A bong is a pipe that disperses smoke more evenly than other types, like pipes or joints. You just need to fill the bong with water and use it to inhale the smoke produced by the burning substance of your choice like Enail Dab. Buying a bong from an online bong shop is easy but using it most efficiently takes some struggle. This simple-seeming process often becomes difficult when you are not paying attention.

To have a safe and entertaining experience, paying attention to preventive measures is essential. Here are some tips on using a bong safely.

  • The more complicated your set-up is, the likelier you neglect some critical detail. This can lead to unnecessary risks later on. Therefore keep it simple to enjoy more.
  • Don’t use alcohol with your tobacco product, as this will just put off an alcoholic smell while not adding any effects. It may also damage your body as well as your bong, leaving an unpleasant smell for longer times.
  • While using a bong, smoke from the mouthpiece should be redirected to the other end of the pipe. This will avoid getting parts of your hand or fingers burnt if you accidentally stick them into the pipe.
  • Pipe cleaners are essential for cleaning and keeping your bong clean. If there’s any kind of dirt or residue in your pipes, feel free to use surgical gloves and a brush to clean it as well as you can so that you don’t get any diseases.
  • After you’re done with your cigarette smoke and/or THC, make sure you dispose of the bong properly. Make sure you dispose of the remaining product safely and clean your bong every time after use.
  • When smoking a bong, take a few puffs and then stop. Don’t keep going until there’s nothing left in the bong. It will worsen when no more smoke comes out after a while due to carbon buildup inside it.
  • If you are using one bong in a group, make sure to wipe the mouthpiece after every using it. Also, before you vape from a used piece, keep a clean piece of cloth with you and wipe its mouthpiece to ensure hygiene and safety.

Just get a new bong from a nearby bong shop or order it online and adopt these safety measures to experience next-level smoking chills.