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The present decade has witnessed a steep rise in the number of employee management and tracking software due to a number of reasons. The need for better evaluation, oversight, and productivity of their remote workforce has made many organizations look for time tracking tools.

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Statistics suggest that employees, on average, spend approximately 2 hours each day overcoming distractions at work, and nearly 90% of them admit to wasting organizational time. Monitoring employees and making them more productive, even while working remotely, comes easy with time tracking tools. However, choosing the best time tracking tool for your organization can be quite challenging given its sheer variety and a wide array of features.

To make your choice of time tracking easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10-time tracking tools that help boost team productivity. We would also discuss their key features and pricing in the list below.

10 Best Time Tracking Software

1. Clockify

Clockfy time tracking

One of the lightest and simplest solutions on this list, Clockify is free time-tracking software that helps you track the working hours of your team. With the use of an internal timesheet, the application tracks individual working hours and provides detailed reports on performance and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Visual reports captured from the data can be customized as per your needs
  • Allocate working hours, track time, and derive billable hours for large and distributed teams easily
  • Create activities, timelines and add members to projects instantly through multiple browsers


Clockify Pricing Plan starts from BASIC – Administration$ 3.99

STANDARD – Timesheeting & Billing $ 5.49

PRO – Productivity & Profit $ 7.99

ENTERPRISE – Control & Security $ 11.99

2. WebWork Time Tracker

Screenshot WebWork Time tracking Desktop

WebWork Time tracking software helps to monitor progress in real-time. It features screen capture, keyboard-strokes, mouse-clicks, time on the system, and many other features to gauge employees’ activities and output.

Using WebWork, organizations can easily track the work being done by employees every hour and prepare detailed reports for better evaluation and appraisal. It simplifies attendance management and helps identify productive and unproductive applications and websites. WebWork is one of the very few time management solutions that offer a 1-month satisfaction warranty and mobile app-based support.

Key Features:

  • Different filters to track & visualize the productivity and time spent on each task and project
  • Stellar customer support provided through multiple channels like live chat, email, ticket management & Skype support
  • WebWork Time Tracker offers 4 types of time tracking: web, mobile, and desktop, chrome extension.
  • WebWork counts mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to provide precise information of working hours activity level
  • Screenshots capture once in every 10-minute interval and 4 types of screenshot capturing modes.
  • Intelligent task management system, invoice generators, billable hours tracking, and user request program
  • Manual and automated timesheets
  • A long list of extentions and integrations


WebWork is quite reasonably priced at $2.99 per user, It is below the per month industry average of $7/user/month

3. Time Doctor

time doctor web dashboard

This time tracking toolhelps organizations improve productivity by tracking how employees utilize their time. This Mac time tracker is ideal for distributed teams and hybrid work models and can be deployed through desktop, cloud, and mobile apps. Time Doctor also possesses a robust support team that provides live training through videos and documentation.

Key Features:

  • Automated time capture with keystroke recording
  • Offline time tracking, activity, and idle time monitoring
  • Billing & invoicing management module with multiple billing rates
  • Billable & non-billable hours
  • Browsing history & calendar management


Time Doctor has two payment plans:

Solo User Plan: $5/month

Team Plan: $9.99/per/month

4. DeskTime

desktime timetracking

This task and employee monitoring platform helps boost team productivity by tracking work hours automatically. Desktime takes automatic screenshots and features URL and app tracking. Additionally, it encourages employees to take timely breaks and helps prevent burnout.

Key Features:

  • Desk Time automatically starts as your turn on your PC
  • Apps/Websites can be marked as productive/unproductive
  • Calculates bills based on the time spent on each task


Desk Time has several pricing plans (Pro, Light, Enterprise & Premium) and offers a 14-day free trial.

5. ProofHub

ProofHub Time Tracking

This project management application features an integrated group chat, workflow management dashboards, time tracking tool, and document management to help streamline tasks and get them completed as per schedule. ProofHub works both as a web and mobile application that teams can use to communicate and collaborate across great distances. It also offers a free trial and customizable reporting.

Key Features

  • Client portal to help customers check the progress of their projects
  • Customizable templates and easy file sharing
  • Ability to add notes & comments to tasks & subtasks
  • Agile methodology & project timeline review.


ProofHub has 2 different plans for users, namely:

  • Essential: $50/month if billed monthly, or $45/month if billed annually
  • Ultimate Control Plan: $99/month if billed monthly, or $89/month if billed annually.

6. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is designed to counter inefficiencies and improve time management for staff. Hubstaff has dedicated desktop, web, and mobile apps that can be used to manage attendance, reporting, invoicing, and appraisals through a single integrated platform. Hubstaff integrates seamlessly with popular apps such as Paypal, Asana, GitHub, Trello, etc., and provides an instant overview of data with geopositioning. 

Key Features:


Hubstaff’s pricing starts at $5 per month and can increase depending on the features you use.

7. OfficeTimer

Office Timer

Another free time tracking tool, OfficeTimer tracks billable and non-billable hours and their corresponding expenses. You can track attendance in real-time using the web and mobile app and get notified using employee check-ins and check-outs.

Key Features:

  • Attendance tracking with Geo-tagging
  • Project budgeting & task tracking modules
  • Single portal for billing, invoicing, and reimbursement claims


OfficeTimer is free software.

8. Zoho Projects

Zoho Time Tracking

These cloud-based project management and time tracking tools created specifically for SMEs. It allows project managers to create, assign, define and monitor tasks. Zoho project enables you to calculate estimated project costs and create budgets accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Easy milestone setting and tracking
  • Identifying lags, inefficiencies and bottlenecks is easier
  • Customizable notifications for individual performances


Zoho Projects is free for small teams. Paid plans for bigger teams start at $20 per month and can go up to $80/month based on the features needed.

9. TMetric


TMetric eliminates manual time entries and allows you to focus more on the output quality. The software has hundreds of integrations available and also helps measure profitability.

Key Features:

  • Measure productivity task-wise, agent-wise, team-wise, and project-wise
  • Track development costs, estimate budgets, and forecast profit figures.


Absolutely Free.

10. OnTheClock


OnTheClock SaaS-based time management software provides features like paid time-off tracking, project scheduling, and payroll integration. It boosts productivity and helps employees stay compliant with organizational regulations.

Key Features:

  • GPS location tracking to know where your employees are in real-time
  • Accurate time cards that integrate easily and simplifies payroll processing
  • Staff can request paid time-offs from their managers who can approve or reject them


OnTheClock offers pricing plans based on the number of users in your organization.


11. ezClocker


ezClocker is a highly rated time tracking and scheduling app for small businesses. Ideal for small teams who need a simple to use app that works within their budget. One of the reason’s ezClocker is highly rated is it’s simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it.

Key Features:

  • Employees can track their hours using a desktop or phone.
  • Assign jobs to time entries to keep track of labor job costing.
  • Prevent overtime by restricting early clock-in.
  • GPS is recorded if the app is installed on a phone.


ezClocker offers three paid plans–Basic, Standard, and Premium. The Basic plan costs $10 per month which covers up to 15 employees so if you have 2 or 15 employees you pay one flat fee of $10 per month. The Standard plan costs $25 per month and it covers up to 30 employees in addition you get payroll integrations and jobs. The Premium plan is $50 per month.



Since every time tracking software is unique, it is best to try on a trial version and read reviews to understand the best solution. Did we miss out on any other software which you found useful? Let us know in the comments.


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