Email Marketing is an efficient technique to grow a business. Many people use different strategies of email marketing to create brand awareness for their business. The first step of email marketing is to write a perfect email to pitch your client.

The email pitch decides the reply rate of email receivers. The email pitch is the message that is sent to a potential client or customer to make a deal in which you both benefit from it. The email pitch varies from person to person and business to business. For example, some brands may be writing for conducting surveys while some brands may be writing to increase user engagement etc.

That is why it is really important to write an email pitch which is effective and well-written. In this post, we will be looking at some steps that you can follow to write an effective email pitch.

How to Write an Effective Email Pitch?

In this section, we will apprise you about the effective ways to write a perfect email pitch. You can follow these simple steps to craft an error-free, compelling email for your clients:

Make a Catchy Subject Line

If you want your mail to be read by the email receiver, you should  work on making a creative subject line. The subject lines affect how many users will open your email.

Empty subject lines can make your email get totally ignored by the users. Cold emails and the usual subject lines are also prone to being ignored.

The best way to make a catchy subject line is to add subject lines that grab the attention of your users, and for that you need to prove that whatever you are offering in the email is beneficial for them.

Grab Interest in Introduction

In an email, the first paragraph determines whether the user will read the whole thing or not. It is important to make sure that you care about your users.

The introductory part has to be carefully written since your users will either keep on reading the whole email after going through it, or they can just discard it.

If, for example, you are talking about a certain product or service in the email, then you can mention the benefits and main features in the introduction. This will hook the attention of the readers and keep them reading on till the end.

Mention Your Services/Products

In this section of the email pitch, you have to discuss what you are offering. There is no doubt that whatever you offer will be offered by others as well.

To prove that you are offering something better, it is a good approach to give some offers, or you can mention why they should choose you. Moreover, you can also mention what extra benefits your users can get from you, and how you are beneficial to them.

Now, in the introduction, you will have mentioned the crux of the benefits of the provided services and products. But, when you move on, you can discuss them in detail.

Send Regards with Politeness

The ending matters a lot when it comes to email pitch. The email pitch should end on good terms. It is important not to sound rude or harsh in the end. You should end your email with a polite tone, and explain how they can benefit from collaborating with you.

Moreover, the call to action in the conclusion can really help to increase the reply rate. Let them know you are waiting to hear back from them. This helps to make an emotional connection with your users and provoke them to at least reply to you.

The structure of email should be designed in such a way that the user can’t resist but contact you back and collaborate with you.

4 Additional Useful Tips for Writing an Effective Email

There is no doubt that writing an email pitch is not easy for any other marketer, business person, or even a professional writer. Anyhow, if they follow effective tips then they can write it easily and effectively.

Here you can find 4 tips to write an error-free email pitch:

1. Avoid Cold Email Pitch

In an email, it is crucial to avoid copying and pasting or using the same structure as other people. The email looks best when it is written manually every time with proper background knowledge.

When you send the same cold email template to hundreds of other email receptors. It can backfire, and in result the email you will send may end in spam.

Moreover, it can be a bad approach to send the exact same email to bundles of email receivers without learning the background of it.

  1. It is bad to send an email about buying a comb to a person who doesn’t have hair.

It is important to learn the background of users, and learn if they can turn out as potential clients for your business or not. Sending ten emails with proper audit is better than 100 emails without knowing the recipient’s background.

The takeaway of this heading is that you should personalize your emails and just send random ones to everyone.

2. Take Care of Grammar

Perfect grammar is important while writing an email. The user experience can be negatively affected by grammatical errors, and your users may lose confidence in you as a result.

That is why it is important to go through an online grammar check and fix all the grammar mistakes. It will help the user to read the email easily and understand each and every point you want to discuss in it.

Moreover, grammar checking is an important part especially when you are writing an effective email pitch.

3. Make a Personal Connection

When the user reads your email, they can imagine you saying those words. This can help you make personal connections with your users.

You can make your user feel that you understand him/her. With the words you use, you can let them know that you care for them, understand what they want, and are capable of providing it.

4. Provide Only Useful Information

When writing your email, you should take care only to provide useful information. Don’t ramble on needlessly. Only provide them the vary bare details so that they can get incited in visiting your website and getting to know more about your brand.

It is for this reason that email content is best when it contains only limited and useful information. Using limited words, you are able to convey what you want to say without wasting users’ time.


In marketing business, email marketing can have a huge impact, regardless of whether it is about increasing blog traffic, generating leads, or getting sales. There are different strategies to perform email marketing, but all of them ask for a good and effective email pitch.

It is important to make sure that you follow the proper structure of the email template, and take care of some important points to write an effective emails pitch.