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Content marketing for B2B SaaS brands is a leading source of business success. According to ProfitWell, SaaS brands that prioritize content marketing experience a higher growth rate than those that don’t.

Utilizing content marketing for your B2B SaaS brand can be a profitable venture. But not all content marketing strategies work optimally.

Good content marketing involves lots of planning to produce desired results for your B2B SaaS business. There are ways to boost the performance of your B2B SaaS content marketing, and you are about to find out how.

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What is B2B SaaS content marketing?

Content marketing is a brand marketing approach that involves the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content for your target audience.

For SaaS B2B brands, content marketing is targeted at satisfying the content needs of target users for every stage of the buyer’s journey in order to generate leads, conversions and customer retention.

Why is content marketing important for SaaS?

Reports show that 92% of marketers view content as an integral asset to their business. Good content marketing can generate over 448% ROI for SaaS brands. This is why lots of marketers are utilizing content marketing as a strategy to grow their business.

Also, content marketing is a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing. Content marketing costs 62% less and generates three times more leads than traditional marketing. This makes it a more cost-effective marketing option.

More so, content marketing is a great way to connect with your target market. Ninety-five percent of B2B buyers say that content provides a trustworthy parameter when evaluating the business. This means that your content is usually the first or most impressionable point of connection to your brand for your target users.

The right content gives them an insight into your business and a reason to trust your brand as an industry expert with the right solutions.

For example, a blog post on how to create beginner-friendly graphic designs by a graphics design brand like Canva can draw in users to the brand and its product services.

Saas content marketing examples


Adobe uses an online magazine and publication site CMO.com as a social platform to engage users. Here, users can learn, share and get help from one another.

While this content marketing strategy might seem elaborate, it has generated business success for the brand, and the publications are evergreen for specific content needs of users.


Monday.com uses videos in its brand’s content marketing. They create instructional YouTube videos which enhance their organic traffic.

This clever content marketing style is great for attracting users and getting the best engagements.


Mailchimp uses brand storytelling through short films and documentaries to deliver relevant content to its audiences. This is a great tool for brand awareness that sticks in the minds of users.

The outcome of this high-performing content marketing is trustworthiness and brand loyalty for the B2B SaaS business.

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5 ways to boost your B2B SaaS content marketing

1. Conduct proper research

Proper research will enhance the odds of high-performing content for your SaaS B2B content marketing. It gives you an insight into your target market and the kind of content that works.

This involves researching the target buyers, your competitors and the market behavior of your target industry. You can track the market through surveys, trends and engagements as well.

To get the best outcome out of your research, creating a buyer persona from your research can be useful.

2. Focus on the buyer’s journey

The content needs of your target market for every stage of the sales funnel in their purchase journey are different. This is why your content marketing has to expand beyond a single focus.

For example, an existing buyer will require content that keeps them engaged and loyal to your brand, whilst a prospective buyer needs more persuasive content to attract sales conversion.

You can use blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, videos or user-generated content like reviews and testimonials for different stages of your buyer’s journey.

However, every buyer’s journey is different, and this means the type of content that works for them in each stage differs. This is why creating a buyer persona can be handy.

3. Utilize keywords strategy

For users to find your content, you have to use the right keywords that are relevant to their search queries.

For example, content with the keywords “best project management tools” will be relevant to a search query for someone looking for project management tools, and it will appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

The important thing about utilizing keywords in your content marketing is research and placement.

Keyword research will help you know what your target audiences are looking for, giving you an idea of what content to create. Also, you can use keyword tools to understand how your audiences want to see the keywords in your content.

For example, if users are asking “Why is email marketing good for your business?” you may want to add that to your content to improve your chances of ranking on the SERP with related content.

4. Build content authority

One of the factors that contribute to your brand’s trustworthiness is the reputation attached to your brand. Content marketing is great for building a reputation as an authority in your industry.

Whilst this can be done through the relevance and high-quality information that is contained in your content, you can really enjoy the brand authority more if you are referenced by other brands.

This means you have to create content that can be a data resource for other brands’ content or participate in guest posting to get external links from other sites.

Also, external links boost your reach because your content is exposed to new and larger audiences that are different from your own audiences.

5. Use social media

Social media is one of the most successful ways to reach an audience. However, it is vital to choose a platform with the right demography of users for your business.

B2B brands generally do better with more professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. Ninety-four percent of B2B SaaS brands use LinkedIn as a distribution channel for their content.

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Platforms like Medium, Reddit, Quora and Twitter are great, too. However, you can succeed with your content marketing on social media if you create engaging content.

For example, videos and trending topics can drive traffic to your content. Also, user-generated content like hashtag campaigns can be helpful for social media content marketing.

The performance of your content marketing is based on your content marketing strategy. Knowing what to do and how to do it can really go a long way in producing the desired result. It also helps to evaluate your content through regular content audits. You can always update or recreate content when necessary.

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