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Every recruiter faces the challenge of finding the right candidate for the position. 

Ambra Benjamin, global leadership recruiting leader at Facebook, on Quora said:

“In my opinion, the greatest obstacle for recruiters is connecting with candidates through the noise of all the other 2000 recruiters trying to reach out to the same candidates. I believe the noise will only increase as more tools are made available.”

Hiring based on resumes alone doesn’t work anymore. Almost every recruiter wants to change the conventional interview methods today. Don’t you?

Talent acquisition professionals find that traditional hiring methods reinforce existing biases and have limited ability to assess soft skills. 

A New Wave In Recruiting Strategies

It’s time for a new hiring era that focuses more on human soft skills assessment and their ability to fit into the company culture. 

Nowadays, new interviewing tools, powered by AI, sift through resumes and automatically filters out candidates not suitable for the position. 

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The fast-growing demands of online HR assessment tools are making the hiring process a lot easier and more productive. Not only that, but it makes the entire recruitment process fun and helps companies select candidates with the best temperament and skills required. 

Choose The Best HR Assessment Tool For Your Company

Few factors to consider before buying the assessment software for your business: 

Different testing tools are designed for various positions. In fact, a lot of pre-employment assessment tools are intended for developers. 

Analyze your needs and check if the tool enables you to assess technical or non-technical skills. Further 

Does it offer customized tests? 

What kind of skills (aptitude tests, soft skills, etc.) can you screen? 

  • Integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

If you are using an ATS solution, choose a tool that easily integrates with it. 

But if you are planning to use skills tests in the first part of your hiring process, you can consider using a pre-employment testing tool with a standalone built-in applicant tracking system. 

Skills assessment tools are available in different pricing models, such as monthly subscriptions, pricing per test, pricing per candidate, etc. 

If you use a skill test in the latter part of the recruitment, it might be wise to pay for per candidate. 

But if you hire regularly or screen their basic skills before inviting them for an interview, monthly subscriptions would seem like a viable option. 

Top 8 HR Assessment Tool Every HR Manager Should Consider

There is a wide range of options for HR assessment tools available in the market. We’ve listed out the top 8 skills assessment to help you make the right selection. 

1. Adaface

Adaface is a pre-employment evaluation tool used in engineering and technology recruitments. It is one of the most sophisticated AI-powered conversation platforms.

The software comes with an in-built code editor to facilitate technical screening. This assists the HR manager in planning and conducting first-round technical interviews. 

Adaface uses an AI chatbot for insightful technical discussions. It has no testing facility but can quickly screen smart techies.

adaface hr assessment tool dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Engineers, Developers

 Key Features

  • Granular scoring techniques
  • Advanced reporting mechanism
  • Automated screening process
  • Coding in multiple programming languages
  • Options to invite talented candidates
  • Time-boxing calendar management


  • Automated alert generation
  • Customized technical chat


  • A bit on the expensive side


2.  Athena Quotient

An half-hour interview conducted manually can’t access the depth of a candidate’s technical knowledge. Besides, evaluation techniques do not focus enough on a candidate’s attitude such as interest, integrity, and aspiration.

Athena Quotient can address all these significant aspects. It is a high-quality, pre-employment testing tool for judging personality.

Being one of the best HR assessment tools for measuring judgment, the HR manager can create tests, design quizzes, and evaluate decision-making skills individually. It can be used by all sizes of enterprises — small, mid, and big.

Who can I hire with it? Various categories

Key Features

  • Webinars, online and in-person training
  • Scoring
  • Advanced statistical techniques
  • Individualized assessment
  • Test/Quiz creation


  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Simple to navigate


  • Per Assessment: Quote on request
  • Subscription Model: Starts at $500 per month

3.  Berke

Berke is a customizable HR software that can accurately measure a candidate’s personality and intelligence that predict success on the job. It can measure and analyze various traits such as problem-solving skills needed to carry out the responsibilities. 

Berke is an HR-friendly tool with versatile features that enables you to create custom hiring profiles and match a candidate against the company’s job benchmarks. It generates clear, graphical, and friendly reports too.

Over 700 companies use Berke to carry out a pre-employment assessment test. 

berke dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Various categories

Key Features

  • Supports dashboards and integration of APIs
  • Candidates profile and interview management 
  • Customizable testing of aptitude and personality traits
  • Candidate comparison
  • Aptitude testing


  • Comprehensive, mobile-friendly evaluation platform
  • Great interview questions


  • UI/UX design can be improved further


4. Codility

Recruiters look for talented techies with real-time coding skills. Codility facilitates online coding and testing assessment and simplifies the remote techie screening and hiring tasks.

The HR assessment software gives aspirants the freedom to choose multiple tests. They have to complete programming exercises on time. Codility performs unit testing on these applications and grades the candidate automatically from one to 100. The full-fledged platform selects highly proficient engineers.

It is trusted by the world’s best companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, American Express, and more. 

codility dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Technical Staff

Key Features 

  • Technical skills and aptitude testing
  • Candidates comparison and profile management
  • Time and attendance management
  • Individualized assessments
  • Certificate management


  • Facilitates CRM and multi-user interaction
  • Cheat tracking



5. McQuaig

HR managers focus as much on soft skills as they do on technical skills. With tools like McQuaig, recruiters can accurately measure a candidate’s personality traits, behavior, and cognitive abilities. 

The software comes with a rich library of standardized job profiles and has room for building new job profiles too. Backed by decades of research and experience, McQuaig is helpful in pre-hire testing and talent assessments.

It adds context and quickly finds the right candidates with job fitness. McQuaigs’s profiling tools, metric tests, and word surveys generate comprehensive, result-oriented reports for each assessed individual.

McQuaig dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Various categories

Key Features

  • Cognitive assessment
  • Dedicated job profile analyst
  • Structured interview guides
  • Bulk candidate action
  • Predictive modeling on hiring success


  • Highly robust and functionally
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Starts at $129 per survey

6. Saberr

Modern businesses thrive on teamwork and positive work culture. Employees who do not fit into the company’s eco-system become a liability. HR software like Saberr can help managers build strong teams. 

Saberr brings together groups of candidates and aims at improving employees’ performance by focusing on continual improvement, emotional intelligence, and error-correction methods. In other words, it helps in the internal HR process. 

The award-winning software also develops leadership skills. It facilitates remote teamwork through effective collaboration. HR managers use CoachBot to recruit and train high-performing teams.

Saberr dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Manager & Teams

Key Features

  • Performance management
  • Leadership development
  • Remote worker control
  • Organization insights
  • Interactive sessions


  • Library of learning resource
  • Agent setting and note-taking


  • Saberr Base: £65 per employee
  • CoachBot: £96 per employee  

7. Sales Assessment by OMG

The best HR assessment tools are not always in the form of software. Some of the best tools are available as online services. 

Objective Management Group (OMG) offers sales assessment services to recruit the best salespersons. They perform candidate assessment and salesforce testing.

The assessment is also useful in selecting sales VPs and managers. The shortlisted candidates answer a comprehensive questionnaire. There is no software cost, and the HR staff receives hire recommendations based on the answers to the questionnaire.

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The sales-specific assessments divide competency into 21 core traits. The tests get validated using predictive techniques. The system works on the premise that the candidate’s ability correlates to real-time job performance.

sales assessment by omg dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Sales VPs and managers

Key Features

  • Candidate assessment
  • Individualized assessment
  • Leadership assessment
  • Interactive session


  • Highly reliable
  • Active support team


8. Trakstar

HR assessment is not only limited to outside hiring. In some cases, organizations prefer to go for internal recruitment by doing cross-job transfer or offering promotions to their existing employees. 

So even when the company knows about the candidates, it is crucial to conduct performance appraisals using the latest HR assessment tools. Trakstar is one such cloud-based tool for employee evaluation and promotion.

It helps you easily manage performance expectations, set and maintain goals, and encourage real-time feedback between managers and employees.

trakstar dashboard

Who can I hire with it? Employee promotion

Key Features

  • Unlimited, customizable reviews
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Employee engagement
  • Succession planning
  • Goal-setting tools


  • Generates rater-bias reports
  • Unlimited number of employee reviews




Formal and informal HR assessments assist in building, managing, and sustaining a formidable workforce. 

Choose the best tools based on your company’s unique requirements. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and select a feature-rich assessment software. 

So tell us, which one are you using currently? If you need any assistance in choosing or switching to a new tool, we can help.


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