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Find out the Marketing trends we’re predicting for 2021 in our video roundup or blog:

Introduction (0:00)
1. User Generated Content (0:57)
2. High-Quality Branded Content (2:30)
3. Social Commerce (3:57)
4. Brand Activism (5:08)
5. Google Core Web Vitals (6:18)
6. Nostalgia (7:37)
7. Going Live (9:58)

– [00:37]( 📸 User Generated Content (UGC) in Marketing

– UGC has become a significant trend in marketing, allowing brands to engage with their audience effectively.
– Authenticity in advertising is boosted by showcasing raw, untouched footage and imagery from customers.
– Examples like The Iconic’s Mother’s Day campaign demonstrate the power of incorporating UGC into marketing strategies.

– [02:09]( 🎥 Emphasis on High-Quality Branded Content

– High-quality branded content, exemplified by companies like Apple and Estee Lauder, is crucial for building brand trust.
– Innovative marketing campaigns, such as Estee Lauder’s ANRcade, demonstrate the effectiveness of creative branding strategies.
– Templates like Logo Intro by EnesM from Envato Elements aid in enhancing the professionalism of brand videos.

– [03:42]( 🎨 Templated Video Overlays for Brand Consistency

– Brands are adopting templated video overlays to ensure consistency and brand cohesion across their video content.
– Utilizing templates like Colorful Modern Broadcast Package by NobleMetal can streamline the production process and maintain brand identity.
– Consistent branding across videos enhances brand recognition and consumer trust.

– [04:13]( 🛍️ Rise of Social Commerce

– Social commerce, through platforms like Instagram, is reshaping the way brands market and sell products.
– Effective use of social commerce tools, such as shoppable posts, can drive sales and enhance brand visibility.
– Mockup templates like Snapback FullCap Mockup by bangingjoints facilitate the creation of visually appealing product displays for social commerce.

– [05:15]( ✊ Brand Activism and Social Movements

– Brands are increasingly aligning with social movements and taking a stand on important issues, showcasing their values and beliefs.
– Initiatives like Ben & Jerry’s Unfudge Our Future campaign demonstrate how brands can leverage their products for social activism.
– Templates such as the Brochure template by spacestudios provide platforms for brands to communicate their values effectively.

– [06:44]( 🌐 Importance of Core Web Vitals for SEO

– Google’s emphasis on Core Web Vitals highlights the importance of user experience in search engine optimization (SEO).
– Providing a great user experience, measured by factors like load time and interactivity, is crucial for ranking well in search results.
– Tools like the UX Wireframe kit by mir_design assist in designing websites that prioritize user experience and meet Google’s standards.

– [07:47]( 🕰️ Utilizing Nostalgia in Marketing

– Nostalgia marketing continues to be impactful, evoking positive emotions and improving brand perception.
– Brands leverage nostalgia through retro-themed advertisements and social media content to connect with consumers.
– Templates like Arcade Logo 2 by SebicheArgentino provide a nostalgic aesthetic for brands looking to tap into this trend.

– [09:03]( 🎥 Utilizing Live Streaming for Audience Engagement

– Live streaming on platforms like Instagram and YouTube allows brands to connect with their audience authentically.
– Incorporating branding elements like intros, lower thirds, and overlays enhances the professionalism of live streams.
– Templates such as the Youtube Elements template by agungugang facilitate branding in live streams, increasing engagement and credibility.

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