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[Sample] Letter to Credit Card Company to Lower Interest Rate
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[Sample] Letter to Credit Card Company to Lower Interest Rate

letter to credit card company to lower interest rate sample

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Customer Service Department
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RE: Requesting a lower interest rate on card number NUMBER

Dear Sir/Madam:

For the past ten years, I’ve had a credit card with your company, and I’ve always made my payments on time. But I formally request that you lower my account’s interest rate.

Additionally, I am aware that other credit card companies charge rates that are much lower than the PERCENT OF INTEREST that I am currently paying.

I would like to continue doing business with your company even though it might not be in my best financial interest. However, I’m considering switching to a company with a lower interest rate.

I’ve also received the following offers::
Company Name and Interest Rate
Company Name and Interest Rate

I also request a reduction or elimination of the annual cost I pay to renew my card. I’ve received a lot of offers without an annual cost.

You can see from my record that I have always paid on time, and I have never been charged a late fee.

I’ve also never over my credit limit. These are the reasons I’m asking for my renewal fee and interest rate to be reduced.

If my request is denied, I will have to terminate my credit card with your company and switch to one that provides me with better terms.

I would like a representative of your company to call me at 555-123-4567 or contact me by email at to notify me of your decision about lowering my interest rate and eliminating my annual fee.

I would appreciate your prompt attention to my requests. Thank you for attending to this matter.


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