Move to another country. Start a new life. Set up a business. Sounds scary? Sure.

But living your dreams means taking risks, moving out of your comfort zone and leaping forward into the future.

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And when it comes to kick-starting their dreams, many aspiring entrepreneurs find that they aren’t content to settle where they are. Instead, they’re setting their sights on international markets, from classic business hotspots in bustling cities to up and coming zones where tourist trade is booming.

For these entrepreneurs, Portugal is quickly becoming a dream destination. Here are three major reasons why.

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1. Tourist hotspot

It’s easy to see why tourists flock to Portugal – with its sunny climate and idyllic scenery, it’s the perfect place for a family holiday or romantic getaway, and in lively capital Lisbon, weekend travellers can bag themselves the perfect city break.

So from a business perspective, Portugal is something of a gold mine. Your business doesn’t necessarily have to cater to holidaymakers but establishing yourself in a tourist trap like the Algarve will enable you to capitalise on seasonal trade.

But don’t forget that local business will be important too – naturally, you’ll need to build a domestic customer base you can rely on to think things ticking over during the quieter months. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure your business model can draw in some local trade too.

Lisbon Portugal
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2. Golden Visa

The main reason Portugal is so appealing to aspiring businesspeople is its citizenship by investment scheme, which encourages international investors in the property market.

The scheme grants investors a residency permit which gives them the right to live and work in Portugal. This is an ideal business opportunity for those seeking personal as well as professional opportunities. You can check out eligible investments with real estate gurus Property Lisbon.

Portugal’s EU membership means permit holders have access to cross-border work and travel opportunities too – perfect for those who have big dreams for their business in the future.

Strolling on a Portugal street
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3. Beautiful place to live

Portugal is highly popular with tourists, but all over the world, travellers seeking a new home are finding themselves drawn to the country’s beautiful climate and stunning scenery. For these adventurers, Portugal is the perfect place to build a new life.

This comes as no surprise. Every part of the country is picture-postcard perfect, from its cities to its beaches. Not to mention the much-underrated Portuguese countryside, which features lush landscapes and rolling hills aplenty.

Food is also an integral part of Portuguese culture. With plenty of angling hotspots, fresh fish is a feature on almost every dinner table, served up with fresh veg and Port wine, another local speciality. Pastries are also a favourite – in fact, Portugal is home to some of the world’s finest patisseries.

Espresso and egg tart
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To Conclude…

These are just three fantastic reasons that entrepreneurs are flocking to Portugal to fulfil their business dreams, but hopefully they’ve inspired you!

Are you considering Portugal for your business dreams? Tell us more in the comments below.

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