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About the Video:

Hey Beautiful People,

If you are a Founder of a Software Development Company, CEO, or want to get clients for your SAAS Products. Then this video is especially for you.

Because in this entire video, I’ll tell you about how you do SAAS Marketing or Digital Marketing for IT Companies.

Most of the CEO & Founder of the SAAS Company or IT Companies have failed to sell their products to their customers.

Because they don’t know how to do marketing research & who is their exact customer.

Because, they are trying to sell their products to everyone, except that most of the other reasons are here that’s why they are unable to do marketing of their SAAS Products.

But don’t worry, after watching this video, you are not only able to do Digital Marketing for SAAS Products, but you will know how you get the high-ticket clients for your SAAS Products.

So, please don’t skip the video & watch the video till the end, and don’t forget to like, share & subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Because in this channel you will have sales tips, business tips, digital marketing tips, tricks, case studies & many more.

Good Luck!


0:00 | Introduction
2:03 | 5 Strategies To Get Customers to Your SAAS Platform
2:38 | Ideal Customer Profile
2:58 | Concept of TAM
4:50 | Serviceable Obtainable Market
8:21 | Positioning
12:15 | Build Content Marketing & SEO Strategy
13:19 | Build Minimum Visible Service
14:15 | Conversion Rate Optimization

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