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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: Ever since the independence of our country, since the past 75 years, we have been voicing our concerns for the farmers and small businesses of our country. While one side, capitalists claim that freebies and loan waivers to farmers are ruining the economy of our country, on the other side, socialists cry about the lack facilities and the Giant companies paralysing the progress of small businesses!!! and while both socialists and capitalistic have been busy arguing, the politicians have the used it as an opportunity to make promises, give out freebies and rise to power!! But at the end of the day, the fact remains that Indian farmers and small businesses are still struggling even after 75 years!!
But but but this is where the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has come out with an absolutely revolutionary programme called the one district one product programme!! and if executed properly it will not just make farmers rich but will also turn the smallest districts of Uttar Pradesh into the export hubs of the country!!! The best part is that this programme has already been so successful in the past 3 years, that now It is regarded as the most important scheme for regional economic development all across India!!

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