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Dear Name of the Receiver,

This proposal letter for a business partnership outlines the cooperation we discussed on DATE. I don’t see the terms and conditions in this letter as being legally binding, and I’m willing to negotiate.

We have determined that we will form a partnership in order to launch a catering business.

Your main responsibilities will be accounts and marketing, while mine will be food preparation and purchasing.

A appropriate compensation will be paid to both ourselves and our staff, and any earnings after payments will be split equally. Salary negotiations are currently ongoing.

Additionally, we have decided to borrow a small company loan to pay for the startup costs, and we will both sign for the loan.

Together, we have written a business plan that outlines our goals for the next five years as well as the immediate future. The bank has approved this plan.

I suggest that we get together on DATE, two weeks from now, at Name of Lawyer’s office to confirm salary and sign a partnership agreement.

Before we meet with the attorney, we can have a meeting at a time that is convenient for you to talk over the issues we have not yet resolved. To arrange a meeting, please phone me at 555-123-4567 or send me an email at

This letter serves as our official way of expressing our desire to work with you to launch a catering business.

Prior to meeting with the attorney to sign the contract, we must settle on the key elements of money distribution.


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