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Today I am going to share the B2B marketing strategies that we used to make millions of dollars and rank on the Inc. 5000 list twice. Our digital marketing tips will cover B2B lead generation, email marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics, and much more!


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This is the same B2B marketing playbook that we utilize for our clients that have resulted in 6-figure returns within 12 months.

And these same B2B marketing strategies are backed by research and data. We’ve studied research from all over the web, including LinkedIn’s B2B marketing report and have compiled all of the information you need to know for 2022 into this video.

So if you want the best B2B marketing strategy from a company that

A) uses this strategy
B) uses it for other businesses and
C) uses data

then buckle up because I promise you that you won’t regret the next 17 minutes.

B2B Marketing Video Outline

Intro (00:00)
Build Your Brand (2:20)
Search Engine Optimization (3:29)
Google Ads (4:50)
Facebook Ads (6:13)
LinkedIn Messenger Ads (8:06)
LinkedIn Sales Navigator (8:52)
LinkedIn Organic Marketing (9:48)
Referral Websites (10:49)
Email Newsletters (11:54)
Email Drips (13:16)
Retargeting (13:52)
Push Notifications (14:34)

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