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Shared Hosting

Experience affordable and reliable shared hosting, perfect for small websites and blogs.

Shared hosting is an excellent choice for those looking to get started without breaking the bank.

Reseller Hosting

Unlock new revenue streams with reseller hosting.

Perfect for entrepreneurs and web developers, reseller hosting allows you to manage multiple client accounts under one roof.

Virtual Private Server

VPS hosting offers scalable resources, enhanced security, and complete control over your environment.

ideal for growing websites and applications.

Cloud VPS

Experience unparalleled scalability and reliability with Cloud VPS hosting.

Perfect for websites and applications that demand high availability, cloud VPS ensures your site stays online even during traffic spikes.

Dedicated Servers

Maximize performance and security with dedicated servers.

Ideal for large websites and applications, dedicated servers offer exclusive resources, advanced security, and complete control over your hosting environment.

Email Hosting

Ensure reliable and secure email communication with professional email hosting.

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, enjoy features like spam protection, large storage, and seamless integration with your domain.

Windows Server

Experience robust performance and compatibility with Windows Server hosting.

Ideal for businesses running Microsoft applications, Windows Server hosting offers high reliability, seamless integration, and advanced security features


Linux Server

Harness the power of Linux Server hosting for unmatched flexibility and control.

Ideal for developers and businesses, Linux Server hosting supports various distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS, to offer a tailored environment.

Ubuntu Server

Leverage the power and flexibility of Ubuntu Server hosting.

Perfect for developers and businesses seeking an open-source solution, Ubuntu Server offers high customization, stability, and a vast support community to back your projects.

Fedora Server

Optimize your IT infrastructure with Fedora Server hosting.

Ideal for businesses needing a cutting-edge Linux environment, Fedora Server provides enhanced security, performance, and the latest features to keep your operations at the forefront of technology.


CentOS Server

Experience stability and performance with CentOS Server hosting.

Ideal for businesses requiring a reliable and enterprise-grade Linux environment, CentOS Server offers long-term support, robust security, and high performance to meet demanding needs.

Redhat Linux Server

Unlock the power of Red Hat Linux Server hosting for your business.

This solution offers unmatched stability, security, and enterprise-level performance. Ideal for critical applications and demanding environments, Red Hat Linux ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Cpanel Hosting

Simplify website management with Cpanel Hosting.

Perfect for users of all experience levels, Cpanel offers an intuitive interface to manage files, databases, emails, and more, making it easier than ever to maintain your online presence.


Plesk Hosting

Simplify website management with Plesk Hosting.

Perfect for users of all experience levels, Plesk offers an intuitive interface to manage files, databases, emails, and more, making it easier than ever to maintain your online presence.

Hosting with Web panel

Manage your hosting with ease using a comprehensive web panel.

This feature provides an intuitive dashboard to control various aspects of your hosting account, from domain management to server settings, ensuring a seamless experience.

WordPress Hosting

Optimize your WordPress site with hosting designed specifically for WordPress.

Benefit from faster load times, automatic updates, and enhanced security to keep your site running smoothly.


Odoo Hosting

Boost your business operations with Odoo Hosting.

This service supports the popular Odoo ERP system, providing a reliable and secure environment to manage your business processes, and enhance productivity.

ERPNext Hosting

Streamline your business processes with ERPNext hosting.

Perfect for enterprises looking to integrate all aspects of their business operations, from accounting to inventory management, in one place.

Magento Hosting

Boost your eCommerce performance with Magento Hosting.

Designed for online stores, Magento Hosting provides optimized environments for faster load times, enhanced security, and seamless scalability to handle your growing business needs.


Opencart Hosting

Enhance your eCommerce experience with High Level Opencart Hosting.

Designed for online stores designed in opencart, this hosting solution ensures fast load times, robust security, and seamless scalability to handle your growing business needs.

PHP, MySQL, Apache

Leverage the power of PHP, MySQL, and Apache Server hosting.

Ideal for developers and businesses requiring a robust and flexible hosting environment, this solution supports a wide range of applications and ensures high performance.

PURSHO : Transforming Business Interactions.

Results and Improvements:

Many clients switched to a comprehensive hosting package from PURSHO, including Dedicated Servers for their main website, VPS Hosting for handling high traffic volumes, Professional Email Hosting for reliable communication, and CPanel Hosting for easy management and they exprienced results mentioned below

  1. Zero Downtime: Since the switch, Clients experienced no downtime, ensuring their store was always open for business.
  2. Improved Load Times: Website loading times improved by 50%, providing a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience.
  3. Enhanced Customer Support: 24/7 support from PURSHO helped resolve issues promptly, leading to higher satisfaction levels.
  4. Seamless Scalability: The hosting solutions provided by PURSHO allowed Clients to scale up resources effortlessly during high-demand periods.

By partnering with PURSHO for their hosting needs, Clients significantly enhanced their online presence, improved customer satisfaction, and ensured their business could grow without limitations. The comprehensive hosting solutions provided a solid foundation for their continued success in the competitive eCommerce market.

Experience unmatched performance and reliability.

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