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The Secret to Data-Driven Customer Support Success
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The Secret to Data-Driven Customer Support Success | #customersupport #supporticket

The data collected in your customer support department does not begin and end with customer support personnel. The benefits of the data collected here touches every other aspect of your business including hiring, product support, marketing strategy, and more. 

Your customer data is an incredibly rich source of information, particularly if your communication channels are optimized for customer use. This means that you’ve:

  • Identified what communication or social media channels are most convenient for your customers
  • Installed a data collection tool that increases visibility across all channels
  • Hired a customer support team that is trained and ready to answer all inquiries appropriately

What channels are your customers using to communicate their concerns with you? Where do they offer ongoing feedback, report issues regarding product use, ask general questions, or simply get help at the moment needed? All of this data can be collected via website live chat, email, phone, forums, social media, etc.