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Writing a Simple Breach of Contract Email [Free Sample]

Solution To The Breach

• The email should offer a solution to the breach. If it is too late to fix the problem, the breach notification letter will serve to cancel the agreement and seek damages.

If applicable, the injured party can offer a period of time that the breaching party can fix the breach.

For example, if the contract was for cleaning the winter debris in a large yard, and the contracted person did not do the job at the agreed-upon time, the injured party may offer an extended period of 30 days during which the breaching party can clean the yard.

• The email should have a professional tone and not contain angry of insulting language, even if the injured party is very upset that the contract was not honored.

This email may be the basis of court action, so it should be very business-like. The letter should stick to the facts and avoid expressing emotional injury.

• The email should not threaten the breaching party with a lawsuit. Intimidation is not a good business strategy and can backfire, resulting in an expensive lawsuit that the injured party did not want.

There are four basic responses an injured party may receive after sending a breach notice email.

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