Digital evolution is significantly transforming the functioning of companies and the organization of their production. This transformation is driven by the advancement of new digital technologies and their applications in developing and increasing sales. That is why this time, we will look at what Bitcomers is, a platform that allows you to have significant leverage as an entrepreneur and a solid business initiative for the future.

What is Bitcomers?

Bitcomers is a platform launched in October 2019 that offers everyone education and business tools. It also offers business opportunities for those entrepreneurs who want to generate commissions by marketing their tools and services.

Who was the creator of the Bitcomers platform?

It is essential to specify that the Bitcomers platform was created by a Colombian company called BUILDERCOMERS SAS, which has NIT 901314409-5 and is registered under all laws in Eastern Antioquia.

What tools do Bitcomers provide to Businesses, Companies or Independents?

In summary, the Bitcomers platform offers digital tools that will allow businessescompanies, or independent workers to achieve sophistication in promoting and marketing their products and services through new technologies.

The most exciting thing about the tools that Bitcomers provides is that they can be used by anyone who is not an expert without prior knowledge in the digital world. Even people who have a tablet or mobile phone will be able to access each of the tools offered by this platform.

Bitcomers Digital Tools

Capture pages: These famous landing pages will allow you to attract customers efficiently. To use this tool, just a few clicks remain, and everything is ready.

Video funnels: These videos help you capture potential prospects and new customers for your business. Creating a funnel with this platform is easier than you expect.

Website creation: Create a commercial website with the support of 29 templates, which will give your business a better identity and projection in digital marketing. In this case, you can create your page with simple drop and drag operations.

Creation of commercial page: Generate a commercial page in which you can add the services you offer, personal data, and products. This tool is ideal for companies and independent people who want to create compelling digital leverage.

URL Shortener: Currently, like the best-known shorteners, this will help you create friendlier links for customers who connect daily with your business.

WhatsApp API: This tool can create a direct link that can be used on your website or commercial blog to have direct and constant contact with each client in real time. Great, don’t you think!

Creation of Advertisements

Bitcomers gives you the possibility of advertising your products or services without any limits through a private network that will allow you to make yourself known or, in turn, to interact with other companies and use their services. On the other hand, the platform allows Canvas and FotoJet to create professional banners, which are used either in the private advertising network or externally.

Elite Group Academy

Finally, within what the platform offers, we have the academy, which is essential for a premium membership. This academy will provide sufficient financial education to promote your business professionally and with the latest digital marketing trends. A membership that will be worth trying.