Join us on an insightful new episode of WP Product Talk titled “Pricing for Profit: Strategies for WordPress Product Owners”. Our special guest is James Baldaccino, an expert in marketing and sales strategies at GetElipsis. James brings a wealth of experience in developing pricing strategies that not only attract customers but also ensure profitability for WordPress product businesses.

In this episode, James will share his knowledge and proven tactics to help you understand how to effectively price your WordPress products. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your existing pricing model, this discussion will provide valuable insights. Co-hosts Amber Hinds and Zack Katz will delve into the nuances of pricing in the competitive WordPress market, ensuring you walk away with practical advice and innovative strategies to boost your business.

WP Product Talk is a weekly podcast designed with WordPress product owners in mind. Our experienced cadre of co-hosts includes:

Amber Hinds, Founder & CEO at Equalize Digital
Zack Katz, Founder of Gravity Kit
Katie Keith, CEO of Barn2 Media
Matt Cromwell, co-Founder of GiveWP and Senior Director of Customer Experience at StellarWP
Tune in each week as we explore the challenges and triumphs of running a WordPress product business. Enhance your expertise with us!