The goal of every business is to make sales; however, many companies struggle to achieve this goal. To make things worse, we don’t seem to have enough time to face our work every day, even with the numerous apps, devices, and hacks to save time.

It’s essential for every business that the employees are productive as this results in increased sales. However, getting this over the line is where the difficulty lies. So, it is important now more than ever that you learn some of the best sales hacks to improve the productivity of your sales team and boost your business sales. Here are four of the best sales hacks you should learn.

Pay more attention to your CRM tool.

Using the CRM tool properly ensures that your sales team can track crucial information about leads, prospects, and customers and track them efficiently. This tool also helps you store vital data such as specific account information, contact information, and others at an accessible spot. This ensures that your team never loses track of critical information necessary to complete a sale or convert a lead.

If your sales team is hesitant about using a CRM system, you need to remind them of its importance and how it helps them be more efficient and achieve the company’s sales goal. Show them how it works, guide them through its usage, and don’t hesitate to point out the positive results the CRM brings at every opportunity to convince them further and ensure they are paying more attention to it.

Make sure your marketing and sales team align

One of the many mistakes that many businesses make is to have sales teams and marketing teams working independently of each other. This is a recipe for disaster and underperformance by both departments.

Aligning them ensures that they have the same goals and can work together to reach them. It also ensures that they don’t lose too much information between them due to a lack of communication. You can align both teams through regular meetings involving both teams, setting goals together, and creating strategies to achieve the goal with the role of each team clearly stated.

The sales team must know the campaign the marketing team is running, and the marketing team must measure the effectiveness of their campaign with results from the sales team. Also, both can work together to turn leads into customers.

Nurture subscribers with an email sequence

After delivering lead magnets to new subscribers, you must nurture the relationship to become paying customers. The goal is to convert them, and you can do this with an email sequence.

An email sequence generates numerous touchpoints with the subscribers to keep the brand relevant and fresh on their minds. This increases the possibility of them reaching out to you when they want to purchase a product you’re selling. Longer sequences produce better results, and using an automated email sequence gives 20 percent more sales opportunities.

Make sure you remain in touch with them and offer them more than they want over time, and their chances of buying from you increase with time. However, your emails must be personal and informative. Make it clear, concise, and friendly, and you’ll be able to develop a stronger bond with them.

Here are a few tips for your email sequence

  • Send a welcome message to introduce your brand.
  • Personalize all your emails.
  • Make sure your email sequence is well-spaced.
  • Use case studies and quick tips to answer some questions in your emails.
  • Make sure your content is informative and educational.
  • Don’t try to sell all your emails; otherwise, you may fail at building a long-term relationship with them, and they may unsubscribe.
  • Use storytelling in your emails to sell more.

Use social proof on your website.

It may be costly and time-consuming to try and make more sales from marketing. Also, you need to try to win over new customers continuously, which requires hard work and a lot of research. However, with social proof, you don’t have to spend extra to increase your sales.

According to resumes planet, social proof is a marketing strategy that has been well-research and proves to be effective across several industries. With this strategy, you’re ‘marketing’ the experience that your current customers have with your brand and using it to attract and convince more people to trust your brand.

There are different types of social proof, and some of the most popular ones are endorsements, reviews, conversion notifications, testimonials, etc.

Using the experience of your satisfied customer at the right spots on your site can play a crucial role in boosting your sales numbers and conversion rates. However, you may need to experiment to determine the right way for your website to use social proof. What you cannot dispute is the fact that it works.


Making sales and even more sales is the goal of all businesses, and you need the best hacks and tactics to do it. These are some of the most effective ones you can try.


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