In this world where audio and videos dominate our lives, unwanted sounds are gruesome. Thus, we are constantly fighting the battle against noise be it in the audio, video, podcast, lecture, conference, TV show, or any other content. 

Noise in your content causes the audience to lose interest quickly and they leave your videos leading to fewer views, likes, and watching hours. The need here is to improve the quality of your audio by opting for a noise removal gadget. But which gadget should I use? I’m sure this is the question that often bothers you. 

In today’s guide, we will talk about, which is an advanced tool with cutting-edge technology for noise removal and audio enhancement. Let’s discuss how to clean and improve your video sound quality using this tool. 

What is a Noise Removal Tool?

The noise removal tool also known as noise remover is a specialized gadget that helps us in improving sound quality by eliminating unnecessary sounds or noises. It is an intelligent tool that quickly removes the background noises without discarding the speech sounds. 

Types of Noises?

Before moving forward, it is important to learn the types of noises in your audio and sound recordings so you will have an idea about the tool and its working. 

There are four basic types of noises: 

  1. Continuous noise is the first type of noise. It stays consistent throughout the audio or given time period. For example, the sound of a fan in the room while recording audio or video. 
  2. Intermittent noise is the second form that steadily increases or decreases in your sound recording. For example, an airplane flying overhead, the sound of a vehicle on the street, etc. 
  3. Impulsive noise is the third type which is associated with the production of a sudden bang that can startle an individual. This type of noise is common in construction sites. For example, the abrupt sound of breaking a glass. 
  4. Low Frequency noise is the last type of noise. As the name suggests, it is the noise caused by low-frequency sounds that feels like vibrations to the human ear because it is not within the audible frequency. For example, deep rumbles of thunder, and earthquakes contain low frequency noise. 

Now you have learned about all four types of noises. Let’s learn about their effective removal using the noise removal gadget. 

How to Clean and Improve Your Sound Quality using

The noises in our audio and voice recording can only be avoided using a soundproof room which not every individual can afford especially those who start up their YouTube channels or social media streaming. For such individuals, noise removal is the best option. 

Follow the steps below to use the noise removal tool effectively. 

1. Upload the Recorded Audio:

Upload the audio file you want to enhance by removing the unnecessary sounds. The file must be smaller than 50 MB and must not be longer than 5 minutes. It is free of cost and provides effective enhancement results. 

2. Select Enhancement:

The next step is to select the enhancement type, meaning what exactly you want to enhance in your audio. There are four enhancement options with variable uses, these options are described below:

  • Improve the Quality:
  • It improves the sound quality of the audio. 
  • It makes speech sounds more audible.
  • Reduce the Background Noise:
  • It reduces the background noises or unnecessary sounds in the video.
  • The tool effectively targets and removes all four kinds of noises.
  • Clean up the Speech:
  • It clarifies the speech produced by humans. 
  • It makes the speech sound audible and understandable.
  • Fix the Loudness and Levels:
  • It fixes the levels of loudness, softness, pitch, and frequency. 
  • It incorporates equality in sounds by bringing the levels to a specified range.

Choose the option that fulfills the enhancement requirements of your audio. 

3. Select Content:

The specification of content allows the tool to enhance the audio according to the type of content. There are nine content options which are listed below:

  • Mobile video 
  • Podcast 
  • Educational video
  • Interview or meeting
  • Lecture or conference 
  • Voice recording 
  • Professional audio 
  • Professional video 
  • Other 

Select the content type according to your requirements, the tool will enhance the audio accordingly. 

4. Enhance:

After that click the ”Enhance Media” button and wait for a minute or less, this tool is pretty fast and provides quality results within just a minute. After the processing is done, the enhanced audio will appear in a new dialogue box. 

5. Play the Enhanced Audio:

Play the enhanced version of the audio and compare it with the original audio. You will see visible results and your audio will sound better and clearer. 

If you are not satisfied with the results you can enhance the audio again by using a different option, perhaps the option you used was not the right one.

6. Download:

Once you are satisfied with the results, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner and click the download button. 

Noise removal from your audio and video has never been this simple, right? Noise removal gadget provides precise results for free and make your audio sound professional. 

Some Applications of Noise Removal Tool:

There are many applications of noise removal, the most fundamental ones are given below:

  • It is used by podcasters to enhance the speech quality of their audio and interviews.
  • It is used by vloggers, videographers, and ASMR videographers to remove background noises from their audio to increase their effectiveness. 
  • It is used by musicians and singers to remove unnecessary sounds from their recordings. 
  • It is used by professors to improve the audibility of recorded lectures
  • It is used by reporters and journalists to remove unnecessary sounds and to enhance their speech sounds.


In short, is the best noise remover to clean and improve your audio and video files. It is free of cost and provides various options for audio enhancement. It improves the audio according to the type of content. If you are looking for a noise removal tool, then it is the best free option.