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What is performance marketing software?

Performance marketing software is a technology that helps companies to better understand their campaign’s performance and productivity. It allows performance marketer and affiliate network to easily track, analyze, optimize their digital campaigns, ensuring goals are met or persistent issues are resolved permanently. The attributed data can be displayed in various metrics e.g. CR, CTR, eCPM, EPC, and just about anything that relates to performance. The topmost benefits are automation, monitoring, and fraud detection. 

Best Performance Marketing Software

Top 10 Performance Marketing Software and their basic pricing. 

1. Offer18

It is an “Award Winning” Performance Marketing Solution for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies with advanced tracking capabilities. Offer18 lets digital professionals develop their own affiliate network, optimize their campaign, use every bit of their traffic sources to generate ROI using advanced technology tools built-in. Not only is Offer18 designed to track and control and maximize the success of the campaign. It is the most versatile SaaS platform in Performance Marketing with a market presence for a long time. With improved features, the facilities are more cost-effective. And the inclusion of new technology that your current service provider might lack.

Offer18 is providing better services with the main focus to keep it cost-effective. Advanced features are kept updating based on the latest technology. The latest innovative features are Campaign Automation, Powerful Offer Sync API, Smart Offer, Anti-Fraud Tool, and many more. Advanced targeting options enable users to use their traffic well. Smart Offer helps users to run multiple campaigns under a single offer. Advance reports view with multiple filters, and eye-attracting graphics helps users get an overview of their performance and how they can optimize it. The leading brands are showing their trust and continuously migrating from their existing technology providers to Offer18. 


  • Startup- $49/Month
  • Professional- $149/Month
  • Enterprise- $349/Month

2. Cake

With solutions for , lead distribution, and multichannel marketing, Getcake provides a performance marketing solution that allows advertisers, affiliate networks, and affiliates to manage, measure, and boost marketing performance in real-time.

Multichannel Marketing Solution calculates the true cost of customer acquisition across channels against consumers’ lifetime value and increases the efficiency of promotions and multichannel initiatives along the customer journey.

Pricing: Need to contact them. 

3. Tune

The most versatile  in the industry for developing, managing, and increasing partner programmers and networks. With its head office in Seattle, TUNE is opted by creative affiliates and advertisers, the largest performance networks, and big brands worldwide with hundreds of employees.


  • Bootstrap- $499/Month
  • Startup- $879/Month
  • Scale- $1,500/Month

4. Everflow

Everflow is a tool used for smarter  and monitoring. Marketing for success has become sophisticated, and Everflow helps businesses remain ahead. Everflow handles big size via Google Cloud, drill-down analytical feature, reporting, and Smart Switch.



  • Starter- $395/Month
  • Traction- 50k+ Click
  • Value added services- $750/10Hrs

5. Voluum

Voluum is a tracking solution for partners, and it is a cloud-based ad tracking SaaS that supports you to see how well your campaigns do as well as provides suggestions on optimization. You can monitor how your advertising offers perform, collect the data from these campaigns, help to scale up your affiliate performance, and make your ads more productive with a Voluum analysis solution


  • Discover- $69/Month
  • Profit- $149/Month
  • Grow- $449/Month
  • Agency- $999/Month

6. Affise

Affise is the marketing solution for success that puts you in charge. All you need is right here i.e., creatives, conversions, publishers, simple to handle and evaluate. Instead of paying for clicks, many businesses use Affise to push their company forward with conversion-based costs. 


  • Scale- $499/Month
  • Custom- Contact Sales

7. Binom

Binom is a forum for self-hosted monitoring. In click-processing and report-building speeds, it is the undisputed king. A tracker is the key instrument of the Affiliate Marketer. It determines your findings. It is vital to remove tracking errors: you can lose ROI due to slow redirections and an awkward design.


8. Postaffiliate Pro

This tool comes in handy for affiliate tracking and is chosen by many companies worldwide. Post Affiliate Pro helps you to grow and maintain your own affiliate network from top to bottom, with customizable commission structures and settings. Post Affiliate Pro integrates with Payment Processors and 200+ CMS networks.


  • Pro- $97/Month
  • Ultimate- $197/Month
  • Network- $477/Month

9. Scaleo

Scaleo is a customer-driven, detail-oriented, creative, producing incredible applications for you for affiliate marketing. Scaleo has a dedicated community of experts with over 10 years of experience in technology monitoring and affiliate software construction. In 2015, Scaleo, an excellent solution for affiliates, marketers, and networks collaborated with an experienced team.


  • Professional- $299
  • Enterprise- $499
  • Custom- $999

10. Clickmeter

Clickmeter is a link management service that is easy to use. Helps marketers, agencies, affiliates, and publishers through the management, tracking, and monitoring of marketing connections to improve clickthrough and conversion rates. Users have access to a portfolio of resources through an online dashboard or API integration, including click and conversion monitoring, short links, branded domain, A/B checking, dynamic traffic redirect.


  • Medium-$29
  • Large- $99
  • X-Large- $349

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