In order to simplify and improve how creators turn leverage ads in YouTube Studio, YouTube is removing individual ad controls for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads on newly uploaded videos. 

While this had been a part of the platform’s recommended best practices, the ad controls are being removed because making individual selections was confusing for both existing and newly monetizing creators. 

From now on, when creators turn ads On, viewers can see any of the ad formats mentioned above. Creators have the autonomy to turn ads On or Off. YouTube will utilize many factors to determine when viewers will see these types of ads once they are turned On. These factors include the amount of time viewers are exposed to ads and the number of times an ad interrupts the video they’re watching. This is being done to maximize revenue and ensure a positive viewing experience. 



Furthermore, creators would continue to have full control over mid-roll ads as they would be able to manually select ad breaks for mid-rolls or turn on automatic ad breaks. It is to be noted that these changes would apply to new videos being uploaded on YouTube whereas all previously uploaded videos will retain their existing ad format selections.

The changes are set to be implemented later this year in November.

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