made by the brand as she is known to leverage humor in a very graceful manner and thus, according to the brand, was the perfect choice for the Paree Prima launch campaign.


While humor is a powerful tool, it can also go wayward. With the current pandemic conditions in the country, humor seemed like a double-edged sword. It could really go well, giving people a happy relief from the daily COVID-19 news, or it could go really bad, seeming tasteless or even insensitive. Hence, the content had to be curated in a way that the balance was maintained.

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For the Paree Prima launch campaign, a native video was uploaded by Kusha Kapila – a video on ‘Vlogging your Periods’. The focus of the video was on conversations around menstruation topics such as Heavy Flow and PMS to challenge the taboos/stereotypes around the subject, speaking on periods in a normal yet humorous way.

The video gained more than 200K views on Instagram in the first 3 hours of the upload.

Post the Vlog, Paree Sanitary Pad ran a contest that encouraged viewers to ‘Spot the Prima Moment’. To do so, the participants had to take a screenshot of Paree Prima in the video and send entries to the brand to win prizes.

The Paree Prima launch campaign, followed by the contest was executed across Instagram and Facebook and garnered more than 200 entries within the first day.

The whole idea of initiating the campaign was to help register the brand presence and build recall for Paree Prima.

The launch campaign was attempted in a native manner and the 17 seconder integration reached 400K+ people on Facebook.

In the end, Kusha Kapila posted a story after 2 weeks of the Paree Prima launch campaign and the contest, praising and recommending the brand to the viewers.


  • Cumulative Views – 1,200,000+
  • Cumulative Likes – 100,000+
  • Cumulative Shares – 110,000+
  • Cumulative Comments – 2200+
  • Social Media Contest Entries – 200+
  • Impressions – 1,500,000+


Samta Datta, General Manager, Marketing, Soothe Healthcare, commented, “I believe humor is one of the highest forms of intelligence. It can be very insightful and inclusive, so it increases the receptivity to the audience. There is so much being spoken about periods, which is so serious. I’m not taking it away. We need serious dialogue in this category. We do that for the brand Paree. But we wanted Paree Prima to be in a much more light-hearted way and that is why she speaks of little things that would happen to all of us. There’s so much experience in periods that completely goes missing because we want to speak very seriously about it.”


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