Your Spa or Salon's Success, Simplified with PURSHO spaLON.

Unveiling PURSHO spaLON – the ultimate solution tailored for spas and  salons. Dive into a user-friendly interface, making business operations smooth and effortless.

Discover PURSHO spaLON – the groundbreaking software revolutionizing spa and salon management. From efficient billing to inventory tracking, master every aspect of your business seamlessly.

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Step into the future of salon management and watch your business flourish
Don't let your salon be ordinary when it has the potential to be extraordinary with PURSHO spaLON.

Elevate your salon's status and reputation

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Spa & Salon Perfection! - Transform Your SPA, Elevate Salon Standards

The Future of Spa & Salon Operations is Here.

Embrace the cutting-edge capabilities of PURSHO spaLON, designed for modern spa and salons like yours. With features tailored to simplify tasks and enhance productivity, your business is set to soar. Say goodbye to operational hassles and hello to smooth sailing.

Unlocking Maximum Productivity with PURSHO spaLON.

Introducing the Future of Spa & Salon Management!

  • Client Appointments Managed with Precision.
  • Inventory Alerts Ensuring You’re Always Stocked.
  • Rapid Billing, Impressing Every Customer.
  • Unique Barcodes Tailored for Your Products.
  • Comprehensive Purchase Data at Your Fingertips.
  • Excellence awaits. Are you ready?
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Stuck with outdated software that doesn't scale with your growth? Facing glitches during peak hours?

Seeking a tool that truly understands your salon’s needs?

PURSHO spaLON – The Ultimate Answer to All Your Spa and Salon Challenges. Streamline Every Operation with PURSHO spaLON. Keep Your Clients Happy & Coming Back with PURSHO spaLON. Level Up with PURSHO spaLON – Tailored for Spa and Salons Like Yours.

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Say goodbye to inefficiency. PURSHO spaLON simplifies every task, making salon management a breeze.

Key Features of Our Spa and Salon Management System

PURSHO spaLON is designed to meet your evolving needs and exceed your expectations.

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Service Excellence Unleashed

Elevate your salon's service game with our intuitive dashboard. Simplify complex tasks and optimize your service delivery for ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Visualize Salon Success

Transform data into insights with our graphical service reports. Make informed decisions and watch your salon's success unfold.


Seamless Booking Experience

Ensure a seamless booking experience for your clients and effortlessly manage your salon's schedule. Tailor your appointments to suit your salon's unique needs.

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Deliver with Confidence

Extend your services beyond the salon with confidence. Our home delivery management ensures your clients receive top-notch service wherever they are.

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Build Client Relationships

Nurture strong client relationships and keep them coming back. Our customer management tools help you create loyal customers.


Smart Stock Control

Take control with smart stock management. Simplify your inventory tracking and avoid stockouts or overstock issues.

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Teamwork Made Easy

Streamline collaboration with ease. Our system ensures teamwork thrives in your salon, making daily operations smoother.

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Stay Ahead of Expiry

Never let products go to waste. Stay ahead of expiry dates with timely alerts and say goodbye to expired inventory.


Professional Invoices Made Easy

Create professional invoices effortlessly. Impress clients with detailed invoices that include batch numbers and expiry dates.


Complete Spa and Salon Management Software.

Tailored for spas and salons with up to 500+ team members.

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with basic IT requirements
$ 49.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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with advanced IT requirements
$ 79.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
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with premium IT requirements
$ 129.99 monthly / device (Min $100/month plan)
  • OT and IoT Monitoring
  • Network Asset Management
  • Automated Email & SMS Alerts
  • Monthly Executive Reports
  • Annual Cyber Security Surveys
  • Cyber-expert Incident Response
PURSHO : Transforming Business Interactions.

Choose PURSHO for unparalleled growth and consistent business innovation.

At the heart of every successful enterprise is its clientele. At PURSHO, we are staunch believers in fostering connections that last. Here’s why partnering with us is a game-changer:

  • Collaborative Dynamics: Our organisation is built to enhance team collaboration. 
  • Versatility in Action: Be it a startup, a freelancer, or a medium-scale enterprise, PURSHO  molds itself to fit your business’s unique needs.
  • Tailored for Growth: PURSHO is not just a company; it’s a growth partner.
Success Stories

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We shed a light on our work and what goes behind the development.


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"Before using PURSHO spaLON, managing my spa was a constant juggle. But now, with its easy appointment scheduling and stock level tracking, I'm able to focus more on my clients. My business has truly transformed!"

"The quick service billing feature is a game-changer! Billing has never been this efficient and quick. Every salon needs PURSHO spaLON!"

"Inventory management was always a pain. With PURSHO spaLON's expiry alerts, I've reduced waste and saved money. It's a must-have for all salons!"

"PURSHO spaLON's user-friendly interface made the transition seamless for my team. We've seen a significant uptick in our productivity and client satisfaction."

"I've tried numerous salon software, but PURSHO spaLON stands out. From billing to inventory, it's got everything covered. Highly recommended!"

Great support! Fast and helpful everytime I needed it! Thanks a lot!!
Kay Mendy
Frequently Asked Questions

PURSHO spaLON streamlines appointment scheduling, allowing businesses to book and track client appointments with ease.

Absolutely! Our software keeps tabs on your stock levels, ensuring you never run out of essential items.

Our quick service billing feature lets you swiftly scan products and generate a bill, reducing checkout times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

PURSHO spaLON provides expiry alerts 30 days before the product’s expiration, allowing ample time for restocking.

Yes, you can easily print barcodes and label your products, streamlining inventory management.

Yes, whether you own a small local salon or a chain of luxury spas, our software is designed to cater to all business needs.

From simplified billing to efficient appointment management, every feature of PURSHO spaLON aims to provide a seamless experience for your clients.

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure you get the most out of our software.

If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call or drop us a note

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Don't let your spa or salon be held back by outdated processes.

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