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Routespring Software Review

Corporate travel is complex and time-consuming. Both employees and travel managers face various challenges in organizing and executing business trips. The growing demand for company travel can create administrative headaches for travel managers. At the same time, employees who travel for business feel their experience isn’t at par with their expectations. 

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In fact, 28% of employees report that their travel satisfaction is the biggest pain point. Also, 72% of corporate travel managers haven’t achieved their desired travel policy compliance level. 

This calls for a robust travel management solution that brings everything together. A platform that can streamline the entire business travel management process. Routespring claims to be that tool that will help any company simplify business travel.

 Our comprehensive review will cover if Routespring is the optimal solution for managing your business travels. We’ll give you the insights needed so you can select the best option available for company travel. 

About Routespring

Routespring is a travel management platform that assists businesses in booking flights and hotels, submitting expenses, and following company policies for seamless corporate travel. Whether you’re a travel manager looking to save time on administrative tasks or a CFO looking to automate expense reports, Routespring can help save time and money for all business travel. 

Top highlights include:

  • Centralize payment functionality – eliminating the need for employee reimbursement
  • In-app approval process to ensure employees follow travel policies
  • 100% Cost Recovery on Non-Refundable Flights
  •  A user-friendly interface for travelers to manage their trips in one place 

Already impressed? We haven’t even discussed what makes it so powerful – its impressive features!

Key Features of Routespring

Let’s dive deeper into what Routespring has to offer. 

1. Easy To Use Interface

Routespring’s dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed with no learning curve required. With all the tools in one place,   travelers can easily view and manage their itineraries from a single app and stay updated with changes (if any).

routespring user interface

2. Access the world’s largest travel inventory

Routespring provides a central platform for booking and managing travel-related services. The system helps companies access real-time inventory and pricing information for flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services. Routespring offers: 

  • Access to a wide range of travel inventory and real-time pricing information from multiple service providers. It includes 400+ airlines, 2.6M+ accommodations, and 35K+ car rental companies, all in one place.
  • Streamlines the booking process, allowing travel managers and travel coordinators to book travel services through the platform easily. This reduces the time and effort needed to make travel arrangements.
  • Greater control over travel expenses and cost optimization opportunities, with CFOs having greater visibility and control over travel expenses and identifying areas for cost optimization.

3. Centralized Payments and Automated Accounting

Routespring offers multiple options to centralize the travel payments eliminating the reimbursement process and additional administrative tasks. The platform also allows for customizing travel policies and approval workflows to ensure employees don’t exceed the company’s budget. 

Routespring payment

Furthermore, Routespring offers flawless integration with numerous accounting platforms automating expense mapping with your general ledger. 

4. Manage Travels On Behalf of Others

Whether you’re an executive assistant managing travel arrangements, or a travel coordinator booking your team’s business trips, Routespring makes managing travel arrangements easy.

Routespring cars

Executive assistants can plan, book, and manage travel arrangements without breaking a sweat, eliminating the hassle of trip management.

Similarly, travel coordinators can manage trips on behalf of other travelers such as technicians, nurses, and crew members. Routespring also offers group bookings, reducing administrative tasks and ensuring everyone’s travel needs are met.

5. Up to 100% Cost Recovery on Non-Refundable Flights

Businesses can recover costs on nonrefundable airline tickets by automatically utilizing unused credits and applying them towards future flights. 

Routespring flights

This is a great way to save your company on expenses and streamline your corporate travel management process.(Remember, the exact credits you recover on non-refundable tickets depend on various factors.) 

6. Third-Party Integration

Automate the end-to-end business travel and expense management workflows by integrating Routespring with third-party tools saving time on manual data entries and highlighting important transactions. 

Here are some popular integrations Routespring supports:

  • Expensify
  • Zoho Expense
  • SAP Concur
  • QuickBooks
  • Tripit
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
  • Okta

7. Round the Clock Customer Support

Whether its flight management, rebooking, or any other travel-related concern, RouteSpring’s customer service team is available 24/7. The support  team offers a range of communication preferences, including text, email, and phone calls.

Routespring hotels

In addition to traditional communication channels, RouteSpring offers in-app support.  Meaning travelers can easily reach out to the customer services directly through the RouteSpring app, allowing for a seamless, streamlined customer experience.

8. In-Depth Analytics

Routespeing’s turnkey solution  tracks flights, car rentals, and hotel reservations, making your travel program more efficient and mitigating the chances of manual errors. 

Routespring analytics

You can create custom reports to dive deeper into actionable insights allowing you to analyze trends by departments, projects, travelers, and other critical business dimensions. 

Routespring flight data

9. Track and Offset Your Emissions (in Beta Phase)

As businesses become more aware of their environmental impact, offsetting carbon dioxide emissions has become increasingly important. In response, Routespring is working on a new feature that allows businesses to gain insights into their company’s carbon footprint. This feature will go live in Q3 and is currently in beta testing.

By tracking emissions, you’ll see where your business’s carbon footprint is highest and identify areas where you can reduce your environmental impact. You can then use this information to set sustainability goals and develop strategies to become more eco-friendly.

10. Integrated Travel Pre-Approvals (in Beta Phase)

Business travel can be daunting, (especially when coordinating with various stakeholders). However, Routespring’s new integrated travel pre-approvals feature (currently in beta) aims to simplify travel planning for businesses and their employees.

One major advantage of integrated travel pre-approvals is greater customization of travel plans. Using the in-app request and change feature, travelers can easily modify their travel plans to suit their needs.

Furthermore, travel managers can benefit from the feature as it restricts changes to only pre-approved requests preventing employees from making unnecessary changes. 

Final Verdict: Is Routespring Worth It?

Routespring streamlines business travels by bringing everything (flights, hotels, and car rentals) to one place, giving companies and their travelers a centralized place to manage their itineraries and expenses. Its automated approvals (based on pre-set criteria) and capabilities to manage travel on behalf of others, automated expenses tracking, and integrations make it a superior option travel management tool. 

You can experience Routespring for free here

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