Outdoor advertising and marketing is crucial for businesses seeking to increase exposure and attract new customers. Feather flags offer a practical advertising method to attract new customers to  businesses using bright, eye-catching flags. These flags are great for informing customers of any store opening, clearance sales, and product promotions. Let’s discuss the specific advantages of advertising flags and how they can help improve your business’s exposure.

Feather Flags are a cost-effective way of marketing your business.

Online advertising, commercials, and billboards can be effective advertising and marketing tools for any business. However, creating and running ambitious digital ad campaigns on programs such as Google and Facebook can cost a pretty penny. From creating impressive graphics and visuals, to coming up with creative and enticing content,  digital media can really be a drain on a marketing budget. Advertising via media or billboard does not come cheap, as well.

When it comes to cost efficient way of advertising your brand, feather flags are the way to do it.  A one-time purchase of an advertising flag can do wonders for increasing awareness of your business or brand. No need to worry about breaking the bank when it comes to promoting your next sales event, as pricing is very affordable compared to other advertising methods like ad campaigns or billboards.

Weather resistance and outstanding durability.

Feather flags are designed and made to withstand tough outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and winds as high as 60 miles per hour. This durability is due to the polyester fabric they are made from. The flags are highly durable and are typically machine washable. Feather flags are wind tested to resist medium to strong winds, with some flags fortified to resist winds up to 70mph.

Easily Customizable To Your Brand

Outdoor feather flags can be customized to display your brand’s logo, message, or any other graphic design that represents your business. This customization allows you to create a unique and personalized advertising display that aligns with your brand identity. Additionally, feather flags are very large, giving you an enormous canvas space to showcase your business or organization. Along with the customizable designs, there are options to have feather flags printed double sided for maximum exposure and vibrancy.

Highly Visible From Multiple Directions

By displaying an eye-catching graphic or message, feather flags are excellent at attracting the attention of passing foot and car traffic. Flags can be as tall as 17 feet, which increases the visibility of the banner which in turn catches the eye of more people. Their unique shapes, impressive heights, and vibrant colors easily attract attention, making feather flags an effective advertising tool for crowded outdoor settings. It is important to check your local code requirements to see if you are allowed to display a feather flag.

Simple Assembly and Effortlessly Portable

Assembling a feather flag is an easy task and only takes a few minutes to complete. Setup includes adding your custom flag to the pole set and attaching the pole set to a base. Effortlessly assemble and dissemble your flag with ease. Check out the assembly instructions and videos of feather flags here, if needed. In addition to the simple assembly, these advertising flags are easy to transport. They are typically crafted from lightweight materials like aluminum and fiberglass and include a carry bag for hassle-free travel and convenient storage.

Great versatility for any business or event

Feather flags are highly versatile advertising tools that can be adapted to fit an array of applications. They are used in outdoor environments and resistant to weather conditions from all four seasons. Whether it’s grass, concrete, or dirt, feather flags can be anchored securely using stakes or placed on a weighted base. Their flexibility allows you to effectively promote your business in diverse outdoor settings. The possibilities are endless for feather flag advertising. They are not only highly flexible, but they are also practical.

You can use these advertising flags for any event or business including:

  • Trade Show Booths
  • Car Dealerships & Repair
  • Department Stores & Shops
  • Schools and Universities
  • Bars and Restaurants

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your feather banners is simple. Gently clean the flags with mild soap, and a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. This keeps them presentable and eye-catching for as long as possible. Any creasing and wrinkles in the fabric can be removed by ironing or steaming your flag. In order to make sure the polyester graphics do not fade or become damaged, avoid using bleach and harsh cleaning chemicals. Using harsh chemicals can damage the fabric material and lead to a less vibrant graphic. For more information on how to maintain and clean your feather flag, click here

Variety of Flag Styes

Choosing the right flag can be a tough decision. There are multiple styles and shapes to choose from including surfboard, teardrop, and feather styles. Businesses offer a variety of printing styles as well. Choose from stock printed flags or 100% customizable prints. All styles ensure your business will attract more attention from prospective customers, leading to an increase in foot traffic.


After reading through the points above, you can clearly see why feather flags are so popular for businesses ranging from mom and pop shops up to large corporate centers. Feather flags are cost efficient, versatile, weather-resistant, completely customizable, and easy to maintain. They are an excellent advertising tool for any business or organization.