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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: On 17th September, 2022, the prime minister of India made grand announcement of the national logistics policy and the unified logistics interface, and just like UPI revolutionised the payment industry in India, this policy is expected to revolutionise the entire logistics industry of India, including Road, Rail, Waterways and even air logistics! and more importantly, in this extremely competitive international market, its expected to evolve India into a fierce competitor not just in ASIA but all across the world!! but as usual, while most media houses copy pasted the prime minister announcement of NLP, very few of them actually cared to Explain how exactly will transform the logistics of India!! 
So in this case study, let’s do a deep dive, and try to understand,
What are the major hurdles in Indian logistics industry that is pulling India behind?
How will the systems of National logistics policy and ULIP transform the logistics industry of India?
What are the hurdles that can turn the same policy into a disaster?
and most importantly, as students of business, what are the study materials to help you understand the evolving landscape of the logistics industry of India??

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