In this video, I’m going over 10 of the highest paying jobs that don’t require a college degree! You can absolutely make a lot of money without going to college. I’ll show you what each of these jobs is, how much you can make from them, as well as opportunities to scale these jobs to extremely high income levels.

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Personally, I think college is not necessary for at least 50% of people. Many career choices 100% require college, but what about those of us who don’t want to go into a traditional career like that?

You may be better suited going to a trade school, interning, doing one of these jobs, or starting your own business.

Here are the ten jobs that I will be talking about:

1) Owner Operator Tank Jobs
2) Plumber
3) Photographer
4) Police Officer
5) Real Estate Agent
6) Mortgage Loan Originator
7) Insurance Sales Agent
8) Mechanic
9) IT
10) Entrepreneur

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Hope you get some value out of this video! Make sure to watch it through to get the details about each of these jobs. If something stands out to you, I highly encourage you to not be afraid to pursue it.

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