The key to a profitable business is promotion, which includes blogging. However, it requires more than just posting a link to an article on your Twitter or Facebook account to enhance your business or drive more visitors to your website.

As a result, blogger outreach has grown in popularity in recent years. Blogger outreach, or blogger relations, refers to businesses collaborating with bloggers to develop genuine and authentic material to advertise services, brands, and goods.

You’ll find five compelling blogger outreach methods to attempt in this piece.

1. Make Research Your Best Friend

You have to become an artist when doing blogger outreach. Creatively doing things will help you in the best manner. And research might help you with this. Didn’t get what we are trying to explain? Let’s elaborate it for you.

Read the below email received as a part of blogger outreach to a lifestyle blog:

Hey there,

I am writing this email to inquire if you can submit a link for our website at;

Our website is a digital marketing agency running a blog, newsletter, and magazine to offer insights on daily trends.

I look forward to your consideration. Many thanks.


Kacy Hogg

Now, how can you examine that the outreach is poor? Here are a few hacks:

  1. It isn’t personalized. (Do you see any name after hey there?)
  2. The email is a template and not thoughtfully written.
  3. The outreach is irrelevant. (Who approaches a lifestyle blog owner to submit a link for a digital marketing agency?)

If you aren’t the one who can do blogger outreach on your own, there are professional agencies like My Outreach that are there to help you out.

Image Address

2. Look Out For Blog Aesthetics

Although it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover, there is often insufficient time to read the pages when performing outreach. Imagine searching through 200 blogs to discover 20 people to hire – plenty of clicking and scrolling involved!

There are several basic blogging no-nos, such as not using a black backdrop with white writing, using an insignificant font that is impossible to read, using an overly huge header, and having music playing when you visit the site, which would lead many marketers to click away instantly.

Another consideration includes the spacing and the appearance of a blog article. Space once after every sentence ends; otherwise, the entire structure will get messed up. Go with something simple if you cannot afford an expert’s design.

Also, remember that the most crucial aspect of your design is the content. Try not to make your background too busy so that anyone who comes in to give you employment doesn’t have to trawl through the “design” to reach your content.

If a blogger spends the time to ensure that their general blog design is excellent, we have confidence that they will make the post we’ve asked them to write appear friendly as well.

3. Bring Social Media To Your Rescue

While searching for potential link targets, social media is an excellent resource. Look up Twitter hashtags like #journorequest or #guestpost – if you contact people genuinely fascinated by guest posts and ask them, you are more inclined to get a positive answer.

To get the best results, use a keyword appropriate for your client. For example, if you wanted to discover a fashion blogger, you could combine the hashtags #fashion and #guestpost to get a more meaningful results list.

4. Collaborate With Digital Brand Ambassadors

Bloggers are everywhere nowadays, making it effortless to locate potential brand ambassadors who would promote the items or services you offer. Reaching out to them, introducing yourself and your company, and making a proposal that includes anything for free is one of the most influential methods to do so.

For example, Lorna Jane, the chief of digital marketing, selects bloggers, offers specialized pitches or proposals, and links the company’s activewear to let them pick a free item. Bloggers can then submit photographs and articles mentioning the brand.

If you want to promote a business or service but can’t afford to provide anything free, brainstorm and come up with a unique strategy that bloggers would find appealing.

5. Organize In-person Blogger Events

Blogger outreach does not require simple software; holding blogger meetups is a brilliant technique for increasing brand visibility. Face-to-face events strengthen ongoing relationships with notable bloggers and add credibility to pieces they publish about your business, goods, or services.

This one-of-a-kind strategy allows you to avoid the most frequent error that most people make: forgetting that bloggers have an existence outside of the blog. Contacting them and inviting multiple bloggers to events demonstrates that you don’t only see them as advertising tools.


Blogger outreach is a successful approach to improving the quality of your business’s products, services, or anything else you want. To accomplish this, use specialized services to discover appropriate bloggers for you, hold blogger events, and build strong relationships with the influencers you find reliable for the long run.