Streamline with mediBILL: The Future of Pharmacy Software.

Step into the future of retail medicine with mediBILL – your comprehensive pharmacy software solution. Handle billing, manage inventory, and optimize customer relations, all under one cloud-based system. Discover the difference today.

Unveiling mediBILL: The game-changer in retail pharmacy software. Ensure faster billing, real-time stock insights, and efficient management, all in one platform. Join the revolution of seamless pharmacy operations.

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Visualize quick billing, satisfied customers, and increased return visits.
Step into this vision with mediBILL's rapid POS system, tailored for the modern pharmacy.

A Brand isn't Just a Name, It's a Reputation

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Redefining Pharmacy Excellence. Beyond Traditional Pharmacy Tools!

Step into the Future with mediBILL.

Dive into the realm of seamless pharmacy management. From intuitive billing processes to proactive inventory alerts, mediBILL is the answer to every challenge in the retail medicine sector. Don’t just adapt; thrive in the modern world of healthcare

mediBILL: Tailored to Perfect Your Retail Medicine Experience

Revolutionize Your Pharmacy Today

  • Swift, smooth billing for better customer experiences.
  • Never miss a restock with real-time inventory updates.
  • Stay informed with proactive expiry alerts.
  • Streamline product management with easy barcode printing.
  • Zero guesswork; stay updated
  • Stay stocked up, never miss out on sales
Wasting precious hours on manual billing, inventory checks, and product management?

Struggling with Slow Pharmacy Operations?

Experience the future of billing with mediBILL’s quick POS.
Intelligent insights for never running out of essential stocks.
Zero guesswork with prompt expiry notifications.
Enhance in-store navigation with systematic barcodes.

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    Revolutionize Your Pharmacy Operations
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    Transform Your Pharmacy's Outlook
What Distinguishes Our pharmacy billing software ?

Key Features of Our Rx Pharmacy Software

With mediBILL, you transition from cumbersome traditional methods to a future-ready, cloud-based system ensuring accuracy and growth.

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User-Centric Dashboard

Gain quick insights with graphical reports tailored for your pharmacy, keeping you always informed and ready.

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Efficient Purchase Management

Add purchases with crucial details like expiry, ensuring you always have what you need without facing product expiration.


Flexible User Management

Allow multiple users to engage seamlessly with the system, catering to larger teams and multiple roles.

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Comprehensive Customer Handling

Manage and segment your customers efficiently, ensuring every customer feels valued and attended to.

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Instant Notifications

With expiry notifications and stock alerts, be proactive in maintaining your inventory's health and quality.


Enhanced Sales Features

From home delivery management to managing sell returns, ensure every sales process is streamlined for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Optimal Product Oversight

With tools to manage brands, categories, SKUs, and stock, gain complete control over every product in your pharmacy.

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Seamless Financial Management

Embrace basic accounting, manage expenses, and have a daily overview of your cash flow with ease.


Customized Billing

Generate invoices with batch numbers, customize the layout, and even share directly on WhatsApp for modern convenience.

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Integrated Communication Tools

With SMS and email notifications, ensure timely communication with both your team and your customers.

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Specialized Pharmacy Features

With tools like doctor commission management, warranty handling, and touch-friendly billing, you're equipped for modern challenges.


Complete Pharmacy Software.

Tailored for retail pharmacy and wholesaler with up to 500+ team members.

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with basic IT requirements
$ 49.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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with advanced IT requirements
$ 79.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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with premium IT requirements
$ 129.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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"Switching to mediBILL transformed our pharmacy operations. Not only have we streamlined our billing process, but we've also seen a significant reduction in inventory wastage thanks to the expiry alerts."
- Rachel T., Greenleaf Pharmacy

"I never imagined that billing could be this simple! With mediBILL, I can quickly scan products and generate a bill in no time. It's a game-changer for our busy retail pharmacy."
- Aaron P., City Meds Pharmacy

"As a retail medical store owner, I've tried various software systems in the past. But mediBILL stands out with its user-friendly interface and real-time insights. The barcode printing feature is just the icing on the cake!"
- Sofia L., MedHub Retailers

"The purchase entry feature with expiry date and batch number has made our stock management much more efficient. Plus, the POS feature ensures that our customers don't have to wait long in queues. Kudos to mediBILL!"
- Raj K., HealthFirst Medicos

"One word: Outstanding! The proactive alerts about stock levels ensure we never run out of essential items. mediBILL is an integral part of our pharmacy's success story."
- Mike S., Wellness Pharmacy Depot

Great support! Fast and helpful everytime I needed it! Thanks a lot!!
Kay Mendy
Frequently Asked Questions

mediBILL is crafted specifically for the retail medical store sector. Its features, such as barcode printing, expiry alerts, and real-time insights, make it uniquely equipped to handle the challenges of the pharmaceutical retail industry.

Our software provides proactive alerts for products 30 days before their expiry date, ensuring you’re always informed and can act in time.

Absolutely! mediBILL tracks stock levels, purchase entries with expiry dates, and batch numbers to make inventory management seamless and efficient.

Yes, mediBILL is designed for quick billing. With our POS system, products can be scanned swiftly, and bills generated with just a few clicks.

mediBILL allows you to print barcodes and label products accordingly, ensuring customization to your specific needs.

mediBILL keeps track of your stock levels and provides alerts to ensure you never run out of essential items.

Yes, mediBILL operates on a cloud-based system, ensuring you can access your data securely from anywhere.

We prioritize data security. All your data, including customer details and transaction records, are encrypted and stored securely.

If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note

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