Instagram is one of the most important and dominant social media marketing platforms with a total of 2.2 million active users on this platform. This platform is known as the thought leader when it comes to innovation and the introduction of new tools and features. Instagram tries its best to ease the marketing process of its brand and businesses linked to this platform.

 Several new tools are introduced by this platform and this platform greatly emphasizes the community-building practices as well so that the brand can collaborate and support each other in the best way possible. As this is the only way to beat the competition that a brand encounters in this competitive environment otherwise, they would have to wait for their audience to notice their efforts. The more people are getting aware of the opportunities offered by this platform the more they are going to join it and this is making the competition tougher.

This is the reason why many brands prefer to buy Instagram followers so that they can boost the visibility and discoverability of their brand on this platform.  In this way, they not only get a higher level of engagement but also can drive the awareness of the brand on a bigger level.

 If we talk about the Instagram stories feature it is one of the most popular features of Instagram that is widely liked by its audience.  If you are looking to know more about this feature you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about this Instagram story’s features and also how you can upload the Instagram story using different mediums. So, let’s get started…

 The topic that we are going to discuss in this blog are:

What are Instagram stories?

 How to post an Instagram story using a laptop?

 Frequently Asked Questions

 wrap up

What are Instagram stories?

 Instagram story is one of the most recently introduced and most popular features of Instagram that is widely adopted by the audience of Instagram from all over the world.  The most unique factor about this feature is that it disappears after the completion of 24 hours and this is what makes it more exciting for the audience.  The audience of Instagram prefers to watch Instagram stories more than anything else because they are displayed on the top of their profile so they can easily access the stories of the people they are following on Instagram.

 The Instagram story feature is also a great way to boost the visibility and discoverability of your Instagram account and also it helps you drive a higher level of engagement on your content. Whereas by Instagram followers is another effective way to boost the level of engagement of your Instagram stories. So, we can say that Instagram stories play a very important role in making a brand popular on social media. You can also boost the engagement on your profile by buy Instagram likes and getting the maximum interaction and response from your audience.  

How to post Instagram stories using a laptop?

 So, after knowing the importance of the Instagram story feature it’s the right time to learn how you can upload an Instagram story using a laptop. You only need to follow the given simple series of steps

  • Open the official website of Instagram and get logged into it.
  • Then tap on the plus button located in the top right corner of your screen. A menu for creating new posts will appear in front of you.
  •  After this, you will be directed to the gallery of your device from where you can select up to 10 photos or videos.  Choose the content that you want to upload as a story on Instagram.
  •  Now apply editing and effects on the selected photos or videos and make them the way you want.
  •  After you are done with the editing part of your Instagram story, write a compelling caption along with it so that it may grab the attention of the users on a bigger level.
  •  You can also add stickers to boost the interaction on your story content.
  •  Now choose the audience of your story and tap on the share button.

 So, in this way, you can upload a compelling story on Instagram by following these simple series of steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Now we’re going to mention some of the most frequently asked queries Related to Instagram stories that might be helpful for you

 Where do I see my schedule stories?

 You can see all of your scheduled stories in the right column and also you can see the date and time that is scheduled for this story. And when the story is successfully uploaded on your Instagram account it will indicate a green check mark sign.

Can a long video be posted as an Instagram story?

 Now you can only post a video up to 15 seconds if your content is longer than 15 seconds then Instagram will automatically cut your video content to this limit.

 Can I choose the audience for my Instagram story?

 Yes, Instagram allows you to choose the audience for your Instagram stories. So, you are free to decide the people to whom you want to show your Instagram story and, in this way, you can hide your story from the rest of others.  People will not be notified about your Instagram story even if they are present in your following list.

 Wrap up

 So, after reading this blog till the end, I hope you know a lot of things about the Instagram story feature and also how you can upload it using a laptop.  just keep following all the above-given practices while creating story content on Instagram and no one can stop you from making a powerful presence on this competitive platform.

 I hope you find it informative and helpful.  if you have anything to ask, feel free to write me in the comment section below

Thank you

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