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Top Software Firms In India

eCommerce wordpress theme
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10 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes

Nowadays, more and more retailers are moving to online stores because being online serves as a befitting way to market o...

accounting software in dubai
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Which Is Most Used Accounting Software in Dubai?

Recently, Dubai was imposed with VAT applications. Since then, it has become more than necessary to have a proper accoun...

Sales Guru
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Top 15 Sales Gurus You Need To Follow in 2020

Are you disappointed with the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts? Well, in this era of ever-changing trends, it can...

Social Media Recruiting
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Sourcing and Attracting Candidates Through Social Media Recruiting

I’ll get this straight. In today’s time, if you want to find the most talented, qualified, and the largest pool of appli...

Medical Software
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What is the Impact of Medical Software on Healthcare Industry?

High-quality healthcare is difficult to provide, but the use of software makes it easier. Developments in technology mea...

Custom CRM Software
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Reasons to Build Custom CRM Software for Your Business

What drives a business forward? If your answer is not “customers,” you probably need to rethink. The relationship with i...

Kumar Mayank
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Startup Interview with Kumar Mayank, Founder of Zimyo HRMS

With the growth of a business, issues like workflow optimization, scaling, and process automation also proliferate. Besi...

Month-Wise Traffic Flow
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The Average Month-Wise Traffic Flow of Software By Different Categories

To begin with, lead generation is nothing but finding ways to attract and convert prospects into leads who might have sh...

VoIP Phone System
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Give Your Startup The Power Of A VoIP Phone System

Starting a new business is never easy. Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to handle a million things all at th...

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Interview with Maelle Thibaud, Chief Marketing Officer of BeesBusy

With 20 years of experience as a consultant and entrepreneur, Geoffroy Lacour, the founder of Beesbusy, found that proje...