In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), staying updated with the latest trends, breakthroughs, and discussions is paramount for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. 

Fortunately, curated AI newsletters offer a convenient way to receive valuable insights, news, research findings, and more, directly in your inbox. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top AI newsletters that belong in your inbox, focusing on six standout options: Mindstream, The Rundown AI, The Neuron, AlphaSignal, Deep Learning Weekly, The Batch | DeepLearning.AI, and Superhuman.

1. Mindstream

Mindstream has quickly become a premier daily AI newsletter, amassing over 130,000 subscribers since its launch in 2023. Led by tech entrepreneurs Adam Biddlecombe, Matt Village, and Matt Pogla, Mindstream provides a comprehensive summary of key developments, innovative applications, expert opinions, and AI art. 

Its lighthearted yet informative tone, coupled with daily productivity tips, makes it an indispensable resource for staying effortlessly informed on AI’s rapid growth.

2. The Rundown AI

Launched in 2023 by tech entrepreneur Rowan Cheung, The Rundown AI has swiftly become one of the most popular AI newsletters, boasting over 500,000 subscribers. 

With its engaging and accessible tone, The Rundown AI summarizes the latest AI innovations and industry developments into easily digestible insights. Handpicked by Cheung and his team, the newsletter filters the most important AI news, making staying up-to-date effortless for both experts and newcomers.

3. The Neuron

The Neuron, founded in early 2023 by Northwestern students and tech entrepreneurs Pete Huang and Noah Edelman, has attracted over 240,000 subscribers with its engaging and concise breakdowns of top AI news. 

Each issue features the latest industry developments, innovative tools, and expert opinions, alongside a dose of lighthearted humor tied to The Neuron’s cat theme. With its informative content and actionable advice, 

The Neuron has become an essential daily resource for staying current on the transforming AI landscape.

4. AlphaSignal

AlphaSignal, an acclaimed weekly AI newsletter launched in 2018, focuses on delivering the latest industry breakthroughs and announcements to over 170,000 technically-oriented subscribers. 

Beyond news recaps, AlphaSignal provides expert coding tips, trending GitHub repositories, and thoughtful analysis of emerging innovations, making it essential reading for engineers and developers seeking to stay informed on AI’s rapid pace of advancement.

5. Deep Learning Weekly

Launched in 2018, Deep Learning Weekly focuses specifically on deep learning advancements. Each issue summarizes the latest research papers, technologies, startups, acquisitions, and more, allowing readers to stay effortlessly informed. 

With comprehensive yet accessible industry coverage, Deep Learning Weekly has become essential reading for students, engineers, researchers, and businesses seeking an all-in-one resource for tracking progress in deep learning.

6. The Batch | DeepLearning.AI

The Batch, a popular free weekly AI newsletter focused on natural language processing (NLP) from renowned machine learning institute DeepLearning.AI, offers accessible explanations of key NLP research papers, innovations, and tools each week. 

With its welcoming tone and focus on actionable advice, The Batch is essential reading for students, developers, and businesses exploring the transformative potential of language AI.

7. Superhuman

Superhuman, founded in 2023 by brothers Zain and Awais Khan, is a premier daily AI newsletter with over 500,000 subscribers. Summarising the latest AI developments, innovations, tools, and news into actionable insights, Superhuman helps readers boost productivity and advance their careers.

Leveraging AI tools behind the scenes, such as ChatGPT, Superhuman streamlines operations and provides digestible AI updates and advice.

In conclusion, subscribing to these top AI newsletters ensures you effortlessly stay informed on the latest AI advancements, tools, and discussions. 

Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or just starting in the field, these newsletters offer valuable insights and resources to keep you ahead of the curve.