We all know that software engineers at FAANG are paid a boatload of money, but not everyone is good at coding and even if they are, they don’t exactly want to be a software engineers. Fortunately, there are several other roles at FAANG that pay nearly as much without any coding. One such career path is becoming a product manager. Product managers are responsible for defining the vision, goals, and strategy of a given feature or product. Another lucrative career path is becoming a program manager and specifically a technical program manager. Technical program managers at FAANG are responsible for executing the visions of product managers. And finally, the third major noncoding pathway is becoming a solutions architect. Solutions architects serve a highly technical role in that they’re responsible for connecting all of the right technologies at ensuring that they have enough scale and reliability. This video explains the responsibilities, compensation, and career paths of the most common noncoding roles at FAANG.

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0:00 – Software Engineers
1:07 – Product Managers
3:54 – Program Managers
6:51 – Solutions Architects
10:02 – Alternatives