In today’s digital landscape, having a robust audience base is crucial for the success of any AI application. With the rapid advancements in technology, developers and creators are constantly seeking innovative ways to grow their audience and increase their application’s visibility. One such avenue that has emerged as a game-changer in this regard is AI Collection – a curated platform that serves as a hub for AI enthusiasts, developers, and users alike. In this article, we’ll explore how you can effectively utilize AI Collection to propel the growth of your AI application and reach a wider audience.

Submit Your Application to AI Collection

The first step towards expanding your audience on AI Collection is to submit your AI application through their dedicated submission portal. By doing so, you not only gain visibility within the AI Collection community but also position your application for potential recognition and endorsement. The steps include adding a link, title, description, custom content with custom design using markdown format, and even pricing details and social media links.

Submit Link: AI Collection Submission Portal

Secure Your Place on AI Collection’s GitHub List

AI Collection maintains a hand-picked list of notable AI applications on their GitHub repository. Securing your place on this curated list not only boosts your application’s credibility but also enhances its discoverability among developers and enthusiasts browsing through the repository. By being featured among a curated selection of top-tier AI projects, your application gains valuable exposure and stands out in a competitive landscape.

AI Collections GitHub page displays the AI Applications grouped by categories and includes a “Top Picks” section for visibility boost for a few chosen AI Applications.

Showcase Your Application with a Blog Post on AI Collection

A well-crafted blog post can serve as a powerful tool to showcase the capabilities and uniqueness of your AI application. AI Collection provides a platform for developers to share insights, case studies, and technical details about their applications through blog posts hosted on their website. By submitting a blog post about your application to AI Collection, you not only contribute valuable content to the community but also attract potential users and collaborators who resonate with your project’s vision and objectives.

Every blog post is automatically translated to all supported languages – Russian, French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese (simplified). To assist with the writing of your blog, you can use one of the writing assistant AI Applications that can be found on AI Collection. 

Every blog that is posted on AI Collection will also have a teaser on AI Collections GitHub discussions section. 

Engage with the Community through AI Collection’s GitHub Discussions

Engagement is key to fostering a vibrant and active community around your AI application. AI Collection’s GitHub Discussions section serves as a dynamic forum where developers, users, and enthusiasts come together to exchange ideas, seek assistance, and share insights related to AI technologies. By actively participating in discussions and adding promotional content related to your application, you can organically amplify its visibility and engage with a diverse audience of AI enthusiasts and stakeholders.

Needless to say that GitHub’s SEO will boost the visibility of the content on the discussion section, thus increasing visibility and reach for the content you post on it.

Promote on AI Collection

By purchasing a promotion package for your application on AI Collection, you can ensure that it will receive maximum visibility on the AI Collection platform. AI Collection will showcase your AI application in premium locations, such as:

  • The Top Picks section on GitHub and the website’s home page.
  • The Alternatives section alongside AI applications in the same category as yours.
  • The first position on the category page.

Additionally Soon:

  • On a new AI Collection Chrome extension that will display alternative applications when users visit a website.
  • Featured in a weekly Newsletter!

In conclusion

AI Collection offers a comprehensive platform for developers and creators to grow their audience and expand the reach of their AI applications. By leveraging the various features and opportunities provided by AI Collection – from submission portals and curated lists to blog posts and community engagement – you can effectively amplify the visibility and impact of your AI application, ultimately driving its growth and success in the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.