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What Insurance Do You Need for a Leased Car?
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What Insurance Do You Need for a Leased Car?

higher limits of coverage

Because the car is still held by the leasing company, these higher limits of coverage are required. To safeguard a leasing company in the event of an accident, higher coverage levels are required.

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability are two types of coverage that you will need to obtain for a rented vehicle. You’ll also need collision and comprehensive coverage in particular quantities.

The required level for your policy deductible will also need to be kept to a bare minimum. Additional coverage, like as roadside assistance, is available as an add-on to the policy.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Medical expenses for injuries sustained by another individual in an at-fault accident are covered by bodily injury policy. On a rented car, the minimum level of coverage that is normally necessary is $100,000 per person.

For numerous wounded victims, a bodily injury liability coverage limit of $300,000 is necessary on the policy. This is the maximum amount that an insurance company will pay out to others in the event of an accident.

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