With digital marketing being the norm, it’s easy to drift away from the physical advertising of old. Many have pointed to physical marketing, however, as still being a valuable resource for one’s brand.

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While we may be mesmerized by our phone screens, we have also been desensitized to online ads, so when we see a stunning display, it breaks our digital concentration and more emphatically captures our attention.

If you’re having doubts on how to implement physical marketing into your business, let BannerBuzz help you through the process. BannerBuzz provides custom displays using the latest, cutting edge print technology operated by the industry’s most highly skilled professionals.

BannerBuzz boasts over 5,000 products spread across a wide variety of categories. Let’s take a moment to learn about what makes some of their top selling items marketing must-haves.


An outstanding banner is the easiest and most effective way to communicate a message. Whether you’re marketing your business, displaying for events, or announcing sales, hanging premium-quality tear drop banners at key locations will ensure that your target market won’t miss your messaging. When equipped with durable materials, such as PVC flex and polyester, banners can withstand long-term use both indoors and outdoors.

Banners offered at BannerBuzz include 720 DPI eco-solvent printing, which generates vivid graphics. Meanwhile, 1000 DPI UV printing adds fade resistance to a clear, color-matched banner.

Banner Stands

Banner stands

While a banner can display a compelling message, oftentimes they need structural support in order to be positioned in an intriguing way. That’s why it can be best to pair your banner with a banner stand. There are many reasons why this marketing tool has stood the test of time. Banner stands are multifaceted and perfect for any offline banner advertising. They will display your banners at a raised level to generate optimal visibility while providing an easy portability.

Banner stands are available in different styles such as X-stands, L-shape stands, Silverstep floor stands, and tabletop stands, all with stylish designs that will attract anyone to your storefront or event.

Step & Repeats

Step repeat

If you’re looking for a reliable display for important events that leads customers to engage with your brand, there is no better option than a step & repeat. With social media being such an integral force in all facets of life and business, your audience is looking for a photo op wherever they go. BannerBuzz makes sure to only use long lasting, top grade materials for their step & repeats

Step & Repeats consist of a polyester, wrinkle free fabric that remains picture-ready. This material is also non-reflective, making photos taken clear and glare-free. If you’re using these backdrops outdoors, available lamination will provide abrasion and chemical resistance as well as color protection.



A must-have tool for event advertising, custom canopy tents provide shade for you and your audience while also delivering ample space to brand your business. Print your logo and messaging on the canopy top and trim as well as the back wall and even side walls if your canopy includes them.

The weatherproof pop-up tents available at BannerBuzz are paired with aluminum frames and telescopic legs, making the product last through a number of important events. Outside of advertising, canopies can be used as a camping tent, emergency medical tent, or gazebo marquee. No matter the purpose of this versatile tool, BannerBuzz will fit your needs with several blank canopy tents that are fully customizable.

To utilize your canopy for a number of specific events., try grabbing a few different tent toppers to serve as replacements and include hook-and-loop fasteners, ensuring a quick set up. Keep a look out for models with adjustable heights for added convenience.

Custom Flags

For a traditional, yet extremely effective way to advertise, make use of custom flags that showcase offerings and messages strategically with ease. When paired with high-resolution graphics, flags present a professional appeal that resonates with a vast number of businesses. The state-of-the-art printing at BannerBuzz generates full-color illustrations that leave a lasting impression on people who encounter your flag.

The flag’s synthetic material makes for smooth color variations for both practical and aesthetic additions to your establishment. The flags at BannerBuzz can be customized by color and size as well as options for single sided and double sided printing.

The beauty of flags is not only their inherent importance throughout history, but also their versatility. This marketing tool looks great when communicating via a logo, a marketing message, or even a personal identity.

Signs & Decals

Store sign

When communicating a message, whether it be for marketing or compliance, you will require a display that is visually stimulating and demands attention. Both signs and decals provide this, with the difference being in implementation. While signs are made from a variety of sturdy material and mainly stuck to the ground or hung from a firm surface, decals are like stickers, made of a thin material and able to be presented on most any clean, smooth surface.

Many signs and decals come with a reflective film that catches light effectively to improve your display’s nighttime readability. Both of these tools provide you with a promotional or decorating method that suits your brand, business, or message. The forms that signs and decals take beat out any other form of display, including:

  • Acrylic Signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Aluminum Street Signs
  • Window Clings
  • Car Decals
  • Floor Decals

At BannerBuzz, there are many ways to acquire the signage you need for your business. You can use a design tool to edit any of their templates with your preferred images and text. Other options include uploading your own artwork or hiring their design team for a one-of-a-kind display.

Table Covers & Displays

When decorated with eye-catching text and graphics, tabletop covers can bring flair to any event set up. This addition will not only give a touch of professionalism to your tables, but when utilized at a trade show, allows you to raise awareness about your brand’s products or services. Covers serve a practical purpose as well, protecting your table against scratches and abrasions.

Covers make for a perfect resting place for branding materials such as business cards, stationary, mugs, etc. For your next conference, job expo, or trade fair, get your table covered with a display made from durable, synthetic materials.

The vast majority of table covers, like those BannerBuzz provides, support machine washing and ironing, so your staff can easily keep them in pristine condition. The displays at BannerBuzz also dry fast and endure rainfall and sunlight, so thriving at outdoor events is fully within your reach.

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