In the SaaS field, a lead is recognized as a person who has not bought your product or service yet but shows signs of being a potential buyer by showing interest in whatever you are offering. However, to change that potential customer to an actual buyer, you would need to educate and inform them about your services or products and ensure that they become a customer. Thus, when it comes to SaaS companies, where most of your customers and clients will approach you online, generating leads via SEO becomes crucial.

With that in mind, here are several strategies to generate SaaS leads via SEO.

Devising SEO tactics

S.M.A.R.T. goals

Before adopting any strategies, you must first set some goals for yourself. These goals should ensure your path and will help you decide on the plans and strategies you should follow. One way to get a proper set of goals is by adopting the S.M.A.R.T. goals technique. It stands for specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, and timely. This helps in creating a proper guide for you to plan further.

Ask yourself questions like what you want to achieve (specific), what would be your benchmark for accomplishments (measurable), if all your teammates agree to it or not (agreed), do you have the resources to make your plans into reality (realistic), and when you want the project to be ready by (timely).

Key Performance Indicators

With the goals set (S.M.A.R.T goals), it is time to check if the performance of your efforts is working or not. To do that, you should use KPIs or Key Performance Indicators.

KPIs are metrics used to measure the performance of specific things. They give you an overview of which strategies are fruitful and which need improvement. Some common KIPs that you must keep in mind are organic traffic, rates of landing page conversion, the ratio between traffic to lead, click-through and bounce rate, and the cost per lead.

SEO specialist working on a project

Using the proper keywords

Keywords are another crucial part of performing SEO for SaaS companies. They are particular words or phrases used by people to find a specific thing on a search engine.

Keywords are essential as they serve as the bridge between your website and customers. Thus, doing proper research on the kind of keywords you are going to use for your content is very important. To do that, you must first start thinking like your customers and understand their needs and point of view.

The next thing you can do is target a few specific customers as your potential buyers. In the world of marketing, these people would be considered your target audience. Lastly, do not forget to include very general terms, which are also called head keywords. These can be built off or pared down once you have down more extensive keyword research.

Consider SEO factors

SEO factors are very significant for SaaS companies. Though a lot of people tend to believe that SEO is not necessary. However, that is far from the truth. SEO is still very crucial when it comes to attracting quality traffic to your SaaS site.

Therefore, keep in mind factors such as meta tags, title tags and meta descriptions in order to attract a great deal of quality traffic to your website.

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