In this Facebook Ads Course, you will learn how to create profitable Facebook Ads that work in 2022 from start to finish.

The Alarming Reason ONLY 1% SUCCEED with Shopify and Facebook Ads (Eye-Opening)

Instantly Take the Mystery Out of Profitable Facebook Ads

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The first lessons in this course will teach beginners how to create an ad account, business manager, and pixel. Then, the Facebook ad lessons will teach you how to create winning Facebook Ads, scale your ad account, and create Facebook Ads that work. This Facebook Ads course was recorded over 7 months and is updated for iOS14.

00:00 Pondir Facebook Advertising
01:07 What are Facebook Ads
07:03 Creating a Facebook Business Manager
30:52 Creating a Facebook Advertising Account
56:19 Creating a Facebook Pixel & Conversions API
01:11:48 Working Backwards & the traditional marketing funnel is broken
01:34:22 How to Build The Pondir Diamond Funnel in Facebook Ads
01:42:05 How To Create An Advertising Story
02:01:35 How To Create Optimized Performance Ad Copy
02:26:50 How To Reverse Engineer (Hack) Your Competitions Facebook Ads
02:52:00 How To Reverse Engineer Video Ads
03:09:28 How To Create Facebook Ad Creatives
03:26:17 How To Verify A Facebook Ads Launch (Pre-Launch Checklist)
03:33:55 How To Launch Your Facebook Ads Campaign
05:24:39 How To Analyze Facebook Ads
05:56:27 How To Scale Facebook Ads
06:30:34 What’s Next?

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